• Chicory for weight loss

    Chicory vulgaris( Cichorium intyhus L.) is a perennial plant of the Compositae family. So what can chicory help in losing weight? The use of chicory for weight loss is that the substances contained in it help to improve the metabolism in the body, help to remove slags and toxins from it. And also because of the presence of inulin in chicory, dulling of hunger occurs, and naturally we will eat less, without causing a feeling of eating, and as a result, the body will receive less calories.

    Chicory is a valuable plant among leafy vegetables. In the wild, chicory grows almost everywhere: along the edges of roads, fields and on vacant lots. This is a low plant( 30-120 cm) with a straight forked stem, sharp-edged lanceolate leaves, sitting in their axils with tufts of blue beautiful inflorescences-baskets. The root of the plant is thickened, like a radish.

    Chicory was widely distributed among the population of Ancient Egypt and Rome as a vegetable. In Western Europe this plant appeared later, but already in the Middle Ages it was widely known. The first information about the use of chicory in Russia refers to the beginning of the XIX century. In Western Europe and America, salad chicory is widely developed in culture. In our country, it has almost no distribution. There are a few industrial plantations, which are the main suppliers of valuable roots.

    Roots contain up to 60% inulin, sugar, protein substances, pectin, fat, choline, intoxy glycoside( gives a bitter taste to the root), resinous and other substances. Milky juice of leaves and stems contains bitter substance lactucine, in flowers - glycoside chicory.

    From the roots, you can get fructose and alcohol, but their main purpose - a substitute for natural coffee or an admixture to it.

    For the production of delicate and delicious herbs specially grown salad varieties of chicory.

    Ways of using

    The grass and roots of chicory are used by many people in medicine, and for medical purposes wild-growing chicory is used, which contains more bitter substances.

    Most often, chicory preparations are used as a bitter taste to stimulate appetite and improve the activity of the stomach and intestines, especially with gastritis, enteritis, colitis. Water infusions and broths have a bile and diuretic action, they are used for liver diseases( jaundice, cirrhosis), gall bladder and kidneys.

    A good diuretic effect is noted in the treatment of decoction of roots or grass with the roots of patients with cardiac edema.

    Chicory is considered a remedy for metabolism. Its infusions are prescribed inside for skin diseases( skin rashes, acne, boils).Stronger infusions or decoctions are used externally in the form of washings and lotions for the treatment of chronic purulent wounds, ulcers, eczema. With the external use of infusions and decoctions, along with the anti-inflammatory effect of the plant, the antimicrobial properties of its phytoncides also appear.

    In Central Asia, for a long time, pustular skin diseases, chronic ulcers are treated with chicory ashes.

    There is also cabbage salad chicory. It is the same root chicory, but it is grown as a salad of salad, when forcing out in winter it forms elongated and small heads. First they cultivate the root chicory. In autumn, its root crops are excavated and stored until winter, and in winter planted in greenhouses. After the landing, the chicory is watered, and then the earth or sand is poured on top of the soil in 20 cm. After 3-4 weeks, bleached cubs of elongated form grow under the ground, their leaves are juicy and tender in taste. This is salad chicory. In its raw form, it is eaten with vegetable oil, with salt, vinegar. And it's even more tasty, it's boiled or stewed with mayonnaise, meat, butter. More information about the benefits of chicory, see here.

    Weight loss

    Preparations from chicory help to normalize metabolism and reduce weight. In order to start the process of losing weight you need to drink chicory broth 3 - 4 times a day for 10-15 minutes before eating. In fact, as you know, chicory has a bitter taste, which affects our taste buds and we have less appetite.

    Chicory herb infusion

    Chicory tea infusion

    Chicory chicory tea

    Bath with chicory infusion for weight loss


    Recipes with chicory

    Salad of witloaf and endive

    of garlic

    Salad of chicory and cucumbers


    Salad from boiled whirlpool

    Salad from endive with mandarins

    Endive salad with lemon juice


    Salad with endive with vegetables and squid

    Salad with chicory and cheese sauce

    Salad from radicchio

    Radicchio salad with cranberries and mozzarella


    Radicchio salad with fennel and oranges

    Radicchio saladand avocado


    Witloaf salad with oranges, prunes and almonds


    Endive salad with tomatoes

    Endive salad with oranges

    Chicory salad with tomatoes and garlic

    Chicory salad with fruitkatami and cheese

    sea salt

    Salad from chicory with crabs


    Vinaigrette with chicory

    Appetizer of stewed chicory

    Trout marinated with endive

    Witloof with artichokes stewed in white wine

    Witloof baked with apples and beef

    Chicory salad

    Chicory clean, cut at the base of the core, which gives the salad a bitter taste. Cut into thin strips of chicory and tomatoes, pour with vegetable oil, salt to taste and season with sugar, lemon or citric acid. One serving of this salad will require 350 g of chicory, 3-4 tablespoons of sunflower oil, lemon or citric acid, or table vinegar, 100 g of tomatoes, salt, sugar. From this salad you can make a "coat" for the herring that has been cut.

    Chicory salad with green peas

    Chicory clean, cut at the base of the core. Chop the chicory into thin slices, add the young fresh peas and grated apples. Put the mixture on a glass dish and decorate with radishes. To prepare this salad, 200 g of chicory, 3 ^ 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 100 g of green peas, 100 g of apples, salt, sugar, lemon, citric acid or vinegar are required. If the taste of bitter taste in salad chicory is expressed sharply, then it should be held in warm water for 15-20 minutes. Fresh leaves of lettuce chicory can be added to any salad of fresh vegetables.

    Chicory under mayonnaise

    Prepare mayonnaise: grind yolks, add vinegar or citric acid. Pour oil in drops, rubbing in one direction. After the thickening of the yolks, the oil can be poured in a thin trickle and ground until ready for mayonnaise. Prepared chicory to clean, cut the core, cut it into thin strips and mix with mayonnaise, put in a salad bowl and decorate with parsley sprigs. To make this salap 350 g of chicory, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley, mayonnaise, 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil, lemon or citric acid, salt, sugar will be needed.

    Salad in Lille

    of mushrooms

    Cut from the base of chicory a cone-shaped heart-wine. Two of the heads of chicory divide into leaves, and the remaining two cut. Chopped chicory mix with spinach( chard), mushrooms and walnuts. Whisk the mayonnaise, lemon zest and juice of 1 lemon, sour cream and apple puree. Combine a third of the dressing with a salad and stir. Salad served on separate plates, decorated with leaves of chicory. The remaining filling should be served separately.