• Scabies treatment with folk remedies

    Scabies is called a contagious disease caused by an itch mite.

    Scabies - a parasitic disease caused by scabies mites. The causes of the disease can be different: contact with a patient with scabies, non-compliance with hygiene rules, it is often possible to transfer scabies through sexual contact.

    Symptoms: scabies is characterized by severe itching, especially at night, the appearance of itching strokes and papules.

    The main feature of scabies is the presence on the skin of itch moves, which are crimson stripes whitish in color, at the end of which are visible dark spots - the female tick. More about the symptoms, see here.

    For scabies is characterized by a constant strong itching, which is worse at night, since at this time the mites are most active. It is for this reason that treatment is desirable in the evening hours.

    If scabies are found, disinfect clothing, bedding and other accessories to avoid contamination of other people.

    What's going on? Scabies are transmitted by direct contact with the patient or by using a towel, bed linen, clothing, etc., which are attached to him. The mite is affected mainly by the interdigital folds and the side surfaces of the fingers. In the event of a mite parasitizing on animals, which occurs with direct contact with the animal, the tick does not penetrate the skin and does not form itchy strokes. These pincers remain in bed and underwear, as well as in other clothes. The bites of ticks are accompanied by pain or burning, followed by the development on these places of highly itchy spots, nodules, blisters or blisters.

    What should I do? Treatment for scabies should be performed under supervision and on the advice of a physician. Usually, sulfur or sulfur-tar ointments that kill mites are used for this. When infecting a mite from animals, it is most often appointed with sulfur chives and alcohol wipes with a one-percent menthol or two percent salicylic alcohol.

    Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends for the treatment of scabies lubricate the affected area with tar, and after 3 hours wash them with warm water with decoction of the althea root, rub it with St. John's wort juice or cranberry juice, and also drink tea made from peppermint with pomegranate juice.

    Prevention of scabies is to comply with hygiene and avoid contact with sick animals.

    Skin lesions affected by ringworm, scabies, first rubbed with gruel or garlic juice, then rub the powder from birch charcoal mixed with the juice of fresh burdock root. Rubbing do 20-30 minutes. Treat daily until complete recovery.

    Ash from 3 heads of garlic mixed with 50 g of butter and 200 ml of strong broth of marine fish. Ointment rub daily 2-3 times in areas of the skin, affected by lichen, leprosy, and to remove freckles.

    Mix in equal parts by volume ash of garlic, molasses and butter. Ointment should be rubbed several times a day in areas of skin affected by scabies.

    In scabies, it is useful to use mustard oil, boiled with garlic, as an external agent.100 g of garlic cloves pour 500 ml of mustard oil, cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, drain, discard the residue. Store in a cool, dark place.

    Cold compresses made of garlic infusions, garlic poultices, juice and mush from garlic are very useful in the treatment of ringworm and other fungal skin lesions.

    Mix 4 tablespoons of gruel from garlic, 2 tablespoons of ash leaf gruel and 6 tablespoons of honey. Lubricate areas of the skin, affected by depriving, 3 times a day, hold for 2 hours.

    When treating scabies and ringworm, you need to rinse the skin with vinegar and tie the sore spot with a dense cloth to improve the penetration of vinegar into the skin! For the same in garlic vinegar it is useful to add a few drops of camphor oil.

    During the flood, when ice comes, take a loaf of bread, salt it and put it in the water, saying:

    - Bread honestly, swim wherever you want, you're a good way, and I, God's servant( name), leavegood health.


    at 5 tbsp.spoonfuls of strawberries, rowan berries, 8 tbsp.spoons of leaves and flowers of marigold, a bucket of water.

    Method of preparation.

    All the ingredients are mixed, pour boiling water, bring to a boil, boil for 10-15 minutes. Pour the broth into a bath, add the necessary amount of water( temperature 36 ° C).

    How to use.

    Take a bath, rinse with cold water.


    for 7 tbsp.spoons of willow bark, oak bark, buckthorn bark, 1 liter of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Mix all the ingredients, grind the collection.2 tbsp.spoon collection pour boiling water, hold on low heat for 5-7 minutes, insist 30 minutes, drain.

    Method of use.

    Take a decoction of 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day.


    5 tbsp.spoons of herb tea, 5 tbsp.spoons of St. John's wort, 5 tbsp.spoons of chinese root, 50 ml of butter.

    Method of preparation.

    All ingredients to mix, hold on low heat for 30 minutes, cool.

    How to use.

    Rub the affected skin with ointment.