What is the dream of leeches in a dream book, why should one see in a dream that the leeches have sucked at the feet

  • What is the dream of leeches in a dream book, why should one see in a dream that the leeches have sucked at the feet

    Despite the fact that leeches are used in medicine to treat many diseases, to see them in a dream portends an unfavorable prognosis. Leeches in our understanding is, first of all, bloodsucking creatures. They will not bring you anything good in a dream or in real life.

    Most often leeches in a dream mean a negative attitude of people to a sleeper or a harmful effect on him of bad habits. To understand what the leeches dream of dreaming, you need to consider in detail a dream.

    So say the dream book

    According to Miller's dream book, the appearance of leeches in a dream warns you about your enemies who will try their best to prevent you from achieving your goals. If you used leeches for medicinal purposes in a dream, this heralds the illness of a person close to you. Leech sucked to your body - you are in great danger.

    Leeches on the dream book Hossa means that in the near future you should not take financial obligations or loans. Since creditors will not miss the chance to take advantage of this. To see leeches in a dream is very greasy - a sign to financial losses. You should beware of scammers who, by any means, will try to deceive you. Do not enter into adventurous monetary affairs.

    Other explanations of dreams about leeches

    If you dream of floating leeches in a pond, this means an unfavorable outcome of your affairs. Pressing leeches in a dream suggests that your family or close people can harm you. Such an act they can cause you a deep mental trauma. Perhaps even expect treason from a person close to you.

    See on your body sucking leeches - to life troubles, after which you will be completely exhausted. To learn more about the meaning of your sleep, you need to remember on which part of your body the leech was sitting.

    In a dream leech sucked on the hand - small problems will be with a person who wants to annoy you. It's no wonder if this enemy turns out to be the person you trusted.

    If leeches attached to the legs of - to a hopeless position. Escape from this situation is unlikely to work out, so get ready for the difficulties. You will have to gather all the strength and will into a fist and meet all the adversity with dignity.

    Performing medical procedures with leeches in a dream tells you about your desire to become pregnant. It was possible to shake off the bloodsucker, so you can avoid problems. If you did not manage to tear it off, a difficult period in your life will soon begin. The leech just bit you - wait for an insult that will make you suffer.

    To see a lot of big bloodsuckers in a dream - to danger. Many leeches speak about the physical and moral fatigue of a sleeping person. Most likely, you are just tired of fighting the envy and anger of the people around you.

    If you eat these parasites - to improve your health. To catch leeches - to put footsteps to your enemies. To see bloodsuckers in a glass jar in a medical institution - there is a risk that in reality you will have to share personal property.

    Watching others being treated with leeches means that soon there will be friction between friends. If the sick person sees in a dream, as it is treated with leeches - to recovery.

    The interpretation of dreams in different dream books is different. In general, we can say that the dream in which you dreamed of leeches - to setbacks in business, life troubles, betrayal, illness of relatives, quarrels with relatives.

    It is worth to be cautious about new offers for work or business and for new acquaintances. Such a dream is a warning to you. Be more careful and attentive to everything that is happening around you.

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