• Persistent dizziness and headaches: causes

    Andrew asks:

    Hello! I have the following problem: persistent dizziness, pain in the head, squeezing the head, pressure constantly rises, vision and hearing worsen. He underwent examination: the head of the head - the stenosis of the right vertebral artery, the x-ray of the neck - the osteochondrosis anomaly of kim le, dopplerography - a decrease in blood flow by 40-60%, pathological bending of both PA.I drink pills, I do injections does not help. Such a feeling that I'm dying, I'm 25 years old,
    height 173, weight 89. What should I do doctor? Advise, please. Really tired already. This lasts for the fifth year. Worse and worse. Almost I do not get out of bed, it's hard to walk, my head starts to spin more and I feel like I'm going to faint. I beg, help me, though with advice. Thanks in advance.


    Andrey , most importantly - you can not despair, give up. The state is not pleasant, it is understandable, and here, on the site, not seeing the full picture of the disease, it is difficult to give a special qualified advice. Most likely, the stenosis of the artery is secondary, the main cause is your osteochondrosis and Kimerli anomaly. In itself, this anomaly of the spine is not a disease, but due to its presence and there are vascular disorders, manifested exactly by those symptoms and signs that are present in you. In the presence of this anomaly, the inflow of blood to the cerebellum and the posterior parts of the brain is disturbed.

    The treatment of Kimerli's anomaly is more often than not conservative; in addition to medical therapy, patients are advised to lead a lenient lifestyle, avoid heavy physical exertion, sharp head turns, somersaults, loads and standing on the head, sports that are associated with blows to the head. In extreme cases, which is rare, when the symptoms are very severe, surgical treatment is indicated.

    You need an intelligent, knowledgeable doctor-an experienced specialist who will not only make appointments, but will also regularly monitor the dynamics, analyzing the condition, adjusting and selecting the dosages for you individually.

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