• Teaching the child a letter

    The aim of the seventh stage of the development of manual skills is to teach the child to write.

    At this point, the child begins to use the dominant arm, coordinating its actions with the dominant eye and the dominant part of the body. But the most important thing is that he begins to draw and write, holding the handle in the dominant hand. In this case, it does not matter whether your left-handed child is a righty.

    Performing the exercise for the first time, take the child's hand in his own to guide his actions.

    It is important only that when the dominant, for example, the right hand is dominant, the whole right side of the body - the right leg, the right eye, the right ear. In this case, the dominant side of the body is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain.

    In order for a child to learn how to write, the level of development of his brain must meet two basic requirements.

    First, to write legibly, the child must control the movements of the tip of the pen or pencil. This control is impossible without the perfectly developed function of cortical opposition. Having developed manual skills, the child will have this function.

    Secondly, it is necessary to follow the movements of the pen, and the skill of well-developed convergence of vision is responsible for this. This convergence develops in the process of crawling on all fours. If your child has had the opportunity to crawl a lot, then he will be able to distinguish the subtlest movements of his pencil or pen on paper.

    So, you have gone through with the kid all the stages of development necessary to prepare the child for a future life. Now he is strong enough and has well-developed bimanual skills in order to play sports, perform complex exercises on a horizontal bar, set world records while moving up the stairs with the help of interception. In general, he is ready to learn everything that you can teach him.

    In addition, your child is already well expressed dominant side of the body, so that he can already at an early age succeed in many sports.

    Each action should have the final result, otherwise the child will quickly become bored.

    But the most important thing is that now the child can learn to draw and write.

    "To what age does the child reach this stage of development?" - parents are often interested. Probably, you also noticed that in our book there is little indication of the age of the child. The exception is mostly the infant period. Why? Everything is very simple. Your child is an individual, he has his own individual pace of development and growth. Your classes with him are also built in accordance with your plans and opportunities. Perhaps your baby has reached the seventh stage of development of manual skills for three years, and possibly - to six. You are a wise parent and, of course, you understand the development of your child, do not compare it with other children, but take pride in his personal achievements.