How to treat stomatitis in the mouth: medicamental therapy and folk wisdom

  • How to treat stomatitis in the mouth: medicamental therapy and folk wisdom

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    Disease of the mucosa in the mouth, called stomatitis, manifests itself in children and adults. The cause of the appearance of pathology may be infection, poisoning or the course of a serious disease. Subdivided into recurrent and acute, stomatitis often occurs in severe form. In order to get rid of unpleasant symptoms as soon as possible, it is important to know how to treat stomatitis in the mouth.

    Manifestation of the disease

    Many people, feeling uncomfortable in the oral cavity, think: do not they have a stomatitis for hours? Despite the fact that it is correct to question how stomatitis looks in the mouth, only a qualified dentist can answer, everyone can recognize the disease at an early stage.

    Signs of this pathology should be considered:

    • edema and swelling of soft tissues in the oral cavity;
    • itching of the mucosa;
    • painful sensations during palpation;
    • skin discoloration on hypothetical rash areas( redness or blanching);
    • burning sensation in the mouth( in particularly severe cases, the patient seems to have a real fire in the mouth);
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    • appearance of specific rashes of round or oval shape( extremely painful, they can be both with a touch, and without it).

    Why does inflammation occur?

    The causes of the formation of painful wounds and sores in the mouth are quite diverse. The main provoking factors include:

    1. Severe leakage of dental pathologies.
    2. Absence of oral hygiene( incorrect hygiene).
    3. Presence of a dysbacteriosis.
    4. Presence of tartar or plaque.
    5. Absence in the diet of vitamin B and minerals.
    6. Injury of the oral cavity.
    7. Allergic reaction.
    8. Genetic predisposition.

    In some cases, stomatitis is a harbinger of such serious pathologies as Behcet's syndrome, oral cancer and diabetes mellitus.

    No need to hesitate

    Given that this pathology can accompany the development of complex diseases, it is recommended to visit an experienced dentist as soon as possible.

    The alarm should be raised when there are signs such as:

    • formation of blisters on the skin of the trunk and extremities;
    • increased body temperature;
    • presence of an inflammatory process in the mucous of the genital organs and eyes;
    • difficulty breathing.

    How to help?

    Treatment of stomatitis in the mouth depends on what causes were the provoking factor of its appearance. If the disease has developed due to the entry into the body of the infection, the patient is prescribed antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial medicines.

    Inflammations of a traumatic nature are cured with the help of topical preparations. If the cause of stomatitis was an allergy, the patient needs to clean the body.

    Erection of sores

    When asked how to cure stomatitis in the mouth, only a qualified specialist can respond. So, the wound treatment should follow immediately after its formation.

    Treatment of stomatitis in the mouth is carried out using the following methods:

    1. Prepare a soda solution and rinse the mouth every two hours.
    2. Prepare "gruel" from baking soda and water and apply the mixture to the wound every two hours.
    3. Wipe the wound with a disinfectant solution( due to soreness of the sore, the procedure can be extremely unpleasant).

    If the sores do not heal and become even more painful, the following manipulations should be performed:

    1. Use lidocaine or benzocaine gels.
    2. Use antiseptic products for the oral cavity.
    3. Use gels with a corticosteroid hormone.

    If the wound does not heal within twenty days, it is necessary to revisit the attending physician. If the disease progresses and proceeds in severe form, the patient needs inpatient treatment.

    We are treated at home

    Many patients suffering from painful manifestations of this pathology often wonder how to cure stomatitis in the mouth at home. Folk wisdom advises to use the following proven means:

    • boil two teaspoons of chamomile, cool and rinse with infusion of the mouth before improvement;
    • boil in a water bath two teaspoons of calendula inflorescence, allow to infuse, drain and rinse every three hours;
    • insist for five hours 1 teaspoon of the root of the tent, diluted in a glass of water, boil and strain( rinse every two to three hours);
    • when spreading wounds to the cheeks, to the painful areas should be applied raw potatoes( it can be finely grated or cut into small slices);
    • in the initial stage of the disease is recommended to chew the leaves of aloe;
    • three times a day to rinse the oral cavity with carrot or cabbage juice diluted with water.

    Preventive measures

    It is important to know not only how to treat stomatitis in the mouth, but also how to prevent the risk of its occurrence. It is recommended to carefully observe the oral hygiene and regularly visit the dentist.

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