• Cleansing the body of the seed

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    1 .Washing of the intestines with enemas.

    In two liters of warm boiled water add a tablespoon of lemon, pour all this into the mug of Esmarch. Position on the elbows and knees. Breathe in the mouth, the stomach of the

    is relaxed. The best time of the procedure from 5 to 7 am, but for convenience you can spend the evening.

    .Rinse do in the 1st week - daily, the second - every other day, the 3rd - two days later, the 4th - three days later, the 5th - once a week.

    When cleaning the intestines, it is also necessary to begin to correctly combine products - separate food.

    2. Fight with dysbiosis.

    After washing the intestine, we must begin to fight the dysbacteriosis. To do this, during the week - two in the morning on an empty stomach to eat without bread a clove of garlic, one hour before a meal and a tooth in the evening - two hours after dinner. A sign of healing will be the cessation of swelling of the stomach after eating. The process of fermentation will no longer torment.

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    3. Cleaning of joints. After fighting with dysbiosis Semenova advises to clean joints. For cleaning, see earlier.

    4. Liver cleansing.

    The liver should be cleaned regularly. Before cleaning, the following conditions must be observed: the intestine should be clean, do not look for olive oil and lemon replacement, before cleaning, carefully prepare the liver with vegetarian food( the best results are provided by urinotherapy), strictly observe the biological cleaning hour of 19-20 hours.

    Take 200 g of olive oil and 200 g of lemon juice. The first day to make an enema and all day eat fresh apple juice in any amount;The 2 nd day to do the same;The third day is the same, but apple juice to eat until 19 hours( at this time according to the daily biorhythm the liver relaxes).Then go to bed, put a heating pad on the liver and drink every 15 minutes.oil and juice in the following order: 3 tbsp.spoons of olive oil and immediately 3 tbsp.spoons of lemon juice. After 2 hours, remove the heating pad.

    The release of slag usually takes place in three doses during the day. If the purification is carried out on the basis of urinotherapy, then the first release of stones takes place after 4-5 hours, the second - through 7 - 8, the third - 9 - 10 from the beginning of the procedure. One and a half to two hours after the third release, you can make an enema, have breakfast with juice, light porridge or fruit, after 12 hours, make another

    enema. Within a week - vegetarian food. The intestine will still throw away the slag.

    In the first year the procedure can be carried out once a quarter, then once a year.

    5. Kidney cleansing.

    It is better to spend it in the summer in the watermelon season. For this, stock up on watermelons and black bread. This will be your food for a week. If there are stones in the kidneys or in the bladder, then the most appropriate moment for their removal is the hour of the biorhythm of the kidneys - two to three o'clock in the morning. According to other data from 17 to 21 hours. At this time, you need to combine a warm bath with a watermelon meal with black bread. The procedure can be repeated two to three weeks before the result is obtained.

    6. Purification of blood lymph.

    According to Dr. Walker's method, make a mixture: 900 g of grapefruit juice, 200 g of orange juice, 200 g of lemon juice, 2000 g of melt water, prepared in the refrigerator. In the morning, prepare a tablespoon of Glauber's salt, dissolve in 100 g of melt water and drink a solution. It is better, if after that, bask in a bath, take a warm shower. Sweating will be strong, every 30 minutes.drink 100 g of juice mixture. Mix the juice mixture and repeat the procedure for three days in a row.

    7. Cleaning of vessels.

    Prepare the mixture: 1 cup of dill seed, 2 tbsp.spoons of valerian root ground, 2 cups of honey. Fill this mixture in a thermos and pour boiling water to 2 liters, insist a day, and then take 1 tbsp.spoon in 30 minutes.before meals.

    Cleaning is begun after cleaning the intestines.

    After seven cleansing, amazing changes occur in the body. Many defects of the iris disappear. Everyone can return lost intuition, will become mobile to changes in the environment.