• Useful and medicinal properties of cereals

    Contain all the necessary components for the body: albumins, starches, vegetable oils, traces of fats. By nutritional value, they take their place after legumes. Most often cereal grains are used for food in the form of various cereals and in the preparation of bakery products.

    The bread in the form in which it is prepared now does not fully meet the requirements for it. On the recommendations of the ancients, when preparing bread, do not use yeast, nor sour dough, nor salt. Grains intended for grinding must be processed in special mills, where they produce a coarse flour containing a sufficient amount of bran. Few people know that in gluten, located in the bran, the most nutritious parts of flour with a high content of phosphates are concentrated. And we, by our extravagance, feed bran to cattle or just throw it away. Bread with bran has the advantage that it increases the secretion of saliva, gastric and intestinal juice, mechanically irritates the intestines, strengthening its peristalsis. If, however, to add flour to the flour intended for baking bread, you can get rid of severe digestive disorders that can not be cured by other methods of treatment.

    Bread, baked according to the above method, is called Gragam bread. As Dr. Doc writes: "It is fitting for Gragam's bread to occupy a prominent place of honor not only on the dining table, but also among the so-called medicinal remedies, since it heals in the most natural way almost unpleasant, and

    sometimes very painful phenomena of constipation. You know that this very common suffering often entails very serious painful disorders: lethargy of the bowels, abdominal plethora, hemorrhoids, stagnation of blood in the liver and even severe mental suffering, up to the hypochondria inclusive. Just in this respect, Gragam's bread often gave us amazing results.

    Hundreds of people owe it to him that without the assistance of pharmacies healed from the aforementioned suffering. In view of this, we recommend that all sufferers of sluggishness of the digestive organs pay special attention to this bread. Bread with bran has invaluable advantages;it serves both nutritional and therapeutic means: it does not have the harmful properties of most drugs that bring to our body and known harm and are therefore unsuitable for permanent intake. "

    Wheat is an important food product. Flour from wheat goes to the preparation of bread, starch - to make ointments and powders. Decoction of starch is an excellent wrapping.

    The so-called liquid Mitroshkin( a product of wheat grain fermentation) is used to treat certain species of specimen.

    With a strong cough and catarrhal phenomena from the side of the nasopharynx, use a decoction: 1 cup of wheat grains boil 1 hour in 1 liter of water, strain, add 500 g of honey. Take 0.5 glasses 3-4 times a day.

    As a vitamin drink( contains a large number of B vitamins), use a decoction of wheat bran: 200 grams of bran pour 1 liter of boiling water, boil for 1 hour. Strain and drink 0.5 glasses with avitaminosis and organic diseases of the nervous system.

    In describing the medicinal properties of cereal crops, one can not fail to mention the therapeutic effect of sprouted grain sprouts.

    This type of treatment was widely spread in the USA, Great Britain, Poland. In China, the same treatment with grain sprouts is known and popular from around 3000 BC.Wheat, peas, beans, millet, corn are usually germinated. When in the 70th year of his life the Nobel Prize winner Saint-Gy├Ârdi began to eat the seeds of sprouted plants for breakfast every day, he discovered that he had never felt so good. He was always painful, weak, easily succumbed to catarrhal diseases and suddenly, as a result of regular consumption of germinating seeds, he became a perfectly healthy person. Every morning he ate a handful of wheat bran, a tablespoon of sprouts, a few dried fruits. Sprouts with bran allowed him not only to strengthen health, but also to lose weight.

    Long experimental work( more than 20 years) fully confirmed the effectiveness of the stimulating action of sprouted wheat. This living elixir of life affects all the functions of the human body and is useful at any age. Cereal sprouts restore the vital functions of the organism, disturbed by the disease, activate the metabolism and the work of the nervous system. Often when treating with cereal sprouts the most severe diseases recede. The general condition improves, hair color and density of the hair cover, visual acuity, teeth are strengthened. Immunity increases, and people are less sick with colds.

    For the treatment of grain sprouts use porridge, jelly from them, and sprouted wheat can be consumed in natural raw form.

    Treatment with sprouted grain sprouts is considered one of the most effective traditional medicine in the treatment of atherosclerosis.