• Guessing on needles for love and for children

    Guessing on needles, or akutomantiya, refers to the category of dangerous fortune-telling, for which not every professional is taken, because it is associated with the evocation of the spirit. Guessing on needles for love is often used by Roma. But be careful, the needles have a strong energy, aimed at the accumulation and spread of evil. Therefore, it is the needles that make the spoilage.

    Divination by love

    This divination will let you know how the future life with this man will develop. For divination, take a new needle and a piece of silk thread of red color. Pass the thread into the needle, do not tie the knot at the end of the thread. Take a piece of white cloth and make three stitches on it, then pull the needle with a sharp movement.

    The thread is difficult to get out of the flap, it means that your family life with this person will have to overcome many difficulties and troubles.

    If silk gets tangled or worse, it does not tie the destiny with this person, it's not your destiny, you just waste your time and nerves, and all the same it will end in parting.

    Thread easily slipped from the fabric - rejoice, this is your half.

    Guessing with a needle and a thread on the circle

    For a fortune-telling with a needle and thread it is necessary to prepare a circle, drawn on a paper. Put on the workpiece letters of the alphabet from A to Z and how on the dial the words "no" for 9 and 3 hours, and the words "yes" for 12 and 6 hours. Then prepare the pendulum, for which prepare a needle and in the eyelet draw a red thread of silk.

    Guessing with a needle and thread allows you to ask various questions and get answers to them as deployed, with the help of the alphabet, and monosyllabic yes or no.

    After preparation, proceed to divination. To do this, you first need to summon the spirit. The room should have a window or door open for unimpeded entry and exit of the spirit. Remove all mirrors and animals, otherwise the spirit can become attached to you.

    Encourage him with these words: "Spirit( name the called spirit), answer us questions."Place the arm on the elbow on the table so that it does not move, pick up the pendulum thread and set the tip of the needle in the center of the circle. You can ask a question.

    If the pendulum starts to swing to the letters, then carefully read the spirit response, do not rush if it lingers. If the pendulum just walks in a circle, it means that you asked either too long a question, or did not understand it - rephrase.

    The pendulum stands still, so there will not be an answer to the question.

    At the end of the fortune telling you to say goodbye to the spirit and ask "Spirit, are you with us yet?".If the pendulum does not move, then the spirit has gone away, if it says no or yes, then it does not go away, repeat the request to leave. Do not leave until you are sure that the entity is gone.

    Divination by means of a needle on children

    This divination allows, with the big accuracy to learn quantity of children and their sex. For divination children need a pendulum - a needle with a white thread.

    The session is held on the left hand, with the palm upwards.

    First take the pendulum for a string and "pierce" it with the space between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand. Then draw a pendulum arm around the contour and establish the end of the needle in the center of the palm. The pendulum begins to oscillate, if it has gone around in a circle, then the first child of a female is born, if as a pendulum on a watch, then a male.

    We translate the needle again into the space between the thumb and forefinger and thrice again, as it were, "pierce" it. And we return the needle to the center of the palm. If the pendulum does not move further, it means that one child will be born. Divination continues until the pendulum stops moving. If the needle has been left alone since the very first time, then there will be no children.

    This method of prediction is considered very reliable, but as the doctor is asked not to engage in self-treatment, so here, in order not to make mistakes, it is better to contact a specialist who will competently conduct rituals and decipher the results.

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