• Sanatorium-and-spa treatment for diabetes

    There are no special resorts for diabetics. They can relax and be treated at any time of the year in sanatoriums and resorts where therapeutic food is provided, provided that there is no

    contraindication for staying at the resort. The resort is directed to certain indications, and if the patient is sent to a sanatorium with any concomitant disease, then diabetes mellitus can not be an obstacle.

    It is most expedient to direct to the spa treatment of patients with prediabetes, latent diabetes, mild form of the disease, and also a form of moderate severity in the phase of stable compensation without the phenomena of ketoacidosis.

    The overall health-improving effect of the sanatorium and health resort is beneficial for diabetics. The main condition in this case is that in a sanatorium or a rest home it is possible to carry out insulin therapy and diet. In severe diabetes mellitus, spa treatment is indicated only with a stable course of the disease and a stable exchange of metabolic processes, in which case local sanatoria are preferable.

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    Sanatorium treatment is also shown for patients who have diabetes mellitus combined with cardiovascular, nervous system, obesity, gout, joints, gastrointestinal and liver diseases.

    The climatic factors of the therapeutic effect both in the spa and in the off-resort environment can be applied with great success in the treatment of any chronic disease. However, patients always need to remember that these auxiliary methods and treatment are performed against the background of the main therapy recommended by the doctor. Methods of climatic effects on the body are especially useful in the treatment of comorbid conditions( cardiovascular, nervous system, skin, joints, muscles, etc.).

    For the patient with diabetes mellitus in a resort, as well as in a home environment, rational use of climatic factors is of great importance. The sun, air and water exert a strengthening effect on the entire body, tone up, "harden" it. Improving the course of metabolic processes, increasing the resistance of the body against colds and infectious diseases, climatic factors contribute to the maintenance of health, cheerful mood, which in turn favorably affects the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism.

    Climatic factors can be used not only in summer, but at any time of the year. However, the use of useful properties of the sun, water, air should be dosed. Abuse of them can have a harmful effect on the body of a diabetic instead of a useful one.

    Air and sun bathing, bathing and wiping, moderate walks also actively affect the relief of the course of diabetes. Concerning the possibility of using this or that climatic factor, about its dosage and the possibility of alternation with other types of treatment, one should always ask your doctor.

    In addition to climatic factors, sanatorium treatment includes: a regimen, therapeutic nutrition, vegetable hypoglycemic agents, mineral waters( internal and external use), mud therapy and physiotherapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, exercise therapy according to the indications and in accordance with the profile of the resort.