Diet table 1b for Pevzner: what foods can be consumed and how to prepare them

  • Diet table 1b for Pevzner: what foods can be consumed and how to prepare them

    The diet table 1b is one of the most effective treatments for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. When appointing diet number 1b, special consideration is given to the effect of certain products on the production of gastric juice and on the function of the stomach.

    When acute illnesses try to prescribe diets of the most gentle nature. For example, diet number 1b consists mainly of liquids, jellies and purees, because it is these foods that are most quickly digested and do not mechanically irritate the stomach.

    Gradually, in process of recovery, the menu of the patient begins to include a more solid in composition food, preparing the stomach for the transition to normal food.

    Indications for the prescription of the therapeutic diet

    The diet number 1b is assigned when the gastric ulcer is attenuated. This diet is prescribed after the diet table 1 and table 1a. The aggravation of the disease has already passed, and the patient needs to be prepared to receive normal food. Diet number 1b preserves the composition of the products of diet 1, but the method of preparation may be different. In this diet, it is allowed to boil and stew foods.

    The diet prohibits foods that cause strong separation of gastric juice, and products that cause mechanical irritation of the mucous membrane. Products are mostly boiled and wiped.

    Menu of the diet

    Soups, grinded on cereal broth, or milky mashed. Bread from wheat flour is allowed( in dried form).Meat and poultry are thoroughly cleared of tendons, boiled and passed through a meat grinder. Meat should not be bold.

    Fish can be stewed, but without crust and twisted in a meat grinder, fish cutlets and soufflé.Eggs can be eaten up to three a day. Eggs are cooked from eggs and soufflé or boiled.

    Vegetables are stewed or boiled, vegetable mashed potatoes are prepared. From fruit prepare jelly, mashed potatoes, mousse. From drinks are allowed weak tea, fruit juices diluted with water.

    Fat or vegetable oil is allowed from fats. Add them to the prepared food.

    Categorically prohibited sharp and sour dishes, spices, seasonings, spicy sauces.

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