The story of the joint birth of 2013: how it was

  • The story of the joint birth of 2013: how it was

    Hello, dear readers of this article! I decided to write my story about joint births in 2013 to encourage those future mothers who still have everything ahead of them. So, let's get started.

    Still not pregnant, I was afraid of pregnancy and childbirth. Apparently, stories of acquaintances and telecasts did their job.

    How was my pregnancy passed

    My son, while living in my tummy, was not like other children, about whom other pregnant women told me. It seems to me that my child was very independent and lived his life. For all 9 months he never offended me and did not cause any inconvenience.

    I really wanted to see my son as soon as possible. We were sure that the birth would begin before 40 weeks and waited for Grisha back in early May( packages in the maternity ward were collected for another 37 weeks).But, apparently, the son decided to let my mother enjoy the state of pregnancy longer and finish all the planned cases.

    Pregnancy flowed easily and at ease, I was full of energy and energy: I w

    ent to the pool( I learned to dive and swim underwater, which I could not do before), finished photo courses and read a lot of literature on the development of children.

    Pregnancy seemed almost a disease to me, and childbirth was somehow awful process, after surviving which, remember a lot of negative emotions. But the reality turned out to be quite different.

    My child already in the tummy knew exactly what he wanted.

    As I started contractions

    We had planned joint births, and I wanted to delay the moment of departure to the hospital and wait for my wife: he finished working late and returned home at 21 o'clock. In the evening, according to tradition, my mother called me to find out how things were, and in my voice I guessed at once that the fights are going on.

    I called out the ambulance and waited for my wife - because I could not give birth without him. Mom spent more than an hour distracting me with conversations from fights, and the worrying thoughts that Serge might not be in time for the first meeting with his son, also disappeared.

    And now we go to the

    maternity ward. The spouse arrived home, as soon as an important meeting ended, I greeted him and, at the same time, said goodbye to him, immediately went with the doctors to the ambulance to the hospital, since it was already impossible to wait. We rode, rushed, flew, whistled an ambulance, and what was outside the window at the time of the fights, I hardly remember, the interval was then about 2 minutes after the doctor's measurements.

    I tried to breathe, to breathe, as taught in the courses. The doctors were kind to me and said that they have experience in taking delivery in a car. I mentally talked to my son and again asked to wait, this time quite a bit. The spouse, taking the things collected 3 more weeks ago, left after it.

    We reached the maternity hospital. In the box for childbirth I was led by a nurse and a husband - he managed. I tried very hard to breathe, as they taught in the courses and the doctors in the maternity hospital said. It did not turn out all, because of this I cried and strongly-tightly squeezed my husband's hand.

    Generation process

    Sometimes I wanted to shout, but I immediately remembered that it can not be done, the baby is so heavier than me. And I was silent or tried to keep silent and breathe, and on exhalation she said to herself: "I can, I can, can. ..".

    My husband Serge reassured me, helped me breathe properly, like he was giving birth to me. Then attempts began. Doctors again showed what and how to do. In their presence everything turned out very well. And I wanted them not to go anywhere, but, in addition to me, there were still women in labor who also wanted to meet their children as quickly as possible.

    When the doctors and nurses stepped away from me, I was glad that my husband was with me, and he would not leave me. On the wall opposite the clock hung, and after every fight, and then attempts, I looked at them, and when I could not look, Serge spoke the exact time, and I thought how many left.

    Before delivery, I was sure that the face of the clock for 7. This is exactly what happened: at 1.17 at night our son was born. The papa was cut by Grisha himself. And then our boy was given me in his arms, and finally with his son it was possible to talk not through the stomach, but looking in the eyes - brown, like that of the pope. I shed tears of joy. Everything went well.

    Author: Stepanida Zaitseva.

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