• Treatment of a birthmark or birthmark with folk remedies and methods

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    Birthmark is the defect of skin development. Birthmarks can be congenital or appear at different times after birth. The number and size of moles, as a rule, increases by the time of puberty, as well as during pregnancy. By form and structure, moles are divided into pigment and vascular.

    Symptoms: the appearance of birthmarks.

    What's going on? Pigmented birthmarks are flat or slightly rising brownish-black spots of small size( from the point to a grain of lentil) oval or round. On the face, scalp and back, birthmarks can be large, the size of beans, noticeably towering above the surface of the skin, soft to the touch. Such birthmarks, as a rule, appear at birth and increase significantly with age.

    To moles carry and soft warts - small tumors of pink or yellow-brown color on a thin stalk. Most often, these warts germinate on the neck, back, in the armpits and inguinal folds.

    Hairy birthmarks - dense to touch rough warty formations of yellowish brown or black, covered with coarse bristly hair.

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    Vascular birthmarks are the result of excessive development and expansion of blood vessels in a limited area of ​​the skin. Such birthmarks have a color from pink to red and crimson, they have different size and shape, they are most often located on the face, mainly on one side, and in the back of the neck.

    What should do? Birthmarks can be removed by a doctor using an electric current, laser, or surgical procedure.

    Special attention is required birthmarks of dark brown and black. If they start to grow and( or) inflame, it is necessary to immediately see a doctor.

    Any birthmarks should not be attempted alone, as this can lead to the formation and proliferation of malignant tumors.

    Before removing the birthmark in the beauty salon, you need to consult an oncologist!

    It is not recommended for people with a lot of moles to be exposed to the sun, especially during the period of the sun's greatest activity.