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    Siberian Cedar( Plnus sibirico)

    The cedar in the "God's Pharmacy" of Siberia is the most perfect, powerful healer who knows no equal.

    The history of the use of cedar in medical practice has been known for a long time. Avicenna also recommended nuts and peel of cedar. The nucleus with honey or light wine for 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, he advised to use as a general "cleansing" remedy against gout and arthritis, as well as from stones in the kidneys and ulcers.

    Since the first years of development of Siberia, cedar has been used in local folk medicine. From cedar nuts Siberians prepare "vegetable cream", which when used stimulate the absorption of fatty substances, improves the thyroid gland. They contribute to the longevity of man.

    Coniferous tree up to 45 m high, up to 2 m in diameter, with a mighty wide crown, reaches the age of 550 years, and in favorable conditions - 800 years. Needles long, soft, trihedral, dentate, bluish, up to 13 cm long, with 5 needles per bundle, kept on branches from 3 to 7 years. Flowers are anther, in spikelet, violet-red. Female cones are violet, on tops of branches, 2-5 each. Seeds - nuts, encased in a hard shell of light or dark brown color, cones up to 12 cm in length and up to 8 cm in width, they have about 100 pieces of nuts( seeds) covered with a smooth wooden shell, the kernel of the nut is oily, tasty. Fruit-bearing tree begins in open places from 15 to 25 years of age, and in a dense forest - from 50-60 years.

    Distributed in the north-east of the European part of Russia, in the Western and most of eastern Siberia.

    Siberian cedar fruits( nuts) have exceptionally high nutritional value. Nut proteins consist of albumins and globulins that are easily digested by the body, digestibility is much higher than that of walnut, peanut and almond proteins.

    Nuclei kernels of Siberian cedar contain up to 60% of drying oil, 16% of proteins, sugar, starch, pentosans, fiber, vitamin C and minerals. The kernels are eaten raw. Very tasty roasted nuts - a pleasant and very nutritious.

    70% of the eighteen amino acids are irreplaceable, indicating a high physiological value of proteins. According to the content of tryptophan, lysine, methionine, cystine, the proteins of the nuts are superior to the proteins of casein of cow's milk, while in others they are equivalent to them. Cedar oil contains a large number of fat-soluble vitamins( tocopherols), essential fatty acids, which have antioxidant activity. It should be noted that the content of tocopherols exceeds the walnut oil by 1.5 times, and that of peanuts by 5 times. In terms of the content of essential fatty acids it is 3 times more than peanut, soybean and sunflower - 1.5 times. By the amount of phosphate phosphorus, which is very important for the human body, it also surpasses the oils of all nuts.

    Caloric content and chemical composition

    Here is the content of nutrients( calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) per 100 g of edible part.
    Nutritional information
    Caloric value 673 kcal
    Proteins 13.69 g
    Fats 68.37 g
    Carbohydrates 13.08 g
    Dietary fibers 3,7 g
    Saturated fatty acids 4,899 g
    Starch 1,43 g
    Mono and disaccharides 3, 59 g
    Water 2.28 g
    Ash 2.59 g

    Vitamin PP 4.37 mg
    Beta-carotene 0.017 mg
    Vitamin A( RE) 1 μg
    Vitamin B1( thiamine) 0.364 mg
    Vitamin B2riboflavin) 0.227 mg
    Vitamin B5( pantothenic) 0.313 mg
    Vitamin B6( pyridoxine) 0.094 mg
    Vitamin B9( folic) 34 μg
    Vitamin C 0.8 mg
    Vitamin E( TE) 9.33 mg
    Vitamin K( phylloquinone) 53.9 μg
    Vitamin PP( Niacin equivalent) 4.387 mg
    Macro elements
    Calcium 18 mg
    Magnesium 251 mg
    Sodium 2 mg
    Potassium 597 mg
    Phosphorus 575 mg

    Trace elements
    Iron 5.53 mg
    Zinc 4.28 mg
    Copper 1324 μg
    Manganese 8.802 mg
    Selenium 0.7 μg

    Energy value Pine nut is 673 kcal.

    Useful properties of

    Pallas in 1792 popularized pine nuts as a means of restoring male power and returning youth. In folk medicine, infusion of nuts was used for articular rheumatism, gout, arthritis and diabetes. Milk, cooked from nuts, was used for tuberculosis, kidney and bladder diseases.

    It is known that in the Yenisei province, nuts were used to treat abscesses. To the sore spot, they put chewed nuts, and a bandage was put on top. The applied mass softened the abscess and promoted its early maturation. After the wound was cleared of pus, its healing was accelerated.

    Nowadays they use tincture from nuts. Usually it is prepared on vodka, pouring it crushed nuts along with the shell so that above their level the layer of vodka is 5-6 cm higher. This mixture is insisted for a week, then filtered. Ready drug take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day with articular rheumatism, gout, arthritis associated with a violation of salt metabolism. Sometimes they make a tincture from a single shell on vodka. Infusion of the shell in folk medicine treats some blood diseases, hemorrhoids.

    Nutshells, like the core, have medicinal properties. It found fats, protein, fiber, pentasans and minerals.

    Medicinal raw materials are seeds( nuts), their shells, needles, young apices and buds of branches and resin( sap) of cedar.

    Cedar is an ancient medicinal plant, Avicenna has also been recommended for the treatment of the core and husk of pine nuts. The nucleus with honey, he advised to use as a strengthening and cleanser, as well as from stones and ulcers.

    Nowadays they use tincture from nuts, which is recommended for removing salts in osteochondrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, gout. For this purpose, 200 grams of nuts must be crushed together with the peel( shell), pour 0.5 liters of vodka, insist 18 days in the dark, periodically shaking. Take 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day( this is the full course of treatment).

    This recipe also helps with seals in the chest.

    With hemorrhoids, apply the infusion from the shell of pine nuts according to the following recipe: pour 1/2 cup shells 200 g boiling water, let it brew for 15-20 minutes in a tightly closed container and strain. Take 100 g 2 times daily before meals.

    At the end of the 18th century, cedar nuts were popularized in Russia as a rejuvenating and restoring male power tool. And modern aromatherapy considers cedar essential oil as a typically masculine fragrance: women perceive it as an erotic stimulant.

    Cedar essential oil is a part of special shampoos for oily hair.

    Cedar oil in the aromatic lamp helps to fall asleep;you can get rid of insomnia, just applying a drop of cedar oil on the pillow.

    To drive away annoying flies and mosquitoes, it is advised to light an aromatic lamp indoors, adding to it the essential oil of cedar( at least 20 drops).

    Nuts and needles are used against scurvy. Needle is a component of fortifying baths. Milk from the nucleolus is used to treat nervous breakdown, pulmonary tuberculosis, kidney disease, bladder.

    Cedar gum( resin) was used and is used to treat wounds, burns. From it prepare cedar balm, turpentine and camphor.

    Nut kernels are eaten raw, roasted. Oil is obtained from the kernels, and the cake and meal left after spinning contain a lot of protein.

    Oilcake is used for cooking halva, cakes, cakes.

    Nuts are edible, contain a large percentage of oil( 60-70%), well absorbed by the human body and used in medicine for the preparation of medicines. In addition to fat, up to 20% of proteins, 12% of starch, 2% of pentosans, 4% of fiber, 2% of ashes contain micronutrients, vitamins B and D in nut kernels. If you give children and adults a handful of nuts each dayit is possible to significantly increase the resistance of the body against a number of diseases, to increase the longevity of a person. The shell infusion from nuts is applied against hemorrhoids( half a glass of shell is poured with a glass of boiling water, it is insisted 30-40 minutes and taken inside 2 times before meals), with deafness, kidney disease, liver.

    Young apexes, kidneys and needles containing ascorbic acid, essential oils and trace elements, have long been used against scurvy. Vitamin drink from needles is prepared in two ways. On the first - needles and branches pour boiling water, insist 2-3 hours and after that the infusion is drunk. The second way, which allows you to save more vitamins, is that the chopped needles are poured with an equal volume of cold water, slightly acidified with lemon or diluted medical hydrochloric acid. Infusion set in a warm place for 2-3 days, after which it is suitable for use. Cedar pitch and resin, resulting from cuts on the trunk, have a bactericidal property( they contain a large amount of phytoncides, which are pernicious for many pathogenic microbes) and are successfully used for the treatment of wounds, chronic ulcers, boils.

    The decoction of the shell is washed with hands and feet to remove hairiness.

    From the shell of nuts, rich in tannins, prepare tinctures and broths - 2-3 tablespoons per 1 glass - which are used for inflammation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and other organs, as lotions and washings - for skin diseases( lichen, eczema, pustularlesions, etc.), burns.

    Pine nuts in the form of nut cream, milk are recommended for lactating mothers. Nuts must necessarily be present in the diet of pregnant women, thereby ensuring the health of the mother and baby. They must also be mandatory in the diet of children and adolescents. They are very useful and necessary during the period of the change of milk teeth. The use of pine nuts increases the body's defenses and strengthens the immune system.

    The population of Siberia from ancient times considers pine nuts and its preparations as an effective remedy for the deposition of salts.

    30 grams of pine nuts are cleared of the husks, 0.5 liters of vodka are poured and insisted for 40 days. Tincture is taken with 5 drops a day, increasing the dose daily by 5 drops. When the dose reaches 25 drops, taking the medicine is transferred to grams and drinking 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 grams per day for one month.

    Cedar nuts contain less fiber than walnuts, so they less irritate the stomach.

    Blood diseases, especially leukemia, are treated with water infusion, decoction and alcohol-vodka tincture of pine nuts. The tincture is prepared from the shell of nuts, dried naturally. The shell is placed in a dark bottle "up to the shoulders", then poured with water almost to the top and insisted in a warm and dark place for 8-10 days, periodically shaking the bottle. Drink 35-40 drops but 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day. This tincture is useful for uterine cancer with simultaneous intake of cedar kernels.

    With varicose veins, it is recommended to use pine nuts and lubricate the veins 2 times a day with cedar oil, while making easy massage with fingertips.

    Hearing disorder is treated with tincture of pine nut shells on vodka.

    Infusion of fresh nuts is used for nervous disorders, pulmonary tuberculosis, kidney and bladder diseases;tincture of the shell on vodka - with diseases of the stomach, liver, rheumatism, and the aqueous infusion of the shell helps against hemorrhoids and deafness.

    Nuts are used for hypertension and atherosclerosis, increased acidity of gastric juice, peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, heartburn and anemia.

    Grind 200 grams of pine nuts with husks and pour 0.5 liters of light dry wine, insist in a dark place for a week. Take a quarter of a glass on an empty stomach for metabolic disorders, kidney stones and bladder for 3 weeks.

    The best part is the use of cedar milk: half a glass of nuts should be soaked in water for 6 hours. Then drain the water, put the nuts in the mixer, adding 2 cups of boiled water, and beat for 2 minutes. Strain and take this milk with fruits, adding it to the porridge, tea, or you can just drink it.

    To grind 100 grams of fresh nuts and pour in a thermos 1 cup boiling water, to insist 1 hour. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for nervous disorders, pulmonary tuberculosis.

    In hypertension, atherosclerosis, anemia, general exhaustion, loss of strength, weak immunity, it is necessary to eat pine nuts 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach for a month.

    50 grams of crushed shell pour 1 glass of vodka, insist 2 weeks. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for a month with diseases of the stomach, liver and gall bladder.

    Water infusion shell - 150 grams of chopped shell pour 0.5 liters of boiling water in a thermos, insist 2 hours, drain. Take infusion of 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. This drug is effective for deafness, hemorrhoids and metabolic disorders.

    For various skin conditions, including eczema, furuncles and cancer, the use of pine nuts, as well as cedar oil, leads to a successful recovery.

    When leukemia shells of pine nuts fall asleep in a bottle, not ramming, pour vodka( the whole shell should be covered with vodka).Insist in a warm place for 8-10 days. Take a tincture of 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day.

    Optimum amount of nut consumption -1 spoon per day. The best time is a light day, at night it is not recommended to take nuts.

    For the preparation of medicinal baths, husks and cedar nutcracker are used, with the addition of bran. Prepared in this way the bath has a beneficial effect on the skin, especially chapped and coarsened. These baths are recommended for diathesis, pustular and other skin diseases. In addition, they have a calming effect on the nervous system. Especially useful when overexcited and overworked.

    Much more important is the high content of nuts in oil. The oil extracted from the cores is a light liquid with a thin balsamic odor, which is recommended for tuberculosis, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

    In order for the treatment of pine nuts and preparations prepared from them to be effective, before starting treatment, and also in order to feel the real taste of cedar oil, it is necessary to cleanse the body of toxins from the patient, refuse during the treatment period from cigarettes and alcoholand at least for three days to follow a diet.

    The medicinal properties of needles have long been known, which is a valuable vitamin preparation. Use it in the form of infusion or concentrate for the prevention and treatment of hypo- and avitaminosis C, in addition, the needles are part of the anti-asthmatic medicine. Coniferous baths have a positive effect in many chronic diseases. Needles are applied externally for the treatment of bruises. Coniferous baths give a positive therapeutic effect in the treatment of chronic diseases, including rheumatism. This is an excellent tool for increasing the body's defenses, its resistance to adverse effects. Hvojakedra is rich in vitamin C - 250-300 mg, K, carotene, is an excellent material for the preparation of a vitamin drink. Needles, as well as nuts, are used against scurvy.

    Jam from pine needles with sugar is drunk as tea from scurvy. Infusion of pine needles can be prepared as follows: young buds, tops and needles, pour 5 times with boiling water, insist 2 - 3 hours, strain and drink 1/4 cup 3 times a day with scurvy.

    Young branches and bark contain essential oil - 0.42-1.49%.

    Cedar resin with bactericidal properties is of great value. The inhabitants of Siberia have long used it for the treatment of purulent wounds, boils, cuts, burns. It acts as a wound-healing remedy and against snake bites, in the treatment of chronic ulcers and erosions.

    During the Great Patriotic War it was successfully used in military hospitals for the treatment of the wounded: tampons impregnated with cedar turpentine, obtained from gum, protected the wounds from infection, stopped the gangrenous process. Gilberries of cedar are the source of cedar balsam.

    Wound healing properties of cedar gum are used in folk medicine for the treatment of wounds and burns, especially severe shin injuries.

    Essential oil prepared from young shoots of needles is used inside with stones in the kidneys and liver, externally - from abscesses, rheumatism.


    4 servings of

    225 g pine nuts, 6 basil leaves, 2 heads of garlic, 4 tbsp.spoons of nut or olive oil, 50 g of white crushed biscuits, 50 g of cottage cheese, 2 tbsp.spoons of boiling water( optional), toasted slices of French bread.

    Open the mortar in a mortar until all ingredients except the loaf are pasty. Dilute 2 tablespoons of boiling water to get a more homogeneous mass or cook the mashed potatoes in a mixer or meat grinder. Serve with croutons.


    Pine nut is a natural food product, and therefore has no contraindications to eating both for food and for therapeutic and preventive purposes. Use it no more than 30-50 grams per day. Do not use long-stored or cored kernels of pine nuts.

    Specialists consider it extremely undesirable to contact cedar oil with metal. This means that metal containers can not be used for storage or use. The contact of the oil with the metal triggers the transition of unsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids, which significantly reduces the antioxidant properties of the oil. Natural natural information is also neutralized.

    Checking the cedar oil for suitability is very simple. You need to pour a small amount of oil on a plate of glass or good porcelain and rinse it with cold water. Oil, usable, will be washed without difficulty, and the plate will creak. Otherwise, you can not do without detergents.

    Another caveat: do not click the pine nuts with your teeth - this is not the best way to keep your teeth. Buy peeled nuts in the store and, without creating problems, enjoy their unique taste.
    Do not overuse with obesity or with individual intolerance to the product. Do not give them to young children for the simple reason that small kernels of nuts can get into the child's airways.