• Treatment of rheumatism with folk remedies

    Rheumatism is a systemic infectious and allergic disease of connective tissue with joint and cardiovascular disease, characterized by frequent relapses.

    In the development of rheumatism , streptococcal infections and the genetic predisposition of the organism play a decisive role. More details about the symptoms of this disease, see here.

    The disease is mainly typical for children and adolescents 7-15 years. Women are sick about 3 times more often than men. The development of rheumatism is closely related to the previous acute or chronic infection of the nasopharynx( sore throat, pharyngitis).

    The main danger of rheumatism is for the cardiovascular system. Against this background, myocarditis or heart disease develops and develops. Exacerbations of rheumatism can occur several times a year, but the disease does not entail permanent changes in the joints.

    Rheumatism is most dangerous for children and young people.

    What does do? Treatment of rheumatism is prescribed by a doctor. During periods of exacerbation, it is necessary to observe bed rest, maintain a constant temperature in the room of 19-20 ° C and dry air.

    Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends the following remedies for the treatment of rheumatism:

    • eating watermelons, blueberries and blueberry jelly, cranberries and cranberries;

    • lemon juice from half or whole lemon with hot water in the morning half an hour before a meal;

    • Cranberry juice with lime or buckwheat honey;

    • compresses at night from refined freshly grated potatoes( spread a potato gruel on a dense linen or linen cloth, put on a sore spot, fix it without squeezing, wrap it around with a warm cloth);

    • compresses from fresh steamed aspen leaves;

    • infusion of raspberry fruit( a tablespoon of fresh or frozen berries for a glass of boiling water, - to drink hot before going to bed) or leaves of black currant( tablespoon of finely chopped leaves into 2 cups of boiling water for 1-2 hours and drink half a glass 3 times inday);

    • baths with infusions of black currant leaves;

    • baths with decoction of pine buds;

    • heat quartz sand on a cast-iron frying pan, pour it into tight socks, tie it up and apply it to a sore spot( s);

    • to sweep the sore spots with freshly harvested nettle.

    Distinguish between acute and chronic. Systemic inflammatory disease of connective tissue. Relapse is preceded by angina, pharyngitis, rhinitis or scarlet fever. The leading symptom is the defeat of the heart( carditis).

    Prevention: hardening, sports, fighting infectious diseases, correct and early diagnosis of acute nasopharyngeal diseases and timely treatment. The main reasons for the development of rheumatism are two: a cold and the presence of an abscess in the body( bad rotting tooth, sore glands, etc.).

    Prevention also consists in the organization of a complex of individual, public and national measures aimed at preventing primary morbidity. Such measures are reasonable tempering of the organism, development of physical culture of children and adolescents.

    Prevention of rheumatism is to prevent colds, drafts, damp places of residence, timely treatment of teeth, glands, especially in childhood.

    In acute rheumatism joint pains appear, first in the shoulders, knees, elbows, then pass to smaller joints. The painful joint swells, burns, often blushes, pain is felt mainly during movement and tension. The disease lasts 3-6 weeks, then passes and goes into a chronic one.

    Treatment: from pharmacies helps the acceptance of salicylic soda by 0.5 times 2-3 per day( diluting the powder in water) or aspirin by 0.5 twice a day.

    Sick places are useful for rubbing with camphor oil or ointment, which is made up of one part of the powder of the body spaghetti and ten parts of the interior lard. Rinse for no more than 15 minutes.

    1. Mud bath, on which you have to put 10 pounds of sea mud.

    2. Salted: put 5-10 pounds of sea salt per bath.

    3. Alkaline: in the bath pour lye, for the preparation of which you need to collect clean wood ash, pour water, boil, let it settle, cool during the night. Water for boiling take as much as ash. Overnight the ash will cool down completely, and the top will get clean, like water, liquor. It is better to dilute it with water. In the bath the patient should sit 10-15 minutes.at 30 to 32 °.Before using alkaline baths, consult a doctor.

    Diet for rheumatics - milk in all kinds, vegetable food, raw cranberries and tomatoes. More drinking, warmth, use diaphoretic and diuretics.

    1. With a weak rheumatism( beginning), it is enough to put bees on a sore spot, from the bites of which the pains quickly pass. If you apply this remedy 2-3 times, then rheumatism generally leaves the patient.

    2. It is good to keep sick legs for half an hour, in a hot( fresh) cow litter. Then wash with warm water and wrap.

    3. With general rheumatism go to the bath, steam out the body well, then take an ointment made from pork baked fat and salt, and rub it with sore spots. Then wash with hot water. Only after that watch out for colds. If the remedy is repeated several times, then one can be cured of the most severe, chronic rheumatism.

    4. Treatment with earthworms. Collect worms, wash them, put them in a glass jar, tie them with paper and put them on the sun for a few days until the porridge comes out of porridge. This porridge rub wounds, which causes not only pain, but also tumors.

    5. Make baths from chaff and goat litter. First boil the chaff( hay from the hay), then pour in the goat droppings and strain into the tub.

    6. Baths of ants. On the whole bath you need 8 pounds of ants. They are brewed alive in a bag and put in a sack. It can then be applied also hot to the sore spots.

    7. Baths from bran. ( Here Dr. O. Morozov does not give a method of application, apparently, considering that this procedure is not very complicated, note of the originator).

    8. Baths from fresh birch leaves.

    After hot baths, sore spots are smeared with an old Russian remedy - pure tar or a mixture of radish and kerosene juice. Or an ointment made from birch buds, or birch leaves, or pine needles. The proportion is as follows: one part of the powder of dried buds, leaves, needles must be mixed with two parts of fat. Lightly lubricate the body.

    9. Places affected by rheumatism are smeared with pepper, , ie infusion of red pepper to alcohol, and with

    rubbing, it is necessary to add some vegetable oil to the pepper.

    10. Rinse( without bath) with ant alcohol: fill two-thirds of the bottle with live ants, rest Fill with alcohol. Give a little brew.

    11. To be treated with ingestion or infusion from various herbs:

    is a root and leaf fattening of of false cranberries, , otherwise called "bear ears".In day two or three cups;for every cook or infusion, a teaspoon is taken with a top on a glass of boiling water.

    - infusion of young shoots and leaves of this cranberries: put in a bottle of cranberries until its third, and the rest is poured with alcohol, insist on the sun. Drink two times a day for a glass.

    - infusion of celery: a quarter of a pound of celery along with the spine, add water and cook until one glass is left. Strain, drink this portion during the day with gaps. The remedy is good. Can destroy rheumatism in a few days. To prepare a fresh drink should be every day and drink, until rheumatism does not pass.

    - infusion on alcohol of garden flowers lilacs, drink 10-15 drops a day( the portion of the infusion is the same as for cranberries).

    - drink on an empty stomach daily lemon juice from one or half a lemon with hot water - 1/4 cup.(On itself it is checked up - very good agent - O.Morozova).

    Rheumatism is still treated with oats: it is necessary to put the oats in a pouch, boil it and apply this pouch to a sore spot so hot that you can only tolerate it. Do this several times a day.

    Very good remedy for muscle rheumatism: drink every day neatly 2-3 cups of cook on the hair of the corn. Available in pharmacies in dry form;Dried to take a glass of water a teaspoon with the top, cook on low heat 10 min. They are harmless, if you put more. Drink 6-8 weeks. Passes the most stubborn rheumatism.

    Sympathetic agents. If it hurts, for example, a hand, then tie it with a red woolen shoe( preferably knitted) with the same place on the other hand.

    Carry always wild chestnuts that protect against gout and rheumatism.

    The people keep a lot of recipes from rheumatism. To this proof the following means collected by the hereditary Russian doctor PM Kurennov. His books were published abroad, he treated Americans, traveled half the world, lived in the United States for a long time. The name of PM Kurennov is widely known. Many doctors-naturopaths, healers, herbalists refer to his unique recipes. His means cured more than one generation of people and even more will appeal to his recipes in the future. Here are the tips of the famous Russian healer, adding nothing and not changing.

    If by the same means thousands of doctors of Russian traditional medicine, thousands of Tibetan and Mongolian lamas, treat their patients, then this remedy can not be bad. It seems that all of their anti-rheumatic drugs are the most powerful and the most radical. The name of this means in the common language is the root-fighter. Rheumatism in any form is cured by this remedy.

    Method of preparation. Take a quarter of a pound( American) roots of aconite ( you only need to take root, not stalks), pour one quart of vodka or diluted apothecary alcohol sixty-degree strength, put in a warm place for three days. When the tincture acquires the color of strong tea, it is suitable for consumption.

    Method of use. To persons with a very weak heart it is recommended to use at each massage no more than one teaspoon of tincture( in general, the dose is one tablespoon of tincture for each rubbing).This means possesses monstrous power. When rubbed, it so intensifies the blood circulation that the patient immediately feels an unusual palpitation. If both legs and arms hurt, only one leg should be rubbed, the next day - the other;one hand, etc. This order is necessary because of the above action of the medicine on the heart of the patient.

    Tincture to rub dry. Place, subjected to rubbing, be sure to wrap the flannel, and on top of it - some woolen cloth, to keep the sore place warm and prevent the flow of cold air.

    Rubbing is best done at night. About two hours before the patient gets out of bed, the bandage is removed. In the morning, when the patient rises, that is, two hours after removing the bandage, you should wet a rag in cold water and, squeezing it hard, wipe it with a rubbed place. You need to do this quickly. Slow wiping can lead to colds.

    If rheumatism is very painful, with tumors, then rub the aconite tincture for four or five weeks daily before bedtime.

    Drinking aconite root infusion is not recommended.

    Those wishing to use this remedy should be most categorically warned that every indication relating both to the way of preparing the medicine, and in particular to the way it is used, should follow exactly and rigorously. When the flannel is mentioned, then it is just the flannel. Woolen matter means woolen matter, not matter containing ten percent of wool, and the remaining ninety is cotton.

    Immediately after rubbing the aconite, be sure to wash your hands with soap and a brush to remove from the pores of your hands the particles of this monstrous force of the medicine. If someone after rubbing the tincture does not wash his hands thoroughly with soap and a brush, but will wash himself at all, he runs the risk of being left without eyes.

    It should always and strictly be remembered that aconite is highly toxic. Sometimes calves ate one at a time, two sheets of aconite and fell dead.

    To show the reader how important it is to follow exactly each instruction when using this tool, the author gives the following example.

    Known naturalist Kneipp with a bad cold, with a high temperature, recommends, filling the bath with cold-icy water, to stand in it exactly one minute. No more, no less. Then, putting on woolen stockings, constantly and quickly walk around the room for fifteen minutes. Then go to bed.

    One day the patient complained to Kneip that he almost died after such a standing. Kneip asked the patient in bewilderment:

    - Did you stand in the icy water for exactly one minute?

    - Not only one, I stayed for five minutes, - replied the complainant. On the face of Kneip horror was reflected. ..

    One good friend of the author who treated himself in the same way, also almost died. Having a high temperature caused by a cold, he poured cold-ice water into the tub on the ankle and stood there for exactly one minute, as it should have been. However. .. he did not bother to walk around the room, and immediately went to bed. ..

    The author gave these two examples to emphasize once again what tragic and irreparable consequences can lead to even the slightest deviation from the prescription of the doctor or frivolous attitudewhen making a medicine and using it. Some details of treatment for many seem trivial, but they are the main essence of treatment. For example, if a patient does not wipe in two hours, and a few minutes before going to the air or does not fulfill any requirement of this method of treatment, he will meet with death much sooner than the two ill-fated patients of the naturalist Kneipp mentioned here.

    A plant that( wrestler) reaches seven feet high. It is all very poisonous, especially the root. In the pastoral areas the fighter inflicts great damage on the young, but the adult cattle of this plant do not touch.

    A wrestler usually grows in valleys, along the banks of creeks and streams, sometimes on mountain tops and along their slopes, well ventilated. Collection( excavation) of the root is carried out in the dry days of June - July. At this time, the plant reaches its maximum strength( in terms of its medicinal properties).The root is thoroughly washed and dried in a cool, ventilated place, under the roof of a barn or more often in the attic and in the passage.

    Since the plant is extremely poisonous, it is necessary to handle it very, very carefully.

    The wrestler is a pretty good remedy for all types of rheumatism. However, patients often stop using the wrestler's tincture as soon as they notice that there are ulcers in places affected by rheumatism, which cause more suffering than rheumatism. Meanwhile, this serves as a proof that the fighter's tincture began to exert its effect on the disease.

    With the advent of ulcers rubbing the tincture of the wrestler should be stopped, letting the body rest. Once the wound has healed, the treatment resumes. If the wounds appear again, rubbing should be interrupted. Usually after their secondary appearance, jazvochek no longer happens.

    Take in grams of nitric acid or, what is the same, simple strong vodka - 100, so much hot water to pour - 100, ammonia - 120, French turpentine - 60, pod of pepper to cut, an ant alcohol - 20, bear fat - 30, opedelk - 45, kopayskogo balsam - 15, goose fat - 30, wood oil 1/8 pound, camphor alcohol - 30, cow butter( 1/8 lb), Weimar balsam - 30.

    Pour all this into the bottle( measureno less than the one that happens from under the champagne) and pour in the same order in the Kakom are named substances. When rubbing the bottle, you must always shake it. You need to rub the entire body, starting from the chest and neck, except the abdomen( the scrotum and the penis must be covered with a rag when rubbing, and also protect your eyes so that the splash does not get into it somehow).Sick members, except this, for the third time still greasy plaster and obkladyvayutsya resin pakley and bandage. To rub and bandage it is necessary once a day - at night. It is necessary to expect a fracture of the disease, that is, when it will be very painful in the members that are encased in the plexus, and this pain can last even several days;there is nothing to be done - it is necessary to endure, because this pain is a disease;when the fracture passes, the whole painful disease - rheumatism - will pass, and the person will be permanently healthy and cured of rheumatism.

    This medicine cures all kinds of rheumatism - even if it's old and painful. One man, a simple old man, a retired sergeant-major Stepan Ivanovich Nagibin( a resident of Veliky Ustyug, Vologda province) cured this, he said, up to 1,000 people within 40 years of his practice. There is from this person about this a handwritten letter and a detailed instruction on drawing up his wonderful medicine: "And I, a sinful monk F, have received from this wonderful medicine a great relief from 17 years of agonizing rheumatism. My suffering was unbearable - hellish. And now. Now, thank God and the Queen of Heaven, I am blessed, I thank the Lord and confess His mercy to me a sinner! Athos the Monk.

    August 1931, RPM Afon ».About the famous sorceress. The author has heard the nagibe more than once from his grandfather by his mother, the famous healer. Described by a humble Athonite monk, the prescription of an outstanding physician is one of the strongest means of all types of rheumatism, up to the articular inclusive. However, the author seems to think that there is a mistake in the recipe text. When acid is dissolved in water, acid is poured into water, and not vice versa. In this case, the acid must be poured into the water very slowly, almost a drop by drop. If, however, pour water into the acid, then when the jet of water contacts the acid, the latter, seizing the water, can produce an explosion of such force that it breaks the wall or ceiling. .. Bear meat can be replaced by dog ​​meat if necessary.

    This remedy was cured by hundreds of such patients who have already lost all hope of curing the disease. Thousands of other healers also enjoyed the success of the technique described below.

    Two pounds of hay should be put in a cotton bag and boiled in a saucepan or other container with a gallon or two water for 30 minutes. The resulting broth pour into the bathroom and add hot water to half bath. Sit in the tub and cover the bathtub with a tarpaulin so that the edges of the tarpaulin hang from the edges of the tub by eight or ten inches. In the middle of the canvas, a cutout of a square foot should be made. In the carved space, sew a thin rubber, in the middle of which to make a round neckline with a diameter slightly less than the neck. In this round cutout the patient should be thrust his head while taking a bath. Haymilk contains a lot of essential oil, a powerful remedy for rheumatism. If the bath is not covered with a tarpaulin, the essential oil will evaporate along with the steam leaving the bath. Under the canvas, essential oil enters the patient's body through open pores. At present, many canvas substitutes have appeared in many countries and especially in America. Any canvas material is suitable, if it does not pass steam. Many in the treatment of this remedy try to be more cunning than two birds with one stone: they replace the tarpaulin. .. sheets and therefore do not receive a half of the curative effect of the bath covered with tarpaulin, as the sheet misses the steam.

    The water in the tub should be as hot as the patient can tolerate. Once the water has cooled slightly, add hot water again. It should be mentioned that hay itself is unsuitable for this treatment;must necessarily be hay. After taking a bath, hayfish should be discarded. It is best to take these healing baths late at night, before going to bed. Many readers ask how many tubs a patient should take? Many sorcerers believe that for a long muscular rheumatism you need to take from 30 to 45 baths. For patients in the most acute initial stage of articular rheumatism - from 40 to 60 baths. The author's grandfather, the famous medicine man, and another illustrious medicine man Danilo prescribed and gave patients with chronic articular rheumatism to one hundred or more baths of hayfire. At the same time, they both very often simultaneously with the baths from the corpses treated these patients with poultices of hay. Often my grandfather treated these sufferers in the morning and at lunch with poultices, and in the evening, before going to bed, - baths. The technique of poultice treatment is uncomplicated: in a large closed cauldron the boiled venison( at least half an hour of boiling) the doctor applied to the sick members of the patient and bandaged a thick layer of flannel or woolen cloth strips. Two hours later he took off the bandage of a hot compress and threw it away. In the most severe cases of articular rheumatism, the grandfather applied a poultice of the debris after an evening bath, and the patient went to bed with a hot hot meal.

    Some readers ask: can not poisonous plants get into hay and chicken? In Russia, Siberia, the Far East, Mongolia and Manchuria, hayweed usually did not contain poisonous impurities. Can there be harmful impurities in hay in some other countries - the author simply does not know.

    Some healers recommend the duration of a bath of hay - one hour, others - 45 minutes, and others only 20 minutes. Again, some advise these baths every day, and others every other day. It can be seen that in very severe and chronic cases of rheumatism, especially articular, should be taken daily, and for less severely ill every other day.

    Before the decision to apply the above described remedy, all healers studied the condition of the patient's heart. If the patient has a sick heart, then the use of the described agent is considered dangerous. If the patient had heart attacks, then treatment with very hot baths is generally considered impossible. People with a weak heart are not advised to stay in a very hot bath for more than 15 minutes, and sometimes 10 minutes. They should ask the doctor if they can take very hot baths at all and if so, for how many minutes. ..

    Not as an exception, but as a rule, almost all the healers advised their patients after a course of treatment with hay drizzard to drink a tincture from the rootsarsaparilla. Take three ounces of sarsaparilla root and two quarts of very good grape wine. The wine must be Russian( Caucasian), French, Spanish, Portuguese or even European. American wines are unsuitable for medicinal tinctures. Both white and red wine are suitable for tincture, however cheap wines should be avoided, since the latter contain a lot of tannin, which greatly lowers the healing power of tincture from the root of sarsaparilla.

    The sarsaparilla root should be infused in a well-heated room( with a temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit) for two weeks and shaken daily. Dose: one glass three times a day for an hour before meals. The healers believe that the healing power of tincture of sarsaparilla root is enormous, and in the old days they treated this liqueur even with syphilis.

    My grandfather, the sorcerer of the neighboring village - Danilo and many other sorcerers from all villages and the vastness of Russia, certainly advised all his patients after treating them from all rheumatism to go to the Russian steam bath weekly and to bathe as long as possible and stronger with a birch broom.

    American scientist Dr. NV Voker in his two wonderful books "Raw vegetable juices" and "Become younger" writes that the main cause of rheumatism is meat consumption. Meat produces a lot of uric acid in the human body, which forms crystals. These crystals, sharp as glass, settle down in muscles and cause acute pain. Dr. Voker advises to stop eating meat and go to a vegetarian table of raw vegetables and fruits. According to other authorities, rheumatism is caused by an excess of albumins in the body. In addition to meat, albumin is also found in the following foods: fish, cheese, eggs.

    All medical luminaries believe that the main way in the treatment of reamatism is diet;while the diet is vegetarian. According to Dr. Voker and other scientists, it is completely pointless, on the one hand, to be treated for rheumatism by whatever means, and on the other hand, to continue eating meat and. .. to accumulate uric acid crystals in the body - the source of all rheumatic pains. In a personal conversation with Dr. Voker, the author emphasized the fact that my grandfather and other healers did not think about diet and. .. cured all rheumatics. It should be noted that all the patients of the grandfather Danila and other healers were Russian provincials and observed not only all the great posts, but most of them fasted all Wednesdays and Fridays. Apparently, during the posts of the inhabitants of the Russian village got rid of harmful toxins and crystals of uric acid. Many centuries ago a wise Chinese said: "Prevention of the disease is better than its treatment."Contemporaries, who forgot about fasting and diet, should remember this great saying and instead of posts periodically go on a vegetarian diet. Five or six weeks of a vegetarian diet( raw vegetables and fruits) in the year will protect everyone from the pangs of all kinds of rheumatism and many other diseases. Week of diet every two months. Dr. Voker once remarked that he admires old people who had the willpower to observe fasts, and that the current public can be made to fast or fast, or to diet only with the help of two revolvers directed to their temple. In addition to diet, it is imperative to have one day a week of a full hunger strike. After 35 years, you should go hungry twice a year for 15-20 consecutive days. This is the "law and the prophets."

    Many will ask: "So, without a diet or fasting, you can not expect that the treatment with hay will be fruitful?" The author should note that with articular rheumatism, a diet or fast is needed for a very long period of time, maybe a year or two years. At this time, after completing one course of treatment with hay drizzle( 40-60 baths), you should take a breather in two to three weeks and then continue the course of treatment again. With muscular rheumatism, the treatment with hay can also be effective with a meat diet, but it requires a longer period of treatment.

    One of my readers once noticed that doctors are now successfully treating rheumatism with electric heating machines. These machines do not cure rheumatism, but only bring some relief to the sufferers. A rheumatist must go to the doctor and pay him a fee every two weeks to get a little relief. Haymaking corpse either cures the disease completely, or heals for a long time.

    Take half a pound of salt and a quarter of a pound of dry mustard. Add to them as much kerosene( kerosene should be a good cleaning) to get a mixture like sour cream.

    Method of treatment: rub at night, dry.

    This same agent is better than any glycerine and creams helps to soften the skin of the hands.

    One particularly outstanding doctor of Russian folk medicine in the village of Koen Novo-Nikolaevsky district of Tomsk province cured several hundred patients with such a severe form of rheumatism that the doctors of official medicine were not able to help them.

    In spring, when the manure was dung, this medicine man dug out a hole in a huge heap of hot manure, put naked rheumatics there and threw the emptiness around the patient's body with hot manure. Outside, only the head of the patient remained. The treatment session lasted six hours( one session daily).From twenty to twenty-five sessions was considered sufficient for the cure of all rheumatism.

    During the long and fierce Siberian winter, the manure froze so much and deep that, with the onset of warm spring sunny days, the manure heaps emitted steams, like geysers. The farther into the depths of the manure heap, the hotter the manure, and the more the manure pile, the more it contained the internal heat. Sometimes manure is so hot that it is difficult to keep a hand in it for a quarter of an hour.

    The author personally knew more than a dozen rheumatics, which this famous healer completely cured. .. manure. This method of treatment is correct, but it is not easy. You must have incredibly strong nerves and be able not to pay attention to the tears and pleas of the healed. A few minutes after instilling the patient into the dung, he starts screaming fiercely and begging for release from this "damned" dung trap. A weak-hearted person can almost walk out of insanity, for the heat from manure is intolerable and it seems to the sick man that the manure will roast him like a goose in the oven.

    At the end of one and a half, two hours the patient often falls asleep with a "deadly sleep", so that at the end of the session he is hardly able to wake up. Some patients do not sleep at all during the three or four first sessions, but then the treatment turns. .. into a doss house, they snore too.

    In some cases, the doctor applied very heavy stones around the head and shoulders of the patient so that he could not get out of the manure.

    One well-known old man, healed by this "dung" way, said that during the month of treatment and two months after he was absorbed in three classes: SPAL, SPAL, SPAL. ..

    In this way of treating rheumatism there is one unshakable rule:no witnesses and "onlookers" near the place of treatment should not be. This is done out of precaution, so that any compassionate rotosia does not take pity on the crying and calling for help patients and did not release him from the "inquisitor's dung trap".

    You need to take dry sand from the ocean beach. Warm it in the oven on the baking sheet. Strongly heated in this way sand should be poured into oblong bags of pounds for ten to twelve. Apply these bags with hot sand to places where rheumatic pain is felt. Many people think that the main healing role here is the temperature of sand. This is not quite true. It is believed that the main healing power of sand is the impurities of various metals and minerals, in general radioactive elements, including the microscopic amount of radium itself. The more sand in these radioactive elements, the stronger its healing power.

    Melt a teaspoon of butter and mix until the gruel with a grass sponge. Blend the mixture in sore spots for the night and tie it with flannel. Do this once. If after that, pain will be felt again, then a treatment session should be repeated in a week. It is often impossible to rub a mixture of body and oil with oil, as there will be a rash from skin irritation. When rubbing the skin "burns".

    Now, at the very end of the glorious series of Russian folk recipes, the author will bring a few very ancient means, which the physicians who devoted most of their lives to the study of folk medicine willingly enjoyed: Benediktov, Prince Gigalichev and many others. We shall deviate a little from the stereotyped description of the recipes and go into philosophical thinking about folk medicine.

    A friend of the author Russian Dr. K. in San Francisco somehow wondered:

    - I come from a medical family: my father and grandfather were doctors of official medicine. My father used to say: "Why can not we, doctors, cure hundreds and hundreds of patients with rheumatism, paralysis, tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases?" After some reflection, my father repeated: "Why are we, doctors who have studied medicine for many years, we can not cure these patients, who are then often completely ignorant healers, almost everyone. ..?

    Both Dr. K. and his ancestors, doctors by family tradition, did not study folk medicine and znacharian methods of treatment. Dr. Benediktov, who studied life-long folk remedies, says with confidence: "In many cases of severe rheumatism, when we, the doctors of official medicine, are powerless and unsuccessful, village medicine men cure the following uncomplicated means: radish or horseradish juice, wine orVodka with ammonia, with pepper or salt;soar in the bath of sick birch broom and in the bath are treated by rubbing with tar or tar, turpentine;a guy with nettles, etc. ".

    Below is described an outstanding means of traditional medicine, which was used by the doctors of official medicine.

    Take even undiluted sulfuric acid and flaxseed oil. Wood oil can replace linen, but only if it is of the same quality that burned in the lamps 70 years ago, since now the lamp-oil is made from any kind of "rubbish".It is necessary to mix the two ingredients in a tightly closed glass bowl, BUT NOT TO BLIND.This concludes the preparation of an ancient rheumatic balm.

    Use a brush or goose feather to lubricate the affected area once a day.15 minutes after lubrication with balm, the sore spot is covered with gauze, folded four times. If the diseased areas exposed to the balm continue to react very painfully to the use of this medication, then this remedy should be used less often, that is, every two or even three days. You should continue to use the patient with this balm until the pain disappears completely. Often, after one or two lubrications, it becomes necessary to use a balm of a weaker composition: one part of undiluted sulfuric acid should be taken two parts of flax or wood oil.

    An outstanding folk remedy for the treatment of chronic rheumatism with tumors and joint pains

    Many doctors who studied traditional medicine say that they witnessed many cases of unsuccessful treatment of rheumatism with tumors and joints in joints by many means, but all these patients were later cured by the followingnational means.

    If rheumatism in the legs, then you should sew bags that have the shape of legs and parts of the trunk to the waist. Then rip off the tree of birch leaves and stuff them with bags. In the evening before going to bed it is necessary to put the feet of the patient in these bags so that a rather thick layer of leaves would cover the surface of the legs from all sides. Legs will sweat very much, just as they would sweat in a steam bath. Sometimes at midnight the leaves should be changed if they become too wet. Several similar sessions, and. .. there comes a complete cure.

    Great and universal folk remedy

    All without exception, researchers of Russian traditional medicine argue that in all parts of the vast Russia with the same success using funds from birch buds. These drugs are used in the treatment of all types of rheumatism.

    Kidneys are infused with vodka or alcohol, and the tincture is used for rubbing. Sometimes this kind of tincture in small doses is used for oral administration. Birch buds are sometimes brewed with boiling water, insisted for some time in the teapot, and the patient drinks them as tea in order to cause sweating. However, ointment from birch buds is considered to be the most powerful and effective remedy for rheumatism. This ointment is used for rubbing sick places in rheumatics;it is used in the treatment of all rheumatism, not excluding rheumatism of hereditary, syphilitic origin.

    This highly-effective ointment is prepared as follows: take two pounds of completely fresh, unpasteurized and unsalted cow's butter. Put the oil in a clay pot with birch buds layers: an oil layer of half an inch thick should be alternated with a layer of kidneys of the same thickness until the pot is almost full. Then, close the pot with a lid, cover the holes around the lid with a batter and put the pot on for 24 hours in a well-heated Russian stove. Then squeeze the oil out of the kidneys and put in the squeezed oil one quarter of an ounce of camphor, powdered into powder. Keep this ointment in a cool place tightly closed. This ointment should rub all patients with rheumatism at least once a day, in the evening, before going to sleep.

    A. It is necessary to take the entire formic heap with all its contents: ants, their eggs, wood dust, etc. Cover rheumatic areas with gauze folded in half, and pour on the gauze the entire contents of the ants heap. This tool will prove effective even if the members( arms or legs) are paralyzed. Even better, if you sew bags in the shape of sick members( hands or feet).Pour the contents of the ant pile into these bags and tie the bag near the waist. Such bags should remain on the patient for two to three days. It is necessary to endure and stoically carry the bites of ants. After removing the bags with ants, the patient should be given one day of rest, and then continue the course of treatment until the disease disappears completely.

    B. Ants tincture. Take a bottle in the size of one quart, fill it with half ants and add the bottle with vodka or alcohol. You should insist the contents of the bottle for several days in a warm place. This remedy is very useful for old rheumatic pains, colds with colds and for causing sweating. It is necessary to drink this tincture in the morning and in the evening. Dose: from half to one teaspoon.

    Ant alcohol, which is sold in pharmacies, can be consumed instead of the homemade ant formulations described above. Dose: 20, 40, 60 drops;drink several times a day.

    B. Ant bath( water). Put the contents of one ant heap in the bag and bring it home. Pour everything out of the sack into the bucket, and top up the bucket with steep boiling water. You should insist the contents of the bucket for several hours, and then pour into a hot bath with a temperature of 30 to 37 degrees Celsius. To increase the healing power of the bath, you need to add a fairly large amount of fresh birch leaves. Birch leaves can be replaced with fresh chamomile flowers or fresh Bogorodskaya grass.

    G. Ant bath( steam). Pour the contents of the formic heap into a bucket and add it with steep boiling water. The bucket will steam, above which you should soar the patient's sick members. If it's a hand or a leg, then it's best to cover them with some kind of cloth, but the matter should not touch the surface of the sick arm or leg. It is necessary to force the steam to circulate around the used member. Matter should hang much lower than the edges of the bucket.

    D. Ant bath( dry). Take about four inches of the top content of the ant heap and throw it aside. Then you should put the patient's arm or leg on the ant heap and cover it with linen towels. It should be lubricated with a thin layer of aniseed oil or honey that part of the towel that touches the foot or arm of the patient. This should be done before covering the patient with a towel. Sometimes, when treating the entire body, the patient's shirt should be spread on an ant heap, and then put it on the patient. This method makes it possible to soak a linen towel or shirt with ant alcohol, and then wrap this body with the patient's body.

    E. Formic Oils. Take four parts of ants and one piece of wood or almond oil. Keep this mixture in a warm place for 20 days, and then drain. This oil should be rubbed into patients with rheumatism before taking any of the ant baths described above. Such preliminary rubbing makes ant baths more effective and healing.

    Note. An unshakable rule - both external and internal use of funds having an ant base, should continue until external use causes excessive sweating, and internal - redness of the skin and in addition reddened skin will begin to peel and peel off.

    Many doctors of official medicine who studied folk remedies, including the famous prince Engalychev, saw with their own eyes how healers cured patients with the most severe form of rheumatism by applying the next village remedy.

    Accumulate fresh earthy red worms and put them in a glass jar and top up the jar of with vodka. Do not pour vodka too much: when vodka covers the top layer of worms - pretty. Cover the jar with thick paper or an animal bladder film and tie it with a string. Do not use ground cork and do not cover the tin with hermetically. Keep the jar in the sun for several days. To rub this tincture in patients with rheumatic fever, at least once a day, in the evening before going to bed.

    A. Almost all the doctors who studied Russian folk medicine came to the belief that no matter what other remedy you treat your rheumatism, in addition to this treatment you should definitely drink the following tincture:

    Take two ounces of Bautau) wood and two pounds of pure alcohol. Infuse for 15 days and then drain. In case of rheumatic pains - take three teaspoons of tincture on a glass of chamomile broth and drink( once a day).

    B. This tincture, without adding a decoction of chamomile, can be successfully used to rinse your mouth. This tool strengthens the gums, stops toothache and stops tooth decay.

    A. If you live near an ocean beach, then bring two trucks of sand from the beach. Dig in your yard a pit three feet deep, four feet wide and eight feet long. Fill this hole with sand.

    The best season for treatment with this remedy is considered to be the hottest summer days, but not windy. Recall also that the pit must be arranged in the part of your yard that is protected from the wind and where the shadow does not fall from any object. Before the beginning of the treatment season, one must dig a hole in the sand, sufficient for the patient to lie down in it, and then cover the patient with a layer of sand four to six inches thick. Not covered with sand there is only a head. The patient should lie 15 minutes face down and 15 minutes back, that is, face down and face up. Then he comes out of the sand, puts on a flannel or woolen dressing gown and quickly goes home to take a hot shower or hot bath to wash off the sand. Thus it is necessary to beware of colds and drafts. After a bath or shower, you must immediately go to bed. It is not uncommon for a patient to change clothes four times during a two-hour rest period in a bed after a bath of hot sand. Thus, the old saying of the peoples of the East is justified, that rheumatic fever leaves the patient only with sweat.

    One hot-sand bath per day is considered sufficient. One week of such treatment often brings the patient to the patient if not complete recovery, then getting rid of the disease for a rather long time. ..

    Many people who read this treatment description with hot sand will seem that you can take these bathtubs directly on the ocean beach. The author must answer that no, and a thousand times no. .. First, because of the wind and the breeze on the beach;secondly, the patient should take a bath without any bathing suits;thirdly, because the distance from the beach to the home of the patient is too great;Fourthly, because the layer of wet sand on the beach is too close to the dry layer, etc.

    BS with some success can be treated with hot ocean sand and in the winter. It is necessary to sew bags in the form of sick members of rheumatism. Heat these sandbags in the oven and put them on the sore spots of rheumatics. Sandbags should be as hot as the patient can tolerate. Bags should be replaced every two hours. The method of treatment with bags of hot sand is also considered quite effective, but treatment with hot sand baths in your yard will be much more healing.

    1. Boil one liter of water, add three teaspoons of of the English salt and one quarter teaspoon of remortartar( tartaric salt).Cut three lemons into slices with a skin and insist 12 hours. To drink every day in the morning on an empty stomach one tea glass. Before taking the bottle, shake it. It should be mentioned that the English salt is of two kinds: white, or chemically pure, which is used for ingestion, and gray, which is used for the bath as an external means. In the described recipe you can use only WHITE English salt.

    2. It should be taken: camphor - 50 grams; mustard in powder - 50 grams; alcohol - 10 grams;raw egg protein - 100 grams. Pour alcohol into the cup;dissolve camphor in alcohol;pour mustard into this mixture and dissolve it;then add the protein and, stirring it, turn the medicine into a kind of lipstick( ointment).This ointment should be rubbed once a day, in the evening before going to bed, but do not rub it dry. Then it is necessary to wet and wring out the rag and wipe the affected places with rubbing.

    These pains are the result of a cold, a life in a damp room, sometimes a consequence of syphilis, and sometimes even abnormal living conditions. If the disease started as a consequence of a cold, then you must certainly rub the ointment from birch buds.(The prescription for rheumatism describes the way this ointment is prepared).

    Then on the sore spots should put a layer of fresh birch leaves, bandage the places covered with birch leaves, at night and do not remove the bandages until the morning. In birch buds there is oil, which has a phenomenal healing power.

    Russian healers from time immemorial have treated their patients with bee stings. The technique of treatment in this way is extremely simple. Usually catch( on the flower) bees;take the bee by the wings and put it on the sore spot. The bee almost always bites immediately. The next bite is produced a day after the first per vertex-two from the place of the first bite. The first day, one bee stings, the next day - two, the third - three and so on to five. Then give the patient one or two days of rest and produce bites in the reverse order, that is, they start with five bees and, after reducing one bee each day, they come to naught. If the patient still feels pain, then a week later, repeat the course of treatment. After the second course of treatment, you should give the patient two weeks of rest before exposing him to a third course of treatment, if necessary, which is very rare. It is a pity that in does not have this place to list the cases of cruel rheumatism, when no funds helped, and only with the help of bee stings unfortunate sufferers were spared from severe forms of rheumatism.

    This means Russian healers were treated and cured rheumatism of many varieties. The same medicine in Russia and Siberia healers were treated for syphilis( and not without success), but the treatment of syphilis required more time than rheumatism. This remedy is strongly recommended by the renowned Far Eastern pharmacist.

    Take three ounces( by weight) of sarsaparilla root and two quarts of grape wine of the highest quality. Wines of inferior quality are unsuitable, since they contain tannin, which lowers the healing power of sarsaparilla. Insist should be in a room with a high temperature( 20-23 ° C) for two weeks with daily shaking.

    Dose: one shot three times a day. It is better to take one hour before eating. .. In Siberia, where there are few grape wines, and many vodka, healers and peasants use vodka instead of wine, bred in the same proportion and taking the same dose. During treatment with tincture of sarsaparilla, you need to watch out for colds and be afraid of a draft;of course, only during treatment.

    Take a soft rag large enough to cover a sore spot( arm, leg, etc.).Wet this rag in kerosene of good quality and apply to the sick part of the body. Then take a thick towel and wrap them around the place where a kerosene-soaked rag is attached, and fasten the towel with several English pins.

    After a while, the patient will feel that the body burns quite strongly under the towel. If this burning sensation becomes almost intolerable to the skin, then the towel should be slightly weakened, but not completely removed. Keep the towel from 30 minutes to two hours. After removing the towel and rags, moistened with kerosene, it is recommended to smear with vaseline those places where a rag with kerosene was applied. This is done from precaution, so that the skin does not peel off and does not peel off.

    In a bottle of champagne with a good cork pour half a pound of wooden oil ( which with some success can be replaced with olive oil).Add ten to twenty pods of red pepper, , depending on the desired strength, and pour in half a pound of well-purified kerosene. Shake well all together. Infuse in a warm place for nine days, shaking daily. With this mixture do a rub for the night. In the morning, you should wear warm woolen underwear and woolen stockings.

    The main cause of all rheumatism, according to the latest research of scientists, is the excess of uric acid in the body. This acid is given to the body for eating meat, game, fish. In the treatment of rheumatism, it is necessary to abandon meat for a long time and switch to vegetarian and mainly to raw vegetables and raw fruits. In the treatment of articular rheumatism, one should forget about meat for life.

    A few words about articular rheumatism. In , an excellent book by the English author on the health and treatment of diseases "Make your garden your pharmacy" is a very interesting case, when in a city in Canada a full invalid, a former Canadian dentist, was brought in a wheelchair for disabled people to treat various diseases with vegetable juices. Each member of this patient was severely affected by articular rheumatism, including the jaws of the mouth, so that he could not even chew the food. As a result, the patient was fed only liquid food, which was drawn into the mouth with the help of a straw. It was in the full sense of the word a living skeleton, consisting only of bones and skin. After the lecture, this man began to drink a huge amount of juice of carrots and celery. The proportion of vegetable juice for patients with articular rheumatism: one quart, which contains 32 ounces, you should take 10 ounces of celery juice and 22 ounces of carrot juice. The patient also took sun baths almost every day. Two and a half years later, this truly standing one leg in the grave of the dentist-Canadian re-opened his office and did everything that is supposed to the man of his profession. The only thing that issued in , he was a former patient with articular rheumatism, it's like a small hump between his shoulders.

    All the most prominent newest scientific sources on the treatment of rheumatism strongly recommend starting treatment with a fundamental cleansing of the body and a mandatory fasting, or rather starvation, in order to free the body, especially the intestine, from the accumulated poisonous and dirty substances that often lay for many years. After cleaning and fasting, nature itself will take care of the gradual recovery. This cleansing of the body and starvation are mandatory, for they enormously accelerate the process of recovery. Body cleansing and fasting( fasting) always bring wonderful results: the temperature drops, the pneumonia and hay fever gradually pass. Many diseases can be almost immediately cured after cleansing the body of toxic substances and dirty deposits.

    Note. Persons who suffer from appendicitis, inflammation of the esophagus or ulcers in this area, such cleaning is not recommended: these people should go directly to starvation. Many modern scientists, including the famous American scientist Dr. N. V. Voker, do not recommend a fasting that lasts more than six days. It is better to fast for a short time, but more often. But many others recommend prolonged fasting.

    The famous American doctor Newman recommends starting the body cleansing and fasting as follows. In the morning, immediately after awakening, dilute one spoonful of English salt in a half-glass of steep boiling water( it is best to use distilled water if you can get it).Add there juice from two lemons and add a glass to the top with cold water( preferably distilled) and drink. After 20 minutes, take half a cup of carrot and celery juice or as much juice of citrus fruits( oranges, lemons), dilute half a glass of distilled water and drink. During the following day, you should repeat the reception of the juice with distilled water every half hour. During cleaning, one should not take any kind of food, although if hunger is felt strongly, you can eat one orange in the evening. Sometimes, due to cleaning and starvation, headache, nausea and weakness will be felt. Do not pay attention to this and should firmly remember that this phenomenon is temporary and it will soon pass.

    Fasting. After one day of cleansing the body should go on fasting or a kind of post. For a period of one to five days, only one vegetable juice should be taken( as much as possible).Every evening, an enema should be put in order to get rid of the "garbage" that is descended from the top down as a result of cleaning and consumption of vegetable juices during fasting.

    One day a week of complete starvation is recommended to everyone, healthy and sick, to let nature cleanse the body of poisonous substances, which can later cause this or that disease.

    For those who can not expose themselves to the cleaning process for the reasons mentioned above, a natural laxative should be taken.

    In between fasts or fasts, one should eat mainly salads and raw, all varieties, vegetables and fruits, with extremely small amounts of food such as milk, cheese, eggs, fish and meat. Foods of a highly acidic nature, which should be completely excluded from the diet, are the following: all products containing white sugar and white flour, jams, sweets, pickles( small cucumbers harvested on a brine with a large admixture of vinegar);vinegar;seasonings, flavored with pepper;and others;alcoholic beverages;strong tea;coffee or cocoa;prepared for a long time, food, fried and fatty foods.

    Body cleaning according to Dr. Voker. On the eve of the onset of fasting, in the evening before going to bed, you should drink a glass of laxative. Better - from a mixture of English and Glauber's salts. After taking a laxative( if the patient does not sleep) you should take a half-hour glass of orange juice with a certain amount of lemon juice for a day and not eat anything. Before taking a laxative, an enema should be made. Here it is necessary to explain the characteristic features of the enema of Dr. Voker. The rubber tube for enema should be in a pencil in thickness and the lower end of it should be abundantly oiled with vegetable oil by 20 inches. In this case, Dr. Voker does not recommend the use of Vaseline or another drug that has a mineral base. Fill the jar with two quarts of warm water, and it would be nice to pour the same juice from two or three lemons, although the latter is optional. Then the end of the rubber tube( without the tip) should be inserted into the anus and gradually stick in the tube more and more until it is stuck in 20 inches. If the tube encounters an obstacle, then do not push it further. The enema by Dr. Voker should be taken on the knees and elbows, so that the water penetrates deeper and washed better. Then follows the fasting and diet, which is already described above.

    We add that when treating the severe form of rheumatism of all kinds, especially articular, the diet plays a crucial role. A huge role is played by solar baths, as well as steam Russian or Finnish bath;without fail with a steam and a broom. Soar sick places need as much as possible and longer.

    For pains in the legs, the Bulgarian healer and clairvoyant Wanga advises: in a large enameled pot, weld a bundle of red and white clover with . When the broth cools down, strain and add a tablespoon of kerosene. In this broth steam your legs 3-4 evenings in a row.

    With rheumatism, the Bulgarian healer and clairvoyant Vanga advises: along with the recommendations of doctors daily use a salad of celery.

    In rheumatism of a neuralgic, Vanga recommends lubricating the affected limbs with weapons oil before taking the necessary sun baths in such cases.

    1. Physalis vulgaris( fruits).Fruits are used for articular rheumatism and gout. For medicinal purposes in the summer, you can eat 15-20 fresh fruits a day or 20-25 g of fruit juice. Often use a decoction of dried fruits.20 g of dried berries cook for 10-15 minutes in 0.5 liters of water. Insist until cooled. Take 1/4 cup 4-5 times a day.

    It was noted above that bath procedures are indicated especially in the pathology of tendons, ligaments and fascia that provide the statics of the musculoskeletal system. When visiting a bath, patients suffering from rheumatism can ease their condition by drinking juice from greenery and celery roots, decoction of dry black currant leaves, decoction of tricolor violet herb, leaves of cranberries, decoction of birch leaves, birch sap, infusion of elecampane root, decoction of St. John's wort andgreens of nettle, decoction of the root of a large burdock, decoction of dandelion roots, juice from the fruits of blueberries;with the articular form of rheumatism - decoction of the roots of elecampane, infusion of herbs of oregano, infusion of grass, bones, oatmeal broth, radish juice.

    For a speedy recovery it is recommended to take the mixture and make compresses with mustard.

    * *

    Mustard seed powder - 1 part, water - 2 parts.

    Preheat the water to 50 ° C.Powder the mustard with water and rub it to the consistency of sour cream.

    Apply the mixture on a cloth, attach it to a sore spot and cover it with paper. Hold the compress for 10 minutes, repeat the procedure several times a day.

    * * *

    Mustard seed powder - 200 g, water - 1 glass.

    Mustard filled with warm water, carefully mix


    Add the mixture to the bath with a water temperature of 37-38 "C. Take this bath for 10 minutes

    * * *

    Vodka - 0,5 l, mustard powder - 1 tbsp

    Mustard powder pour vodka and leave for 5 days.

    Rinse your feet, chest and collar zone, followed by a warm wrap in the evening for 3-4 weeks

    To prevent rheumatism and its successful cure, vodka-based medications are used for ingestion

    Rheumatism, strictly speaking, not a disease"Rheumatism bites the heart, but licks the joints. .." Therefore, the use of wine depends on the state of the heart, do not forget about it

    Required: for 625 grams of red wine and honey of May, 375 g of leavesaloe( age not less than 3 years)

    Method of preparation: Aloe is passed through a meat grinder, mix with the rest of the ingredients. Close the mixture with a dense lid and put it in a cool place for a week.

    Method of use. First 5 days, take 1 tsp, all the following - 1 tbsp.l.3 times a day for an hour before meals. The duration of the course of treatment is 5-7 weeks.

    This tincture will have a beneficial effect on arthritis, rheumatism and radiculitis, will be useful in case of paralysis.

    Another good remedy for the treatment of rheumatism is the infusion of sarsaparilla root on red wine.

    Requires: 2 L of red wine of the highest quality( poor quality wines contain tannin, which reduces the healing power of sarsaparilla), 100 g of sarsaparilla root.

    Method of preparation. Fill the roots with wine, persist for 2 weeks, shake daily.

    How to use. Drink 50 g 3 times a day for 1 hour before meals for 6 weeks.

    During treatment, beware of colds, avoid drafts.

    With articular rheumatism, you can use the following recipe.

    Requires: 1 glass of strong, dry wine, 800 g of fresh unsalted butter, 100 g of birch buds.

    Method of preparation. Put 1 cm of oil in the clay pot, layer of birch buds on top, and so on until full filling. Close the lid with a lid and put it in a cold oven for 2-3 hours. Then remove the pot from the oven, wrap it in a blanket and leave it in a warm room for a day. After 24 hours, squeeze the mixture through gauze, add the wine to the resulting oil and mix thoroughly. Store the ointment in a sealed jar in a cool place.

    Method of use. Mix a small amount of the mixture into the skin every night before going to bed. These parts of the skin wrap with polyethylene. In the morning, wipe them with a damp towel. The course of treatment is 4 weeks.

    Often rheumatic fever is a consequence of the transferred angina. In this case, one of the first symptoms of rheumatism is a rise in temperature. To reduce the heat, some traditional medicine helps, such as rubbing alcohol and taking them;inside. Alcohol has the property of rapidly evaporating, so alcohol wiping gives a faster effect than water.

    1. Requires: 250 g of vodka.

    Method of preparation. Mix the vodka with 1 glass of warm boiled water.

    Method of use. Wet a flannel napkin in the liquid and wipe the entire body with it several times a day. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

    2. Required: 1/2 liter of vodka, 20 peas of black pepper. Method of preparation. Peas of black pepper pour

    with vodka and infuse for 2 weeks.

    How to use. Wash your feet, hands, collar zone and chest, followed by a warm wrap. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

    3. Requires: 1/2 liter of vodka, 1 tbsp.l.mustard powder. Method of preparation. Mustard powder pour

    with vodka and insist for 5 days. Shake well before use.

    How to use. Wash your feet, chest and collar zone, followed by a warm wrap in the evening for 3-4 weeks.

    For the prevention of rheumatism and its successful treatment, preparations based on vodka are used for oral administration.

    1. Requires: 1/2 liter of vodka, 20 g of wormwood.

    Method of preparation. Wormwood fill with vodka and insist 2-3 days.

    How to use. Take 10-20 g orally 3 times a day 15 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 4 weeks.

    2. Required: 1/2 liter of vodka, 1 glass of blackcurrant. Method of preparation. Currant smash and pour with vodka. Insist 5 days.

    How to use. Take 3 tbsp.l.3-4 times a day after meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

    3. Requires: 1/2 liter of vodka, 1 lemon, 1 pomegranate.

    Method of preparation. Squeeze out the juice of lemon and pomegranate, mix, add the vodka and press for 7 days.

    How to use. Take 1/2 cup 2-3 times daily before meals. Repeat the procedure for 3 months.

    Rheumatism is a lesion of connective tissues. Its causes are of an infectious-allergic nature. This disease has very bright symptoms: the skin around the sore spot becomes hot to the touch, red and swollen. How to treat rheumatism? In this you, no doubt, will also help sea salt.

    Boil a liter of water, add three teaspoons of sea salt and three lemons, sliced ​​with a skin. Insist for two hours. Strain and drink every morning on an empty stomach but a glass of infusion. The liter of this drug lasts for five days. Then, make a two-day break and again start drinking lemon-salt water.

    • In the evening, take birch ashes, wheat bran and small sea salt( all in kilograms).Fill this mixture in a basin with ten liters of boiling water. Allow to cool to 45 ° C.Before going to bed, lower your legs( or your hands if you are the ones who are hurting them) for a quarter of an hour. Legs must be immersed to the knees, hands, respectively, to the elbows. After the procedure, wipe the legs( or hands) with a dry piece of flannel. On your feet, put on woolen socks, on your hands - gloves or gloves and immediately lie down under a warm blanket.

    Alcoholic tincture of the leaves of the eyelashder in parallel with physiotherapeutic procedures( compresses, heating pad, ultraviolet irradiation, etc.) for rheumatism is used for rubbing to cause a rush of blood to the affected area.

    Millions of people in our country suffer from joint and spinal pain, in particular, low back pain, cervical osteochondrosis, and even juvenile arthritis. Such phenomena can poison a person throughout his life, unless he understands the true cause of their occurrence. According to the "water" theory, pain in rheumatism, arthritis and osteochondrosis should be considered as signals of the body about the lack of water in the body of the affected joint. In some cases, the joints can get sick and with a deficiency of mineral salts.

    It is known that the cartilaginous surface of the articulation contains a lot of water. Water "lubricates" the surfaces of the cartilage, so when the joint moves they freely and painlessly rub against each other.

    During the friction, a part of cartilage cells die, and their place is occupied by young cells. In well-hydrated cartilage, friction causes minimal damage, and in dehydrated joints the degree of cartilage damage increases. Evaluation of such damage can be the ratio between abrasive peeling and the degree of regeneration of cartilage cells.

    In addition, the blood cells growing in the bone marrow in terms of water content greatly exceed the cartilage tissue. With the expansion and narrowing of blood vessels that deliver blood to this or that area of ​​the bone marrow, stenosis of one of the arteries entering the bone through the corresponding opening is possible. In this case, the water necessary for the growth of cartilage cells, the body begins to be extracted from the blood vessels passing through the capsule of the joint. The very mechanism of redistribution of blood is also accompanied by pain.

    All described painful feelings indicate the impossibility of the joint to withstand further loads without sufficient water flow. To get rid of pain of this kind is possible only after increasing the volume of water consumed. This will lead to the dilution of blood, and due to its more intensive circulation, the dehydrated cartilaginous tissue will quickly restore its functions.

    The surface of any joint is full of nerve endings that regulate its function. They require increased blood flow so that more water can be extracted from it. In the case of dehydration, there is an expansion of the vessels in the joint capsule itself, which should compensate for the lack of water due to water supply to the bones. Consequently, dehydration of the cartilaginous tissues of the joint surface leads to damage to the bones themselves: their surfaces begin to be exposed, resulting in osteoarthritis. Then, the damaged bone tissue triggers the mechanisms of joint reconstruction, which, as a rule, leads to its deformation.

    To avoid such complications, it is necessary to take very seriously the pains in the joints or spine, immediately increasing the amount of water taken. First of all, it should be understood that the painful sensations are caused by nothing more than a lack of water in the cartilaginous tissue. If the pain does not let you go for several days after increasing the intake of water and light physical exertions that contribute to the flow of blood to the affected joints, you should consult your doctor for professional advice.


    200 g salt, 200 g dry mustard, kerosene.

    Method of preparation.

    Mix salt and mustard, add kerosene to a mixture of a thick consistency.

    Method of use.

    Rub into the skin of the affected joints at night.


    1 tbsp.spoon of juniper berries, 100 ml of alcohol.

    Method of preparation.

    Berries insist on vodka.

    Method of use.

    Rub the sore places.


    1 tbsp.a spoon of St. John's wort, 500 ml of vodka.

    Method of preparation.

    Grass to insist on vodka.

    Method of use.

    Take 30 drops with water 3 times daily after meals.


    1 tbsp.spoon of crushed burdock root, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Root the burdock pour boiling water, boil in a sealed container on low heat for 10-15 minutes, insist in a warm place for 30 minutes, drain the water and add a clean one to the original volume.

    How to use.

    Cloth moisten in a decoction, squeeze, wrap in 4-5 layers, apply to sore spots, cover with a wool blanket.


    2 tbsp.spoons of herb spores, 2 teaspoons of salt, 2 tbsp.spoons of rose hips, 2 tbsp.spoon of birch leaves, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    All ingredients to grind, mix, pour boiling water, insist 12 h in a thermos, strain, add to the solution 2 teaspoons of salt, stir.

    How to use.

    Woolen cloth moisten in infusion, dry it, tie it to a sore spot, wear it until the pain passes.


    1 teaspoon leaves of wormwood wormwood, 500 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Pour the leaves of wormwood with boiling water, infuse for 1 hour.

    Method of use.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals for 1 week.


    1 tbsp.spoonfuls of lawn of the waterbrand, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Pour water over the waterbride, bring to a boil, boil for 10-15 minutes, insist 2 hours.

    Method of use.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.


    1 tbsp.spoon of rowan fruit, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Fruit pour boiling water, insist 4 h.

    How to use.

    Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day.


    1 tbsp.spoon of the roots of the swamp, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Sabelnik pour boiling water, insist 2 h, drain.

    How to use.

    Take 1/4 cup 3 times a day.


    1 tbsp.spoon of fresh celery roots, 500 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Roots pour boiling water, insist 4 hours

    Method of use.

    Take 2 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.


    1 tbsp.a spoon of a grass of a bluehead with a flat leaf, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    The cropland pour boiling water, bring to a boil, boil for 5 minutes, infuse for 1 hour, drain.

    How to use.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.


    1 tbsp.spoon of lilac leaves, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Lilac fill with water, insist 7-8 hours, drain.

    How to use.

    Take 2 teaspoons 3 times a day.

    Required: "

    3 teaspoons of herb litter, 500 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Pour off pour boiling water, insist for 2 hours, drain.

    How to use.

    Take 1/2 cup 3 times daily before meals.


    1 tbsp.spoon of kidney pine, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Kidneys pour boiling water, insist for 2 hours, strain.

    How to use.

    Take 50 ml 3 times a day.


    3 teaspoons of rhizome and young shoots of asparagus, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Asparagus pour boiling water, insist 2 h.

    How to use.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.


    1 tbsp.spoon of the grass of the Tavlinka, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Grass pour boiling water, insist 4 h, drain.

    How to use.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.


    250 g of oat grains, 2 cups milk, 1 liter of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Grain pour boiling water, boil for 5-7 minutes, drain, add milk, boil for 10 minutes, drain again.

    How to use.

    Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day.


    4 teaspoons of herb horset, 500 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Pour the grass with boiling water, insist 2 hours, drain.

    How to use.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.


    1 teaspoon linden flowers heart-shaped, 250 ml water.

    Method of preparation.

    Pour the flowers with boiling water, bring to a boil, simmer 10 minutes, infuse, drain.

    How to use.

    Take 1/2 cup 2 times a day.


    1 tbsp.a spoon of flowers of a mallin, 1 l of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Pour the flowers with boiling water, insist 3 hours, drain.

    How to use.

    Take 1/4 cup 4 times a day.


    1 tbsp.spoon of rhizome root, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Rhizome pour boiling water, bring to a boil, boil for 10 minutes, wrap, insist 2 hours, strain.

    How to use.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.


    2 teaspoons of shredded leaves of prostruga, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Leaves pour water, insist for a day.

    How to use.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day. Contraindicated in jade and gastritis.


    1 tbsp.spoon of black currant leaves, 500 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Currant pour boiling water.

    How to use.

    Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day.


    1 tbsp.a spoon of dried peony roots, 750 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Roots pour boiling water, insist 1 h, drain.

    How to use.

    Drink 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times daily before meals.


    1 teaspoon of ivy leaves, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Leaves pour boiling water, insist 1 h.

    Method of application.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.


    2 teaspoons of flax seed, 625 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Seeds pour boiling water, cook for 10-15 minutes, insist 20 minutes, mix thoroughly, drain.

    How to use.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.


    1 teaspoon of roots and dandelion grass, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Raw pour boiling water, insist 1 h.

    How to use.

    Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.


    2 teaspoons of sedge rhizome, 500 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Rhizome pour boiling water, insist 8 hours

    Method of use.


    1 teaspoon butter, 1 tbsp.a spoonful of powder.

    Method of preparation.

    Melt butter, mix with powder.

    How to use.

    Mixture rubbed overnight in sore spots and tied with flannel


    100 ml of vegetable oil, 50 ml of ammonia.

    Method of preparation. Ingredients to mix.

    How to use.

    Rub the mixture in a sore spot 2-6 times a day for 1 teaspoon of


    650 ml of sunflower oil, 2 tbsp. Spoonfuls of herb tea.

    Method of preparation.

    Ingredients to mix, insist 12 hours in a closed vessel on a hot plate, strain.

    Method of use.

    Rub the sore spots.


    60-70 g of therapeutic mud, cloth, cotton wool.

    Way of cooking.

    Heat the mud to 36-37 ° C, spread it over the fabric.

    How to use.

    Apply fabric on the affected joint, cover with oilcloth, apply a thick layer of cotton wool. After 15 minutes, wash off the mud with warm water, wipe the skin dry.

    Pour cold water( 1 kg) with cold water, bring to a boil and boil for 15-20 minutes, add the resulting solution to the bath( water temperature - 37-39 ° C).

    Take a bath for 20-45 minutes every other day. The course of treatment is 30-50 procedures.