• What to talk with the child?

    Godam to two even boys( it is believed that in the norm girls develop a little earlier) start quite a lot and talk smartly. Of course, their language is still "birdlike," not everyone understands them yet, and yet a new stage in the life of children is the stage of language communication with adults. If you look closely, you are convinced that the children are ready for this, they go on contact with pleasure. Our Artem, for example, never had trouble repeating the same word, ten, and twenty times - until the other person understands and repeats it correctly.

    But, paradoxically, to the conversation with the two-year-olds, it turns out, the adults are not ready. Let not mum, but already the daddy, grandmothers and grandfathers, and especially more distant relatives and friends - it is obligatory. To the extent that, while observing the conversation of so many of the named persons by Artyom, there was more than once a doubt about the intellectual abilities of adults.

    What is your name?(And this is exactly a minute after the exclamation: "Oh, look at what Artem is already great!").

    - What's your name?(Bye-by-bye, man-eccentric, you're my relative, do not you know?).

    - Do you go to the manger?(And I heard, as soon as the problem of infectious mononucleosis, which I "picked up" in the manger, was discussed.)

    - Who do you love more - mother or father?(And this is a forbidden reception: do not adults understand that it is strictly forbidden to ask such a provocative question a child should not be faced with a choice!)

    - Show me where my grandfather Senya is? Where is Vladik's grandfather?(But you yourself know this very well.) And the stupid ones are adults.)

    - Dear moms and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles, do not consider us, youngsters, mentally defective. Think about what to talk to us about. I, for example, will gladly answer you where I went in the morning, what I saw on the street, what I played in the yard, call my friends in the sandbox, tell how the bear got a foot in the deck and it( the deck, not the leg)saw off. I will be happy to demonstrate my cars and boats, I'll try to build a house for a hedgehog or garage for an ambulance from dice and sticks. .. But. ..

    A new guest is coming."Hello, Artemka! How big you've become. And do you know what your name is? "(Oh my God, to what these adults are primitive!)