• Mini-beds

    In the old garden, there is less and less room left for the sun lit by at least 6-8 hours a day. And this is the minimum number of hours needed for most garden crops. How to be? You can, of course, do radically and simply cut down trees and bushes that interfere with the illumination of the garden. But there is another solution. Notice those places that are illuminated by the sun most of the day, and arrange on these areas mini-vegetable areas of 1 x 1 or 1.5 x 1.5 m, that's how it will turn out. It is much easier to take care of such vegetable gardens than behind large beds.

    Beets or cabbage-kohlrabi can be planted around the trees along the perimeter of the crown, as they are quite shade-tolerant crops. Beets can also be planted along the edges of any( but not bean) vegetable vegetable beds, especially cabbage, along the outer walls of the greenhouse, around the flower beds. Similarly, you can sow carrots. Leaf parsley can be placed around the flower beds or in front of the bushes, as well as sow around the perimeter of the crown of trees. Scrambled pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers can be planted in front of trees on the south side and run their shoots on a tree, then these plants will practically not occupy beds.

    Under the trees on the southern side, it is possible to plant tomato seedlings after frosts. You can plant two groups of three plants located approximately 30-40 cm apart from each other at the corners of the triangle, and, so that they do not fall apart, stick three sticks in the form of a tripod - they will support and will not let the tomatoes fall apart.

    You can plant tulips around the perimeter of the apple tree. When they blossom and leaves they slightly droop, without waiting for their complete dying, dig out the bulbs for drying. On the place where the tulips grew, make trenches on the spade bayonet and insert in them plant residues, cleaning and other kitchen waste( except bones).At the top, fill the soil from the trenches and plant the beets and cauliflower prepared beforehand. You can sow carrots or turnips, onions on turnips, black radishes.

    In autumn, after harvesting vegetables, again plant the tulip bulbs on this place. You can place garlic along the edge.

    These simple activities will allow you to grow tulips in the same place, because you are constantly changing the ground under them. On the chosen spot you can put cylindrical vertical beds, you can make "wigwams" - cone-shaped devices for climbing plants, you can do the usual planting on a flat area, but only a small one.