• Treatment of cholera by folk remedies and methods

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    Reasons: use of contaminated water, contaminated products, including consumption of vegetables, which are grown in fields and kitchen gardens, fertilized with untreated sewage.

    Symptoms: cholera diarrhea in moderate and severe form, vomiting, lowering of temperature to 35-34 °, convulsions, blackout, weakening of cardiac activity. The combination of diarrhea and vomiting leads to a significant loss of body water.

    "Lightning"( "dry") cholera flows without diarrhea and vomiting, characterized by severe, unconscious, standing, convulsions, death occurs within a few hours.

    In some cases, a picture similar to cholera, food poisoning fungi and pesticides containing arsenic.

    At the first suspicion of the disease with cholera, we must immediately isolate the patient and consult a doctor.

    Prevention: personal hygiene, disinfection of water and food products( boiling, digestion), destruction of flies - cholera vectors.

    Treatment with folk remedies:

    1. At the first sign of the disease, give hot dill

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    fennel, infusion mint, infusion of chamomile and Polish ( in equal amounts), just hot water in large quantities of in .

    2. Drinking milk, cooked with seeds of of dill.

    3. In it is useful to add onion to food, prepare onion soup with the addition of salt, pepper, vinegar.

    4. Chicory common. If you have a disease, you should immediately drink at least three glasses of hot cook( stem, leaves and flowers finely chopped).On a glass of boiling water take a teaspoon of dried herbs. After eating, the patient immediately falls asleep and wakes up in good condition.

    5. During the epidemics, alcoholic tincture from the roots of the Forest Angelica and garlic was drunk as a remedy for the disease.

    6. Drink every 10 minutes.on the throat the solution of birch coal: in 10 cups of boiled water dissolve a tablespoon with the top of the powder of coal, shake well and drink well. You can add cognac, alcohol or vodka to solution.

    7. Tincture of birch buds. For a bottle of vodka take half a bottle of kidney, insist for a month, consume one glass every hour until vomiting stops.