• Greek hairstyles for long hair: create the image of a goddess

    Many girls know how strict and beautiful are the Greek hairstyles. They combine women's modesty and elegance, they are suitable for almost any shape of the face, and most importantly - if you become accustomed and "fill your hand," then a complex hairstyle to the output will quickly become a daily one. Therefore, in this article, we will look at various Greek hairstyles for long hair.

    Those who keep up with fashion: the braid wrapped around the head

    The first Greek-style haircut I'll tell you about is the braid around the head: a very strict, elegant and practical hairstyle is ideal if you are simultaneously disturbed by long hair, and you follow the fashion trends.

    To begin with, you will need to know how to weave the usual French pigtail, so I suggest you watch a video lesson on this topic. If you already know everything, then proceed to the main master class.

    For its creation of any special materials does not require a haircut, except that a comb and a small thin band.

    1) Divide all the hair into two parts, fix one piece with a rubber band for a while, so as not to get in the way, and in the other, select three strands( photo).

    2) Begin to weave a French braid at the very bottom of the parting and, as if caressing your head, move towards the forehead and the opposite ear.

    3) As soon as you reach the opposite ear, begin to weave into the braid the second part of the hair, which was previously fixed with an elastic band.

    4) When the hair is already missing on the French braid, continue to weave the usual pigtail to the very ends of the hair. Secure it with an elastic band.

    5) Tip the hair close to the French scythe invisible or hairpin.

    Your hair is ready!

    P. S. If you want your braid to stay longer and not become disheveled, use a hair spray.

    I suggest you watch the video master classes to better understand the process of braiding the braids around the head.

    An interesting hairstyle "Basket" based on a braid around the head:

    In combination with

    bandage The next hairstyle that we will consider is quite simple and aesthetic, you can do it yourself or with your help or, if in doubt, with someone's help. So, now I'll tell you how to make a simple and elegant Greek hairstyle with a bandage.

    1) First, brush your hair well and put on a bandage.

    2) Select the two front strands, twist it in a tourniquet and poke it under the rubber band.

    3) We also punch one more strand, but the tourniquet can no longer be folded.

    4) The remaining hair is collected in the tail, twisted into a tourniquet and also pierced several times under the bandage.

    5) The hair is ready!

    Video can also help you:

    And what about the bangs?

    It is known that the fringe does not come far to every hair and face shape, so you also need to seriously approach this issue, as well as to choose the most hairstyle. To begin with, I suggest choosing a kind of bangs according to the shape of the face.

    So, among the various forms of the face given below, find the one that suits you best.

    1) Oval - for any oval shape of the face absolutely any bangs fit. Therefore, proceed from personal preferences or from some individual features.

    2) Circle and heart-shaped form-for this form, voluminous straight, oblique or fringed bangs are more suitable to further emphasize the shape of the face.

    3) Square( rectangle) - in this case, an asymmetric bang: a long oblique or bangs on the side, to soften the sharp contours of the face.

    4) Triangle and diamond - this shape is balanced by a sharp carbon bang below the eyebrows. Do not make a volume or a short bang.

    5) Outstretched oval - for this shape the long thick bangs on the side are best.

    Note that for Greek hairstyles, bangs are only suitable in these cases:

    • The hair is made on the basis of a beam( but not low!);
    • The hair is gathered in a braid;
    • The main part of the hair is loose.

    The most fashionable hairstyles of this season

    If you are a lover of intricate hairstyles, then I suggest you view various master classes on weaving more complex Greek hairstyles, both with your hands and anyone.

    Hairstyle with a dressing and a nap:

    Bunch "Shishka" in the Greek style: