Hairstyles for the New Year 2014 - fashionable hairstyles for the Year of the Horse

  • Hairstyles for the New Year 2014 - fashionable hairstyles for the Year of the Horse

    If in a normal life, every woman should be well-groomed and charming "from hair to fingertips", then the magic of a wonderful New Year's night is simply obliged to turn you into a fairy fairy. Dress princess, perfect manicure and make-up, and to them a beautiful hairstyle is not only an opportunity to shine in front of others, but also a lucky chance to please the talisman of the year - the Green or Blue Wooden Horse, in order to find happiness and luck for the whole year.

    Long hair

    Long hair per year

    horses Stylists say that the Haute Hairstyles for the New Year 2014 will be distinguished by their subtlety and sophistication, simultaneously looking natural, elegant and at ease."Last year" trends - naches and hairpieces will change lush curls and falling waves. The intricate intertwining of braids in different directions and at different angles will also be relevant. The most popular types of fences will be oblique and "zigzag".Side braids or wicker from the bottom up are ideal hairstyles for the Year of the Blue-Green Horse.

    Short hair

    Patchwork haircuts

    Their owners will perfectly suit fashionable hairstyles with braids-rims that braid along the contour of hair growth, as well as amazing elements of different interlacings of the "crown" in the form of decorative nodules, harnesses. Stylish hairpins and styling products with strong fixation will help to secure this design reliably.

    Regardless of the length of your hair, the fashion for haircuts in 2014 will be pleasing with a multi-layered and "scrappy" technique. This will allow your hair look more voluminous and natural. The only thing about which stylists warn that hair after such haircuts need more careful care, as these manipulations increase the cross-section of tips. Their proper nutrition, moisturizing and protection will help any girl avoid negative consequences, while feeling like an "icon of style."

    How can I comb my hair for the New Year celebration of 2014 to emphasize my own irresistibility and at the same time not to scare away my luck?

    The blue-green horse is supportive of the wardrobe of light, flowing fabrics that emphasize the curves of the female body, will gladly accept the most diverse braids with ribbons in harmony with the tone of the dress;dissolved "manes" with flashing in them the same ribbons;"Horse tails" with an unusual look. It will be appropriate to twist the ends of such a tail or create curls along the entire length with an amazing volume of hair.

    Hairstyle Elegant and stylish at the New Year's holiday in 2014 will look girls with megapopular braids: in combination with loose curls and traditional "tails."They can be stacked in various knot designs or wrapped around a wreath around charming heads, and instead of ribbons, use luxurious beads. The most relevant in the upcoming season will be: "spikelets", "French bundle" and the usual "village plait".Gives charm to your image of an imperfect plaiting of the braid, with sticks sticking out of it, emphasizing its stylishness and fragility.

    Separate long strands, assembled by bows or knots, can be fixed with a lacquer of strong fixation. Such hairstyles for the New Year 2014 will please those surrounding with a unique effect of harmony and magic.

    Decorate your hair in the Year of the Blue Horse, you can live flowers, adding charm to the delicate fragrance of perfume with a natural ambience. Stylists consider lilies and violets to be especially topical decor.

    Overhead bang

    Tired of the familiar image? Do you want something stunning and fantasy for the New Year's holiday? At the same time own hair does not allow it to be done: not enough length or fluffiness? The mistress of the year 2014 took care, and in this case - overhead bangs and curls, overhead "tails" or even a wig with the necessary hair color and finished hair, can be an unexpected and very fashionable solution.

    To pick this magnificence to the wardrobe and to the face will help the variety of their sizes, shades and shapes, as the bog-bang bill, for example, most favorably differs from the natural. You can choose the most suitable option, and then repeat it in the hairdresser on your own hair. Or decorate your hair with a stylish bang of unexpected color and shape. A magnificent "mane" is obtained if you attach curl or "tails" to short hair.

    How to make trendy hairstyle for the meeting of 2014:

    • Fascinating bangs of a tone-to-tone tone with a hair color with a length of "on the eyebrows" will draw attention to the charming eyes, with a length slightly lower - to the lips and cheekbones, the oblique bangs will give your image of audacity and playfulness.
    • Volumetric ponytail The correct and accurate "ponytail" is now available for any holiday and on the "star" carpet. After washing the hair, "pokolduem" over the volume: we put on them mousse or foam and dry the hair dryer, lifting the brashing hair from the roots or we lower the head down. In these cases the chic volume is guaranteed, you can slightly increase it by combing it lightly at the roots. With a thin strand from the temple, we remove the rest of the hair and clip it with a hairpin. And the tail itself is decorated with curls made with a curling iron or styler. Hairstyle is ready! Smooth hair can be covered with gloss and beautifully laid with "ironing".
    • Also bring luck to the Year of the Horse, also loose hair, as if slightly disheveled by the sea breeze. After washing the head, apply a light mousse to the hair and comb them from the roots, giving them an easy, natural volume. Strands are wound on wide forceps with a nozzle, not condensing large curls. They look as romantic and natural as possible. We beat our hair with our hands and apply a spray to shine the hair. This "windy" and frivolous hairstyle perfectly harmonizes with the sexual make-up of a fig-ice and a fitting tight fitting outfit.
    • Remain relevant for the New Year party and corrugated strands, voluminous and lush. They are good for owners of not very thick and "naughty" hair. The method of "corrugation" can be worked out as separate strands, and the whole "crazy mane."
    • Negligence in the hairstyle One of the most fashionable "New Year" beams is done as follows: prepare for him a pair of thin rubber bands and one large( volumetric).Create a normal high "horse" tail and fix it with a thin rubber band. Next, with a large rubber band, we will intercept the hair in the middle of the tail and lay them around the rubber rim with an even bundle. Bottom fix the hair with a thin rubber band so that you can not see the volume bezel. Give the hair a little sexual negligence, taking a couple of strands from the beam. An interesting hairpin or an original flower will add solemnity to your captivating image.

    What the Blue-Green Horse does not tolerate is a carelessness and careless attitude to the hair. Ungrown uncovered roots in the hair, split ends and dull, "lifeless" color are unacceptable."The mane" at the Green Horse must be luxurious, well-groomed and surprisingly beautiful, then her favor will settle luck in your heart for the whole of 2014.