• How to get rid of rashes on your wrists

    Anastasia asks:

    A child of 4 years old, a year and a half ago, began to appear rashes on the wrists, elbows, buttocks. And now also on the cheeks, small separately located sores, do not get wet, look like a combed pimple, but constantly move, one dries up, and next there appears the same comb. In other parts of the body they do not appear. Treated at the dermatologist, it is better even on chut-hardly became. At the neurologist too. Antihistamines drank, not for a second is not better. And when they drank acyclovir with herpes sore throat, suddenly it became better, much, all dried up and again did not comb. The truth again a week later began. Forces are no more. All the clothes in the blood because of scratching, I'm afraid that something else grabs, always scratched wounds. What should I do and where can I go? Thank you in advance!


    Anastasia, Unfortunately, it is impossible to diagnose the diagnosis solely by description, it is possible to give some non-professional recommendations or unsubscribes to, say, reduce the itching, a little to relieve the condition. But it will be illiterate advice and delaying the precious time because, without identifying the cause and not having diagnosed, criminalize the treatment.

    Rashes and scratching, first of all, you need to inspect, make them scrapes and send your baby to the tests. Judging by the fact that during the treatment of herpes, ie, caused by the herpes virus, sore throats and aciclovir, the girl appeared to improve, a viral etiology of the disease is possible. Apparently, for the treatment of angina, the dose of the drug was sufficient, and to cope with the infection in the blood, it was necessary a longer specific treatment.

    Conclusions are self-explanatory: it is urgent to put a dermatologist before the fact that during the treatment with an antiviral drug there was an improvement. And, depending on the results of the newly scheduled examination, including mandatory PCR analysis, and identifying the type of pathogen, the dermatologist will make an informed decision about which antiviral drugs to treat the baby qualitatively.

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