Roll-out of egg damage with decoding: interpretation of values

  • Roll-out of egg damage with decoding: interpretation of values

    Most likely, each of us after a series of failures thought that someone had jinxed it. Often it happens that everything seems to be going well in life, and everything is going according to plan, but in a flash the plans crumble, and events start to take another unexpected turn. Nothing happens, and misfortunes one by one just fall on your head. The reason for this may be damage.

    From this article you can learn about what is the rollout of egg damage with the interpretation of the values.

    The process of removing the damage

    It should be realized that the process of removing spoilage is a very important matter not only for the one who will shoot it, but also for whom it will be taken.

    To perform the ritual, you need to prepare:

    1. Egg( it should be no more than three days, and you can not take the one that was stored in the refrigerator).
    2. A glass of water.
    3. Candle( best if it is a church candle).Serves as a guard and guide.

    Many people are wondering why spoilage is removed with an egg. The answer is simple: the egg is an unborn cub that has the entire set of functions for life. This is a physical body that is enclosed in a shell. Only an egg can take on all the ailments.

    The ritual should be done in the morning in a spacious room, while opening all possible windows. The healer should stand behind the patient, and the one facing the icons.

    A candle from the church lights up and an egg is taken in the right hand. Now you can start removing the damage by rolling out the egg. The egg needs to be driven along the body of the patient, without tearing it away and for a moment.

    You need to start with the head: clockwise make a pair of circles. Now you need to go to the neck, backbone and back. Then move to the right arm, chest, followed by the stomach and left arm. Also do not forget about the legs, first roll out on the right, then on the left.

    In the process of the ritual, it is necessary to read the prayer "Our Father".At the end, the egg is broken and poured into a glass of water, after settling you can watch the contents. The most important thing now is to correctly interpret the signs.

    The value of rolling out - the protein

    The turbid pillars

    If there are cloudy pillars in the glass with the egg, then to correct the sins of the ancestors.

    Caps made of protein

    The presence of hoods indicates that:

    1. Caps under the yolk - the energy of finance is blocked( constant lack of money, inability to get a job).
    2. Above the yolk - creativity is limited.

    Columns and spiders

    Columns of protein - this is also a sign of spoilage, but it's not serious and it's easy to fight it. If the protein is reminiscent of a jellyfish, then damage is directed to family life, sadness and failure. Such damage disappears in a year.

    If the pillars resemble a thin cobweb, then the spoil is imposed by an inexperienced sorcerer and a year later there will be no trace left of it. It is worth noting that all negative in threefold size will return to the performer.

    Spheres of

    If the yolk is enclosed in a sphere of protein, the damage is that some essences have been populated, stretching vital energy. How many spheres, so many settlers.

    Black Protein

    If there are any black spots on the protein, this indicates that the spoilage was made to death. If nothing is done in this case, then she will bring a person to the grave within a year.

    Interpretation of damage to the yolk

    It is possible to interpret the damage not only by the protein, but also by the yolk.

    Yolk ripped

    This yolk indicates that heavy blows were inflicted on the ill-wishers.

    Foggy yolk

    If the yolk is in a fog, it indicates an unprofessional spoilage, which will be removed without problems in several sessions.

    Bloody yolk

    The bloody inclusions appear about the spoilage made on human or animal blood.

    Cooked yolk with black dots

    If the yolk looks like it was cooked with green or gray spots, and the protein bars have bubbles and black dots, then this damage to a painful death.

    What should I do after the ritual?

    After the interpretation of the egg must necessarily get rid of. It can be poured into the sewer system together with water or buried as far as possible from the house. It should be noted that the container in which the egg was located can also not be used and stored, so it is discarded.

    When the whole ritual is finished, it is necessary to read the thankful prayers. After this, hands should be washed on the elbow under running water.

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