• Eggs age with their mother, and the older the mother, the more likely genetic defects.

    The situation with fathers is different in this respect. Spermatogenesis( so to speak, the production of spermatozoa) occurs all life until old age. And each time again newly formed spermatozoons are "fresh".So, from the elderly fathers, children are homeless defects. By the way, due to the significant age difference between me and Lena - this was also taken into account. And Katya still pleases us with health and development.

    Television is exaggerating uneven marriages - also because the strawberry.

    What are the problems in the uneven matrimonial age? I mean all the same, when the husband is much older. When - the wife, then nature decides for us. Marriage is also parenthood. Well, it's impossible to become a mother to a woman in old age. And I did not decide this, so do not complain to me.

    I'm only a consultant - and I say what I have and what I think. I think that this is not a reason to condemn the love of the ladies of the peak to the jacks. But there is no reason to discuss the psychological problems in such a marriage much. But the problems of "unequal marriage", which are older than the husband, left on the TV screens, make sense.

    The moral problem. One young man on the record of one TV show said:

    - These old men beat our brides away from us.

    It's hard to argue. They beat. But that's the competition, but what do you want. Here, too, must be taken as a person, and not as something impersonal( not cash, we said, but that's not youth).Known picture of Pukirev's "Unequal marriage."But there is another matter, there the girl was forcibly given away. And to call the picture it would be necessary "Violent marriage".The essence is different, the problem shifts from uneven age to freedom of expression.

    Pushkin knows the phrase:

    - Late, Dubrovsky. But maybe:

    - Early, Dubrovsky.

    Women often choose not youth and physical strength, but the depth of thoughts and feelings, experience and reliability.

    And the question does not rest on a very big difference. I will repeat the results of AB Sinelnikov.3,4% of suitors at the age of 4044 years and 32,9% of suitors of 3539 years were married to women under 30 years old. So this is what? This is far from yet old people, and married women who are 0-5-20 years younger.

    There are also sexual problems. But far from the disorders of the actual sexual function. Here is a typical sexual situation. A forty-five-year-old businessman and a 25-year-old mother of his children. I specifically stressed that the mother of his children. Marriage seems to be settled. Both on my psychotherapeutic consultation paint such a picture. In the evening he can not. Said:

    - There are forces just to collapse. In the morning, she can not. Said:

    - There is no power to open your eyelids, and not that to spread your legs, and even to bear the weight of his huge body. I want to watch dreams.

    She brings up children in the daytime. And if he does, he again: only leaned against the couch, and immediately snored.

    Well, you need to work less, earn less money for "ever more golden chains", and then there will be more strength for the evening and afternoon seksansansa. And it will not be in a dream to get sexual experiences.

    The problem of widowhood. But after all, when the spouse dies - this, alas, is also a hypostasis of life - he continues to live in children, in our souls, in photos, in a portrait on the wall, and now in video recordings;that visit his grave and put a candle in the nearest church( regardless of whether the relatives believe or not, the temple - it specifically refers to the ever-living relative).





    And on the other hand. .. I once met on the train spouses Zaptists. The husband was younger. Well, not as in the above & lt; classic "plots, but much younger. And people were ages. We made friends during the trip( from Tallinn to Moscow).They respected me for knowing the Gospel texts, they said that I would have been a good presbyter. And they even sang the New Testament. Then it was a significant gift - the state limited the publication of religious literature. And my husband gave me the impression of a phrase, which makes sense to remember. He said that no one knows his time. Why am I. .. In principle, the older the husband, the widget will have longer. This is an average. But here the ways of the Lord are also inscrutable. One 50-year-old associate professor married a 75-year-old professor( a case in life).I thought about how she would be a widow in 5 or 0 years. Fate decreed otherwise. In the second year of marriage he became a widower( the second time).Cancer. And nowhere to go. Well, chur me, not me, not me. .. But the case is more typical. Young Strong Baby. And once he was shot.

    Or crippled. Or planted. Or he got divorced because the scoundrel and changed the role composition in his life performance. Because young wives want TOTAL and IMMEDIATELY.

    But some problems are smoothed out. If the husband is older by 5-20 years, he has more power. It turns out that this provides an equilibrium. Recall that here it increases and its financial importance, and he talks more confidently, and zamatorel, and sexually experienced and calmer.

    If the husband is much older, other experiences are added. Problems with his older children. Probate problem. Thoughts of death.

    For some men, the last marriage is a swan song. Awakening sentimentality, a craving for romance. But not to a romantic type "I'm going after the fog", but to travel to historical places. Again - the desire for versification. Here and at me:

    My love for you is imperishable, As the name is more ancient - Elena.

    If the marriage on her part to a certain extent on the calculation, there may be problems of mercantilism. One young woman, marrying a venerable old man, demanded from him obedience for "access to the body."Well, so do not marry predators. Even if you are still wealthy as a man, and not just you have a fortune.

    Different circles of communication can represent a problem. But they may not represent.

    My friends are in full harmony with our family. Like Lena's friends. School girlfriend Lada, whose husband - her age, comes to us, we come to her. A new girlfriend( my former student) Nadia. .. Friendship has been going on for years.