• Tips for every day

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    1. Use white bread instead of white.

    2. Do not use industrial sugar as much as possible, replacing it with unrefined "dark" sugar. It is even better to replace sugar with honey.

    3. Use, if possible, sea salt instead of refined. Avoid eating salt often.

    4. Prefer vegetable oil to animal fats. Try to eat less animal fats. Vegetable oil is better to take unrefined, especially olive oil, it has a beneficial effect on the liver.

    One who tolerates olive oil well can drink it one tablespoon on an empty stomach in the morning every day. It is effective for constipation and gastric ulcer. Olive oil is good for eating with orange juice.

    5. Discard the fried foods.

    6. Eat less potatoes and more rice. It is recommended to eat potatoes not more often than 1-2 times a week. Of particular value is the unearned rice. Baked potatoes are useful in the skin.

    7. Eat wheat cooked and sprouted. Wheat has high nutritional properties. Sprouted wheat is prepared as follows: 50 - 100 g of grains are washed and soaked in water in a wide and small bowl for 24 hours. Then the water is drained, the dishes with wheat are covered with a wet rag and put in heat. In this condition, it is maintained until the appearance of sprouts with a length of no more than 1 mm. During the whole time the rag must remain wet.(Other experts advise after germination to select only grains with white sprouts, and discard green with greens.)

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    Note by Vostokova).

    8. Apples are one of the best fruits. Use them on an empty stomach. Eat the fruits of almonds, peanuts, chestnuts.

    9. Avoid using canned foods. Prefer them frozen and dried fruits and vegetables.

    10. It is useful to drink natural juices, vegetable and fruit, not canned and not aerated.

    11. Never be full. During the meal, the stomach should be filled with food by about 2/3.

    12. Try not to drink water while eating. Water dilutes the gastric juice and breaks its function.

    13. When eating, thoughts should be occupied solely with food. Take food in a calm and good mood.

    14. Try not to mix fruits and vegetables, cereals and milk in one dish. Fruits should be eaten no less than half an hour before another dish.

    15. Once a week, abstain from food, using only water.

    Excerpt from the book of Tibi Yusuf Yusufov "Ancient Tajik medicine about health"

    Everyone who gets up from a sleep in the morning Taste will feel it in his mouth without fail. If he feels a sweet taste, Heaviness will feel in the brain and in the body. We need to give him blood by all means. Then let's go, explain all the natures. Bitter in the mouth of the ring will feel who taste, Let him know - Safra is the reason. Cold and sour, he must eat - it will not let the disease grow. If he tastes the sour taste in his mouth, It is immediately known - Savda is the reason. He should be sweet with fat, If he wants to be healthy and strong. Taste unpleasant in the mouth if it happens - Know this Lymph accumulated excessively. Food must be eaten hot, Also dry with food. If such a regime he observes, Let him in years already be advanced, Once again healthy, like a young man, will become. If the mouth feels the taste of it is salty, then bad substances have accumulated. First of all let him cause vomiting. Let the laxative will sooner. If you learn by heart, You will block the path without disease.