How to properly wash the car - the most complete instruction

  • How to properly wash the car - the most complete instruction

    Every car owner has the warmest feelings for his car. For many men, a car is something special that takes its own special niche in life, and it can not be compared with anything. In this article we will try to tell you about everything that concerns car washing: how to wash a car in a car wash, how to wash it yourself and what is needed for this.

    Contents of the article:

    Any self-respecting and car loving car owner tries to always keep his car in order, because it's not without reason that the car is a person's face. Indeed, if the car is always clean, it shows that its owner likes cleanliness and order, but if the car is constantly in a dirty state, then nothing good about its owner is saying.

    When it is necessary to wash the machine

    Many drivers, especially beginners, are interested in: when it is necessary to wash the car and how often it can be done. Drivers with experience are interested in this issue on the other hand. If newcomers are interested in this, because they do not know the answer to this question, then the drivers with experience will be interested in this issue for safety reasons. Safety lies in the fact that when washing a car in a car wash it undergoes a lot of water pressure, and also uses very complex auto chemicals, which raises the question of how often it is possible to wash the car so as not to damage the paintwork. Indeed, the great pressure of water and the pressure of which is fed to the car does not have the best effect on the body of the car, and the car chemistry used for this, despite the fact that although it effectively cleans the car body from dirt, it nevertheless has a negative effect on the paint surfacebodywork.

    How often it is necessary to wash the car in the summer period

    On the Internet, on many resources, quite often motorists talk about how to wash the car in the warm season. Of course, you will not find an unambiguous answer - everyone must decide for himself, but with the help of some facts and hypotheses, we can make the right decision for you.

    Personally, we believe that the car must be washed when you yourself think it is necessary. Well agree, ride a dirty car only because of the autochemistry theoretically can fade or vice versa fade the paint - it's somehow not logical. The car for many though it is something special, but it's not for life, according to statistics every third Russian changes the car every 5 years, every second time in 10 years, those who leave their car for themselves for life - very few. Operating the car for more than 5 years, on its body and without exposure to auto chemical products, various damages will appear: small dents from road stones, corrosion, scratches and much more. On this basis, car chemistry and a large head of water are not so terrible, in comparison with the natural damages of the body. Therefore, to wait until someone writes on the dirty car body of the phrase: "Wash me" - there is no sense.

    Someone washes the car every day, whether dirty or not. Someone washes the car, as soon as it appears dust or after the last rain, when it appeared dust stains. Well, someone washes the car when it becomes very dirty. In any case, proceed from your personal preferences, employment and weather conditions when dealing with this issue.

    How often it is necessary to wash the car in winter

    Another question that motorists often ask is how often you need to wash the car. This question is asked for two reasons: is it advisable at all to wash the car in the winter and how much it negatively affects the car.

    The answer to this question must also be given to everyone himself. As a rule, in winter the car should be washed in accordance with weather conditions: that is, to wash the car in heavy snow or during its melting - there is no sense, because your car will again become dirty in a short time and all your efforts and money will go down. It is not recommended to wash the car if the outside temperature is below -10 degrees, as car washing can lead to negative consequences. In other cases, washing the car is even useful, since the reagents that sprinkle the road in large cities have a very negative effect on the car body and therefore it is recommended to rinse it occasionally in the winter.

    Where to wash the car

    In principle there are 2 types of car washing, which have 2 subspecies. The first type of washing is washing in a car wash, the second is an independent washing. At the car wash, as a rule, car washes are done by car washes, but there are also car washes that provide their equipment( when the car owner can wash his car on his own).Self-cleaning can also be divided into 2 types: self-washing using own special washing equipment and washing with hands. It is difficult, but you can understand the principle.

    Which of these types of car washes is the best? In any case, washing with the use of special equipment is always better. As for where it is better to wash the car: at the sink or at home, and also whether it is worthwhile to entrust this matter to the washer at the sink or to do it yourself - you decide. A car owner who cares for his car will always wash the car better than a professional washer, the more so that the washers have not been noticed with special diligence in car washing.

    If money is allowed, and you are limited in time - then washing the car with a car wash washer is the best option for you. If you are not limited in time, an independent car wash on the car wash will give the best result. For those who are very pedantic about their car, and strive to ensure that it is always clean and shiny - we recommend you buy a mini-car wash Karcher, the main thing is that you had a place in which there is a water supply and where you can actually wash the car.

    How to clean the car

    After we have considered when and where you can wash the car, now let's talk directly about how to wash the car. Next we will consider all the nuances of washing in all the above options.

    How to properly wash the car on a car wash

    So, let's start with how to wash the car in a car wash: both with the help of a washer, and independently. The most important task in this situation is to find a good sink, with conscientious workers. For this, ask your friends about the best washing in the city. Of course, each driver will have his own subjective opinion about the quality of washing, so you can correctly answer for yourself this survey only when you try several washes and compare their work.

    Washing the car with a car wash washer

    In order for you to wash the car in a car wash, it is necessary to register there in advance, as there is always a queue on good car washes. Arriving at a car wash, you will have to choose the type of sink. Each wash has its own names: "light", "express", etc., so please specify in advance that each of these types of sinks includes. As a rule, the following services are performed on car washes:

    Contactless washing:

    • Body washing with water;

    • Body washing with water followed by manual wiping;

    • Car wash with auto shampoo( foam);

    • Car wash with auto shampoo( foam) and its subsequent manual wiping;

    • Car wash with auto shampoo( foam) and rub it with wax.

    Contact sink:

    • Manual washing of dirt from the surface of the car body with its subsequent wiping;

    • Manual washing of dirt, car washing with auto shampoo and body wiping;

    • Hand wash and body waxing.

    In addition to these two main types of washing, you can also offer additional services:

    • Cleaning in the cabin;

    • Tire blackening;

    • Engine Compartment Cleaner;

    • Body polishing.

    What kind of washing to produce - decide based on the cost of services, its need, the degree of car pollution and weather conditions. If you have not washed the car for a long time or you want it to be well washed and shiny - for this choose: contactless washing with body washing with active foam and then rubbing it with wax and blackening tires. After this washing, your car will have the most beautiful appearance. If you do not particularly bother with the beauty of the car, you need to quickly wash off the dust and dirt from the body - the simplest non-contact washing is the best option.

    If you decide to make a general car wash, we recommend choosing: cleaning the car, cleaning the engine compartment, contactless washing with active foam, rubbing the body with wax and blackening tires.

    After you have chosen the type of car washing, the washer or administrator tells you which box to drive your car. After driving your car into the box, muffle the engine, shift the gear lever to the neutral position and put the car on a handbrake. Remove the keys from the ignition and exit the vehicle, check that the doors are closed tightly. After that, the washer starts washing the car. When your car is washed, you check the quality of the sink, pay and leave.

    What exactly to pay attention to when you will wash the car in a sink - we will tell below, where we touch the issue of self cleaning the car, pointing out some of the nuances in this issue.

    Car wash on the car wash yourself

    Here we will mention a few nuances when washing the car on a car wash. To begin with, specify what is the payment for the so-called sink rental, and how payment is conducted. Each wash can have its own cost calculation. Someone sets the cost depending on the time, and someone, depending on the time and amount of water consumed - these nuances must be clarified in advance. As a rule, your time at the car wash will be limited, so check this question too. Also you will need to pre-purchase all the means of car cosmetics for washing the car.

    How to properly wash the car yourself

    Now let's move on to the most interesting part of our article, about how to wash the machine yourself. If you bought yourself a household mini-car wash, and prefer to wash your car by yourself, then we'll tell you how it's done.

    How to wash a car with a mini-washbasin

    The most popular mini-car wash is a mini-wash from the company Karcher. Kercher wash the car is very convenient, these household washers can successfully replace the car wash on the car wash. How to wash the car with Kerher?

    How quickly to rinse the machine

    If you want to quickly wash your car, for this you can simply wash off dirt and dust: from the body, arches and wheels - using a jet of water from a mini-sink. Wipe after this car or not - decide for themselves, based on weather conditions, the need and availability of free time.

    How to thoroughly wash the car

    The car wash begins with a body rinse with water to knock off the main dirt from it, without forgetting the arches, wheels and bottom. In order to thoroughly wash the machine, we put special chemical cleaning agents on separate parts of the car. First we apply a cleaner for cleaning rubber, then a means for cleaning discs. Then we put a cleaner for plastic and plastic. If there are traces of insects or stains on the surface of the body, apply the appropriate remedy to them. Then leave the car for 1-2 minutes, so that the funds have their effect and are slightly absorbed.

    After that, we put on a special nozzle-capacity, in which we pour detergent for high pressure washers, this nozzle simultaneously supplies water and detergent, turning it all into foam. Foam layer is applied on the car with a ladder from the bottom up, after which a second layer is applied. After a couple of minutes, when the foam starts to drain - we wash it also from the bottom upwards with a ladder, after the foam is washed off - very carefully rinse the car with a ladder from the top down. Note that on high pressure washers, the flow of water must be directed to the machine at an angle of 45 degrees.

    Then with a special cloth wipe dry the glass and body of the car, after which you can apply wax on the car body and grind it. In the end, make sure that there are no spills and divorces. At the end of the washing you can put on the side of the tires a special blackprint that will give the tires a new look.

    How to wash the machine with your hands

    First, completely pour the machine with water from a bucket, or with a hose. After that, dilute the autoshampoo in the bucket and apply it to the car. Then rinse the shampoo well and wipe the car with a damp special rag. After that you can apply wax to the car body and grind it. If necessary, we put the ink on the tires and rub it into the rubber.

    How to wash the car in winter

    Of course, many motorists are interested in how to properly wash the car in winter. Above we gave a few recommendations on this issue, as for specific recommendations, then in winter the machine must be washed with extremely cold water, because hot water can adversely affect the paintwork due to the temperature drop, and also cause cracks on the windshield.

    Before applying the shampoo - the body must be thoroughly washed from the ice cake and snow, otherwise there will be no sense from such washing. After washing, the car must be thoroughly dried, so that the remaining water does not turn into ice.

    The better to wash the machine

    The means for contactless cleaning

    If you wash the machine with a household mini-wash, then use a special detergent for high pressure washers. These tools should be perfectly foamed and have a list of properties that make it possible to clean the surface of the car body as much as possible from various kinds of pollution, and also to protect the paint and varnish coating. To wax the body, we recommend using a wax with an intense water repellent effect, which also ensures maximum gloss. It is better to give preference to the means of the company Karcher.

    Contact detergents

    For self-cleaning, you will need: an auto shampoo for manual washing and a special sponge for car washing. If necessary, you can use wax for auto.

    For contactless as well as contact car wash, you can use: tire tampon, cleaner for disc cleaning, stain and insect removal agents, plastic cleaner.