• Treatment of the stomach with folk remedies

    The violation of diet and inadequate diet is a very common phenomenon in the modern dynamic world. For this reason, stomach diseases are common among the population. Efficiency, proven by time, safety and accessibility are characteristic features of folk methods of treatment.
    For example, with abdominal pain recommend to make an enema with warm water with the addition of olive oil. Tea made from caraway and peppermint, as well as a hot-water bottle with hot water, helps with bloating.
    In case of acidity disorders, carrot juice is considered to be the most effective, and its quantity should be used in a directly proportional relationship to the ph of the gastric juice. In other words, the higher the acidity, the more you need to consume juice from carrots. This tool is very old and used in ancient Russia.
    With increased acidity, natural honey is also helped, which is diluted with warm water and taken for fifteen minutes before meals. When lowering the acidity use whole honey, eating it immediately before eating.

    With oncological diseases of the stomach, a birch mushroom has been used for a long time, which is called chaga. In this case, the fresh mushroom is washed in running water and rubbed on a grater, if using dried raw materials, it is pre-soaked for four hours in cold boiled water. Then the grated mushroom is stirred in warm boiled water at a ratio of one to five and insisted for two days. After that, filter and take three glasses a day, distributed to several receptions, half an hour before meals. It should be noted that the product should be stored for no longer than four days in a cold place.
    With peptic ulcers, it is recommended to follow a strict diet, as well as the use of propolis oil before meals. In addition, a decoction of juniper berries, flax seeds, white lilacs is also quite effective in this disease.
    An ancient effective remedy for gastric ulcer is a mammoth method, which was widely used by Russian village healers. This method involves a very strict and limited diet, in the first week of which only water and one boiled soft-boiled egg are allowed per day. In the second week, liquid oatmeal and diluted chicken broth are added to the diet. Only after five weeks is allowed to add a little boiled chicken or turkey meat. A normal diet with dark meat( beef, pork, etc.) can be resolved no earlier than ten months. For the entire treatment period, alcohol is strictly forbidden, the use of which is undesirable even after eighteen months from the beginning of treatment.
    Many thousands of patients were cured by St. John's wort. To do this, take a small high pot, and also a jar with a wide throat of a volume of one liter. A piece of asbestos is placed on the bottom of the pot, and a jar is placed on top of the asbestos sheet. In Siberia, healers replaced asbestos with thick round bundles of straw. The can is filled up to the top with fresh or dried St. John's wort, and the olive oil is added to the edge of the upper layer of the grass. Then take another one, a large pot in which the main pot with a jar is placed, fill with both water and put on fire. In this case, the water in each pan should boil, but not in the jar with the St. John's wort and oil. When there is any water boiling in the main saucepan, it is added exactly as much from the large pan. After six hours, the medicine will be ready, it is then filtered and kept in a dark place. You should eat on a tablespoon for half an hour before eating.
    Prophylaxis for stomach cancer is the viburnum berries, which insist on hot honey for six or seven hours, then drink one tablespoon three times a day. The plantain root extract is also used to prevent the development of cancer.
    For cancers of the stomach, birch juice, a decoction of St. John's wort or an infusion of plantain leaves are also used. Fresh sheet of plantain is crushed and add the same amount of honey or sugar, then insist in a warm place for two weeks. The resulting fluid should be taken three or four times a day for twenty minutes before meals.
    Another of the means for treating cancers is obtained by the following method. Mix two tablespoons of aloe juice, five hundred grams of cognac and two fresh sheets of pelargonium, then all are poured with three tablespoons of boiling water and placed in a hot bath. For the night, a pot of medicine should be wrapped. The resulting infusion is filtered, add three drops of iodine and take twice a day for a small glass on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime in the evening. In the process of treatment in this way, first there are pains, then a stool with an admixture of blood and only then there comes a persistent improvement.
    The oldest catarrhs ​​of the stomach are treated exclusively with fresh apples. To do this, clean the apple from the peel and rub it on a fine grater. At the same time, you should be very careful not to grab the core of the apple on the grater. The gruel thus obtained must be eaten immediately, until it darkens. At one time, two medium-sized apples are used, the core is discarded. It should be noted that during the treatment of apples you can not eat and drink five hours before and after taking the apple medication. In the case of an aged catarrh, the required abstinence from food and drink is reduced to three hours. Therefore, apples should be taken early in the morning so that you can have breakfast at about eleven o'clock. At night, you can not eat apples at all, because the stomach will be whipped and pain may occur. As a result of such treatment, the patient regains his appetite and cleanses his tongue. It is worth noting that this method can only help people with great willpower. Since if you do not observe periods of abstinence from food and water, then from apple treatment can be a continuous apple torment. The abundance of gases and the occurrence of sharp pains in the abdomen only worsen the patient's well-being.
    The duration of daily treatment of apples is one month, the second apples are taken three times a week, and the third month - once. At the same time to prevent the occurrence of relapses, catarrh is advised after the end of treatment to always take apples in this way once a week.
    Folk remedy for catarrh of the stomach are also unmilled mustard seeds with water. Begin treatment with one seed a day and, increasing the dose per seed, bring to twenty. After this, they are reduced one by one a day and so, gradually they are brought to nothing. Mustard seeds are drunk in the mornings and only on an empty stomach. This remedy is effective also in digestive disorders.
    When atony of the stomach, it is recommended to include onions in the diet, and also to use a decoction of the root of the tentacle, an infusion of the shepherd's bag. To prepare the broth, take one tablespoon of raw material for one glass of boiling water, and then insist for half an hour in a warm place.
    When the inflammatory process in the stomach is effective chamomile. Use in the treatment of only flower baskets, which are collected exclusively at the beginning of flowering. Essential oils of this flower have disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties, reduce the formation of gases, reduce pain, normalize the digestion process. However, large doses can be very harmful.
    Thus, folk remedies can help with any ailment of the stomach, but in any treatment there should be a reasonable approach. Therefore, before starting any medication, consult a doctor.