Fasting on the Ohanyan: the system of therapeutic starvation by Marghah Ohanyan, the correct way out of starvation, the necessary herbs

  • Fasting on the Ohanyan: the system of therapeutic starvation by Marghah Ohanyan, the correct way out of starvation, the necessary herbs

    By the age of 50, half of our weight is made up of dead tissue, "says Marwa Ohanyan.
    We could doubt these words, but we will not succeed. How can you argue with a scientist who has done a lot of research, defended his thesis and knows about what is happening inside our body, almost thoroughly.

    The doctor-therapist and scientist-biochemist has a huge practical experience on the biochemistry of nutrition and naturopathy. She talks about her method in public speeches, on pages in social networks and, of course, in her books.

    The first step - cleansing

    The therapeutic starvation of Oganyan is the basis of many methods of losing weight and improving your body.
    All the old familiar "you want to lose weight - starch" - not quite harmless. If without training, without understanding the processes taking place in the body, start starving, you can only hurt yourself.
    Ohanian modified, adapted for modern conditions the accumulated experience of her medical colleagues and representatives of alternative medicine. She developed the fasting method so that the hungry person not only loses weight and excess accumulation, but also heals. Even in the period of fasting, he feels excellent and more energetic and cheerful.

    First of all, salt and sand, mud and dirt, toxins and deposits, dead tissue and cells are excreted from the body. The purification process is arranged in steps, and only the described measures are necessary.
    During this period, the doctor advises to give up food to release the digestive system and give the body unused energy, which is usually spent on digesting food and direct it to perform a natural cleansing.
    During this period it is necessary to help your body and empty your intestines from stale deposits, scale and toxins - they must be immediately removed from our long-suffering body.

    Liver cleansing - the first day

    It is necessary to prepare all components: English salt( magnesium sulfate-powder), herbal tea, lemon, honey and a hot water bottle filled with hot water.

    At 19 o'clock the salt laxative is drunk - 50 grams of powder is dissolved in 3/4 cups of warm water and drunk. Immediately wash down with a decoction of herbs seasoned with honey and lemon juice( such a prescription can not be used by those with a diagnosis of erosive gastritis or stomach ulcer).
    After taking the decoction, you should immediately lie on your right side and put the heating pad on the liver area( right hypochondrium).You do not need to put a pillow under your head. Within 2 hours, that is, from 19-00 to 21-00 it is necessary to lie down, without changing the posture. In this case, periodically drink a decoction - for two hours should be drunk 5-6 glasses. At 21-00 the hot-water bottle is removed, you can take a pillow under your head and fall asleep.

    The second, third and fourth days - cleansing with enemas

    Every morning for three days, starting at 5 o'clock in the morning, the next at 6 o'clock and the last at 7 o'clock, cleansing enemas are made. To do this, 2 liters of water are accumulated in the Esmarch's mug at a temperature of 38 degrees with 2 teaspoons of sea salt dissolved in it( or a large table salt), mixed with one teaspoon of baking soda.

    After this triple wash, a hot shower is taken.
    These days you need to drink a decoction of herbs with the addition of juice 1/4 lemon and 2 teaspoons of honey.
    You can also drink freshly squeezed juices of green apples or grapefruit.
    Do not eat hard food these days.
    The following days: the fifth, sixth and seventh are used vegetable and fruit juices, preferably growing in your area.
    On the eighth day you can eat juicy fruits, then green cocktails and finely chopped vegetable salads.

    Recipe decoction

    Cooked dried herbs mixed in one large container: chamomile, mint, horsetail, coltsfoot, oregano, lemon balm, plantain, sage, marigold flowers, nettle, thyme, motherwort, yarrow.

    Grind the herbs to a uniform state in a blender or hands. Ready mix of dried herbs - 2 tablespoons - pour one liter of boiling water, cover, wrap in a towel and insist 30-40 minutes, then drain. The broth is ready for consumption.

    This method of fasting according to Marve Ohanyan provides daily enemas in the morning and a plentiful intake of these liquids within 7-10 days( and sometimes up to 15 days) and absolute hunger.

    These days it is good to meditate, visit holy places, engage in creativity.

    End procedure

    The stage that follows such a long abstinence from eating is called the exit from starvation. This is also a very important process and it must be done according to the recommendations of the author of the technique, that is very carefully, in order to gently restore the digestive organs and prevent complications.
    Therefore, in the first four days after fasting, only soft or wiped vegetables and fruits( raw) should be eaten, not more than 100-150 grams per day in three divided doses.
    From the fifth day you can make vegetable salads, grated. You can fill salads with lemon juice or sour berries.
    After 10 days, you can consume one raw egg yolk from a domestic chicken every day. Drinking broth and juices continues. In salads during this period, you can add unrefined vegetable oil of cold pressing.
    About a month later, it is useful to add sea kale in the diet, which is sold in specialized stores( dried kelp).Laminaria should be soaked for 5 minutes in water and consumed with lemon juice or linseed oil.
    During this period, the use of perga or honey in honeycombs is permissible, but only as a separate meal. Also in the second month it is good to eat yellow tomatoes and black grapes.
    The process of getting out of fasting by time sometimes lasts even longer than starvation itself. But we must understand and accept that in the period of getting out of fasting it is very good to set the body another food model.
    If a person has serious chronic diseases, one-time fasting, even with such a thought-out method, can not get rid of them.
    To obtain a stable result, to heal and eliminate diseases, the treatment of hunger needs to be repeated every three months for 1-2 years.

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