How to properly plan a family budget - we plan a budget

  • How to properly plan a family budget - we plan a budget

    For sure, every faced with such a problem, when a couple of days before receiving the earned payment, in the purse there was only a small trifle, intended for travel. As a rule, this situation causes a great resentment in the person not only that his monthly profit is too small, but also because he absolutely does not know how to plan his budget.

    At present, such a problem is faced by a huge number of families who repeat the same mistake from month to month and squander all money immediately after the pay. In order to no longer occur such situations, you just need to learn how to properly plan the family budget.

    Budget planning

    After receiving the next salary, do not immediately go to the nearest bar, restaurant or shop, because these funds you have to live for exactly thirty more days.

    In order to correctly plan the family budget, you need to stock up on a pen, notepad or just download the corresponding form with your home accountancy. In the column "estimated costs" it is required to enter the following data:

    • Utilities, payment of credit( installments), studies, taxes, etc.
    • Approximate figures for spending on entertainment, food, clothing, etc.
    • Estimated costs for unforeseen circumstances( accidental loss of money, disease, unexpected dismissal, etc.).

    The most ideal option is that calculation, when all the above expenses cost about forty percent of all revenues. If the earned fee is too small and the costs are high, then experts recommend first of all to cut down those expenses that were intended for the purchase of any things, entertainment or vacation.

    Repayment of existing debts

    Payment of debts

    In order to understand how to plan a family budget, you must first of all force yourself to get rid of accumulated debts. After all, sooner or later they will still have to be given, and if you do not do it in time, then in the end the debt hole will suck not only you, but your entire family. This is due to the fact that almost all tax and banking structures because of late payment impose on the client either a large fine, or simply every month count the penalties. Thus, by avoiding payment, you harm only yourself and your wallet.

    Reduction of the deficit

    Many people try to reduce the arisen deficit of the family budget with the help of another loan from relatives or a financial company. However, experts strongly do not recommend going out of bankruptcy by lending a necessary amount to third parties. After all, it is best to reduce your expenses for non-mandatory purchases, rather than then infringe on yourself and your family, giving the wound up interest to the banking structure.

    Of course, if there is a very serious situation associated with a disease of one of the family members, then there is no choice. But in such cases it is best to contact the closest relatives or close friends who will go into position and lend the right amount. So you can avoid not only explicit and hidden interest commissions, but also give money gradually.

    Free funds

    If after all the deductions your family still has a little money, then do not rush to spend it. After all, when planning the family budget, it is very important to be able to leave free cash for unforeseen circumstances. Some people, in order to save such money, open special accounts in banks, where the invested amount will not just lie dead, but work and increase.

    Implementation of the planned plan

    Following the

    plan As practice shows, very few families follow the plan. After all, you always want to make some purchases spontaneously or unexpectedly go on vacation. It is this unrestrained state of man that many specialists characterize as a complete lack of self-motivation, responsibility and habit to keep their word.

    In order to learn to follow the plan, psychologists advise regularly to set any goals and day by day follow the path that will necessarily lead to a planned purchase. If the motivation does not save you from rash steps, it is recommended to invest free funds for a long deposit. The plus of this method is that you finally learn to keep yourself in hand and not spend money on optional purchases. However, even with the urgent need to withdraw the required amount before the end of the deposit period, you can not do it.

    Thus, following all the above steps, you will learn how to properly allocate funds and plan your family budget, which will give you the necessary confidence in the future.