• Ozone therapy for diabetes

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    In recent years, in the treatment of diabetes and other chronic diseases, a new direction has emerged - ozone therapy. The magic effect of ozone is familiar to everyone and not by hearsay! It is unlikely that there will be a person who has never experienced an easy feeling in most people after a thunderstorm. The after-freshness is the influence of ozone molecules contained in the air.

    Human health ozone can destroy all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. The ozone formula allows it to have anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating and healing actions. On the various therapeutic effects of ozone, the properties of ozonotherapy are also based.

    Ozone is actively used in almost all branches of medicine, leading to fantastic results. First of all, it concerns the use of ozone therapy in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, ischemic disease, atherosclerosis and other diseases. The fact is that most of the problems of our body are somehow connected with hypoxia - oxygen deficiency in tissues. Oxygen is essential for the vital activity of absolutely any cell - it causes oxidation processes and thus supports all organs and tissues in the working with

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    .Oxygen starvation( hypoxia) occurs with nervous and physical overload, with an incorrect eating pattern and insufficient motor activity, and simply with age. At the same time, oxidative processes in the body slow down, the nutrition of the cells is disrupted, fat deposits appear. Saves active oxygen from hypoxia - that is, ozone!

    Ozone therapy of diabetes mellitus is one of the leading places in the treatment of other diseases. This is due to the fact that ozone participates in a number of important processes occurring in the body, and everywhere has a positive effect.

    Ozone increases the permeability of cell membranes, which helps to reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood by better entering it into the tissue. The energy hunger of tissues is removed. Decrease in protein breakdown. Thus, ozone performs a number of functions characteristic of insulin.

    The next important circumstance is that glucose metabolism in erythrocytes is activated and tissue oxygen release is facilitated. This property of ozone plays a key role in the treatment process. Reducing hyperglycemia, improving the flow of glucose into tissues, increasing the supply of tissues with oxygen and removing hypoxia, ozone therapy prevents damage to blood vessels.

    As a preventive and therapeutic agent, ozone is used in elderly patients with diabetes mellitus having atherosclerotic lesions of the cardiovascular system, such as ischemic heart disease, vegetovascular dystonia, obliterating atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities. When carrying out ozone therapy, it is necessary to take into account the effect of ozone on the immune system of the body. For insulin-dependent diabetes is characterized by suppression of immunity, which causes a predilection for chronic infections and pustular lesions of the skin( furunculosis).

    The basis of treatment is intravenous injection of ozonized saline or rectal ozonoxygen mixture, which are conducted every other day in the amount of 10-14 procedures.

    Other procedures are prescribed depending on the type of diabetes mellitus and the presence of complications:

    in diabetes mellitus type II, the introduction of an ozono-oxygen mixture into biologically active points is connected according to the generally accepted schemes;

    with signs of secondary immunodeficiency( pustular, inflammatory diseases) additionally subcutaneous gagging with a gas mixture of foci of suppuration, as well as a small autohemotherapy with ozone in the amount of 6-8 procedures every other day.