Allergy on the face in adults: photos of symptoms, prevention, treatment methods

  • Allergy on the face in adults: photos of symptoms, prevention, treatment methods

    Allergic reactions to date are attacking many, they have some manifestations of external factors or medicines, and some have food products. In rare cases, allergic irritation occurs only on the face, many patients change the skin and in other areas of the body, there are signs of conjunctivitis and rhinitis. If you have never seen how the allergy on the face of adults is taking place, the photos in this article will be a good example.

    Causes of allergy on the face

    The main cause of allergy on the face in adults is an imperfect and insufficient immune system of the body, therefore allergens attack and mutate cells.

    Infection occurs according to this scheme: an alien cell( allergen) enters the body, after which protective immune properties are included to remove it, however, immunity does not have enough strength to fight. In this regard, the allergen for a long time is in the body, which reacts with the manifestation of allergy on the face.

    Quite often, rashes and spots on the face appear in the investigation:

    1. Contact with pets( hamsters, dogs, cats) - allergy to animal hair.
    2. Excessive application of hygiene rules - fanatically tracking the purity of the skin, can lead to a weakening of the protective functions of the body, because they do not participate in the life of the organism.
    3. Improper diet - if a lot of synthetic products and preservatives are present in the diet, then it can cause a rash and redness on the skin.
    4. Moving to a new location or changing the climate - when the body gets into new conditions, its protective functions may decrease, which is why allergic reactions are manifested.
    5. Genetic predisposition - if the parents suffered from a different kind of allergy, then their children are predisposed to similar reactions.

    On the face the allergy can appear because of the various reasons which not always it is possible to reveal at once. Therefore, to accurately determine the allergen the physician must prescribe tests.


    Allergy on the face is the same as in children, and in adults.

    Main symptoms:

    1. Redness of face or red spots;
    2. Severe facial swelling;
    3. The strongest itch;
    4. Rashes and blisters that do not have a liquid;
    5. Nasal congestion;
    6. Dry skin and peeling;
    7. Numerous acne on the face;
    8. Tear of the eyes, conjunctivitis;
    9. In severe cases - angioedema.

    In the process of development of an allergic reaction, it is not necessary that all symptoms will be present, most often it is manifested by three signs.


    To completely get rid of allergic reactions, you need to go through a whole course of measures to reduce sensitivity to irritation. The essence of this course is to introduce into the body a small amount of an allergen over a long period to develop immunity to it.

    If the allergy does not worry much or there is no possibility to complete the whole course, then the treatment can be carried out by local means. The most popular among them are:

    1. Cream and ointments for allergies - this form is the most common for getting rid of allergy symptoms. To enhance their action, they often use complex antihistamine oral preparations.
    2. Oral antiallergic drugs are universal agents, for adults they are available in the form of capsules or tablets.
    3. Injections are intravenous - red spots, rashes, and facial swelling are very quickly eliminated.

    Allergic rashes on the face are often often prescribed such drugs:

    1. Suprastin - a drug that has a wide range of actions. It is able to eliminate almost all manifestations of allergies.
    2. Fenistil is a non-hormonal drug that is suitable even for newborns. Tavegil is a high-speed drug.
    3. Allertec is a very effective remedy.

    Self-medication can not be done in any case, it is best to consult a doctor who will not only pick up a suitable drug, but also determine the proper dosage.

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