• Diagnosis of karma for the lazarus

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    The causes of diseases, wars, environmental disasters are in the person himself, SN Lazarev asserts. It is necessary to comprehend the laws of the spiritual world, which governs the material world, to understand the world of bioenergetics. The path to bioenergetics Lazarev passed through familiarity with the techniques of magic, witchcraft, with the methods of traditional healers and healers. Lazarev treats people by acting on human bioenergetics. The human body is a single system in which health, destiny, character, and psyche are inseparable.

    Child's health is laid even before birth. It depends on the behavior of the mother, especially in the last few years before birth. Strong hatred, experienced during pregnancy, is the cause of a child's trauma or a disease of organs located on the head. Mother's actions determine the fate and health of the unborn child.

    Experience in bioenergetics Lazareva led his to conclusion that among the numerous violations that people admit, there is one of the most serious - this is the killing of love in a wide variety of manifestations, all the

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    other violations are secondary. Murder of love for God, the universe, relatives, for children, for nature, for people. ..

    Any human action, good or bad, through the information-energy field of the universe returns to it.

    God always punishes evil, but since the process of punishment is slow, the person manages to heat up before the punishment is received. Now this process has accelerated, and the person has time to pay for their actions already in this life - and their health and children's health.

    The destruction in the twenties by order of Lenin of the clergy, monks, the destruction of temples and monasteries was equivalent to an attack on the universe. This was followed by an explosion of violence, murder. And it followed.

    One of the basic laws of the universe is the infamy of no one evil even in thought. Disasters, horrors, diseases that we constantly face are a consequence of our spiritual imperfection, spiritual disintegration.

    Powerful selfishness and excessive striving for material goods can be the causes of the onset of disease. You can not believe God, but love the universe and its soul, people. When we experience love for the universe, we receive a huge amount of energy. Spirituality, nobility, love - these concepts bring us health and life.

    Lazarev investigated the karma of mankind. The main violation of the laws is the renunciation of the Divine which began in the tenth century. This violation is present in the field of every person who lives now on Earth.

    The karma of our "socialist" society contains, in addition, several packages of negative programs: the program for the destruction of people, a program of hatred for people. That's why life in our country is so complicated.

    Harm to people, living and inanimate nature can be caused not only by physical actions, but even by careless thought.

    The commandment in the Bible about love for neighbors and even for enemies, from the standpoint of bioenergetics, makes a huge difference. Because anger, hatred, wishes to another person, illness, evil, comes back as a boomerang to the one who sent it.

    The main protection against diseases is the implementation of higher ethical laws. People who think only about physical health fall first. That's why the church always cared about the soul, about keeping it clean and holy.

    You can fight and resist only on the physical level, but in the field, the spiritual, one must constantly maintain a sense of humility, meekness, love for people, remember that any trouble is the result of our imperfection, it removes karma, relieves us of diseases, improves fate and healthchildren."Pray for those who curse you and bless those who hate you. .." This is the strongest defense against misfortunes, diseases and what we call a "evil eye".

    You can not take offense at close people for a long time, let alone offend inside. It's like taking offense at the Universe.

    Aspiration to harmony, love, good, Divine one can cover illnesses, negative karma.

    The most effective mechanism for blocking and purifying karma is a constant, continuous striving for spiritual perfection.

    Earlier names were given to children of saints not by chance. The light and pure karma of the saint combined with the karma of the child, protected him.

    "Love your enemies" is a call to the spiritual essence of man not to respond with energy blow to blow. The task of an ethically literate person is never to let negative feelings into the subconscious.

    Negative judgment about someone causes a strong drop in energy. If a person curses, he injures the one who curses someone and causes trauma to himself, since deformation, destruction of his own field structure and loss of energy occur in this case. A bad thought about a man, a negative word in his address is an attack on the energy level and there will be a payoff for it. After all, it is known: "Judge not, that ye be not judged;for with what judgment you judge, you will be judged;with what measure you measure, it will be measured by you. "

    The kindness of a person is the absence of an energy attack on people and, accordingly, their own invulnerability. We die early because we constantly destroy our soul and body. The Japanese are a long-lived people and at the same time the most polite people of in the world.

    A person can be helped, empathized, but you can not be sorry. Pity is turned to the body and can harm the spirit, the soul of man.

    Selfishness, cruelty lead to disconnection from the Cosmos, and then a person is forced to take energy from people, becomes an energy vampire. And this destroys the protection of children, children begin to get sick heavily. Egoism and cruelty of the grandfather can pass to karma of sons and grandsons.

    Bringing another person to physical or spiritual anguish is one of the forms of vampirism. One of the best ways to protect against a person is unkind, unethical is prayer, because it is also helping him. Let's remember again: "Pray for those who curse you and bless those who hate you. .."

    If you feel that someone is taking away your energy, ask that this person is given divine love and energy that will change him, cleanse the soul and connectwith the Cosmos.

    One of the signs of energy loss is a constant sense of fear, anxiety.

    Disease is the loss of energy, it begins on the spiritual level, but our imperfection does not allow us to know the spirit to the end and to work on the illness by the spiritual method. The desire of medicine for early diagnosis and prevention of diseases is the first step towards spirituality, since it is at the information level that most diseases begin. More and more facts accumulate when the spiritual impact is more effective than the medical one.

    People slowly but steadily return to the spirit, to culture, to God, for this is the only chance of salvation.