• Recipes from turnips

    Pepa has medicinal properties: diuretic, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic. High calcium content in turnip helps strengthen bones and teeth. It is especially useful to eat a piece of turnip before dinner. By the way, in olden times a turnip was not cleaned with a knife, and the skin was removed with teeth, since the sweetest layer is directly under the skin and when cutting the peel with a knife, it is usually also cut off.

    Turnip has choleretic properties, improves intestinal motility, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice. In addition, there are many mineral salts, organic acids and vitamins in turnips.

    Turnip is contraindicated in acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hepatitis, cholecystitis, diseases of the central nervous system.

    Salad from turnip

    300 g turnips, 1 tbsp.spoon of finely chopped green onions, parsley greens, finely chopped dill, vegetable oil, 3 tbsp.spoons of sour cream, 1 steep egg, juice of half a lemon, salt and ground pepper to taste.

    With turnip roots, peel and cut into thin strips. Wash, drain water and finely chop greens and onions, salt and pepper to taste.

    Prepare a dressing from sour cream, vegetable oil and lemon juice, grate the egg on a large grater.

    Put the turnip in a salad bowl, sprinkle with herbs from the top, then rub it with egg and pour over the prepared dressing.

    Turnip in sour cream

    1 kg of turnip, 3 tbsp.tablespoons of butter, 2 teaspoons of flour, 1 glass of milk, 3 tbsp.spoons of sour cream, salt and parsley greens to taste.

    Turnip peel, cut into quarters, sprinkle a little, pour half a glass of water, put a spoonful of butter. Put on the fire, bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes.

    Prepare at this time milk sauce: fry with continuous stirring flour with the rest of the oil, gradually pour in the milk, continuing to stir, and cook for 5-7 minutes. Add sour cream to sauce, stir and pour turnip. If required, then dosolit. Brew another 15 minutes.

    Serve chicken, lamb, pork or use as a separate dish. When serving, sprinkle with parsley.

    Turnip salad with berries

    2-3 turnip roots, 1 glass of strawberry or honeysuckle berries, 1 tbsp.spoon of honey.

    Turnip to peel and grate on a large grater, berry to mash. Mix everything by adding honey. You can use any sour berries( currants, gooseberries, cranberries, cranberries).

    Turnip for future use

    1 kg turnips, 1/2 cup caraway, 1 tbsp.a spoonful of salt, 2 large cabbages.

    Turn the turnips off the peel, cut into circles, lay in layers on the bottom of a three-liter wide-neck jar or barrel, pouring the layers with salt and cumin.

    Pour boiled water so that it covers the turnip. From above put cabbage leaves, a wooden circle or saucer and put a load on it.

    Vessel put the refrigerator down or in the basement for two weeks. Adding a salty turnip to a vegetable salad gives it a special, piquant taste.