• How can you protect yourself from disease?

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    The advice of Prince Parfenia Engalychev to Emperor Alexander I

    There are two conditions to the origin of any ailment: the reason that produces it, and the body's ability to take it, that is, only two ways to protect oneself from diseases: either to remove these causes, or to take away such ability from the body. All medical science and all safety methods are based on this. The first way, which is most useful, is very reliable: for while in civil life and its connections, we can not avoid all painful causes, and the more we distance ourselves from them, the stronger they will act, if when they happen to comprehend us.

    So, it's much better and more accurate another way: to avoid painful causes, to make your body insensitive to them.

    The main causes of diseases that need to be cautious are: intemperance in food and drink, immoderation in enjoying physical love, intense burning or cooling or an early transition from one to another. Passions, excessive mental strain, very long or insufficient sleep, delayed bowel movements, poisons.

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    To make the body insensitive to these reasons, I offer the following tools: first, daily breathing with fresh air. Daily obekivanie and washing the whole body with cold water, rubbing the body and gymnastic exercises.

    Some freedom and ease in the way of life, that is not a great attachment to habits and for: konam. Because a small digression from habits and laws leads to illness.

    The main thing is to learn the particular painful disposition in order to either destroy it, or remove the cases of transition to the disease. Everyone should follow the rules of the diet, judging by the inherent to him one arrangement to a particular disease. I advise everyone to give themselves to a doctor. But a reasonable, discerning and thinking doctor is needed for this.

    However, an ignorant person in medicine should be able to talk about the painful inclinations of his body, I propose the following:

    1. Consider the hereditary location. If the ailments were rooted in the parents, then one must also suspect the disposition towards them. However, a decent diet, it may not be allowed before becoming a real disease.

    2. The first education can produce a painful predisposition, especially the content in the heat, from which there is a tendency to sweating and weakness of the skin, which always leads to rheumatic fits.

    3. Also, the structure of the body can have some diseases. Who has a tall slender mill, a long thin neck, a flat chest, wing-shaped prominent shoulders;who grew up very soon, the most fearful is consumption, especially before the age of thirty. Whoever has a stumpy stock and a large head, fat, with a short neck, so that it seems to be dented between the shoulders, is positioned to strike and must avoid everything that can serve as an excuse.

    4. Explore your temperament. If it is sanguine or choleric, then you are inclined to inflammatory diseases;and when it is phlegmatic or melancholic, in such a case beware of long-term or nervous diseases.

    5. Also climate and housing can contribute to diseases. If they are wet and cold, then they tend to nerve spitting intermittent fevers, inflammatory diseases and rheumatism.

    6. But especially you need to pay attention to the weakest part. That is, every person has a physically weak side, and illnesses are most likely to attack. Notice where the emotional shocks or strong passions most affect your nature, there will be the weakest part. If they immediately excite a cough and a stitch in the chest - then the lungs;and when they produce a heaviness in the stomach, nausea, vomiting - then the stomach. Dahl look, where the actions of other painful impressions are inclined, for example: the effect of a cold, heat, strong movement, etc. If this breast always suffers, then it will be the weakest part. Equally important is the remark where the strongest striving of blood and juices is directed, which is part of the body redder and

    is hotter than anyone, which sweats very much even when the whole body is dry, that is most capable of perceiving diseases. It can also be argued that a part of the body, strongly used and strained, becomes weak;for example: for thoughtful scientists - the brain, for singers - for the throat, for eating - the stomach, etc.