Henna for hair: harm and benefit, opinions and reviews of women and doctors

  • Henna for hair: harm and benefit, opinions and reviews of women and doctors

    Some girls who are afraid to use hair dye, choose henna. Their fears are quite understandable, because paint even without ammonia can damage your hair. Girls prefer to use natural dyes in order to emphasize their natural hair color. Read this article to find out all about the harm and benefit of henna for hair.

    Since ancient times, women have used this natural dye for cosmetic purposes. It is used not only for dyeing hair, but also for drawing tattoos.

    Henna is made from the leaves of the bush, which is called Lavsonia. It grows only in dry and hot climate.

    Existing varieties of

    Today in the shops you can see several options of natural dye: color, colorless and violet henna.

    Colored henna

    In our stores, mostly Iranian henna is sold. It is considered the most natural coloring agent and the cheapest, which can not but affect its popularity.

    The Iranian variety provides women with a sufficiently large color range: from orange-red to copper-chestnut. If desired, you can mix henna with another dye and thereby achieve a darker and more saturated color.

    In the store you can still meet Indian henna. Its color palette is much wider than the Iranian one. If it is mixed with another dye, you can get beautiful radiant shades.

    Colorless Henna

    This kind of henna is distinguished by the fact that after staining it does not change the natural color of the hair. She is very popular with women, since colorless henna brings to life damaged hair.

    It is very often used in medical masks for hair. It is ideal for women who want to improve their hair without changing color.

    Violet henna

    Now many people have seen purple, pink and lilac henna in the shops. Many people think about what makes such bright natural dyes. In fact, in such a mixture there are no natural components, since its composition includes synthetic dyes. Therefore, hairdressers do not recommend buying violet henna.

    Its advantages

    Oriental women already know for a long time what kind of henna hair benefits.

    In addition to a beautiful reddish shade, henna does not harm hair as much as paint. Because in the process of staining with conventional paint, the corrosive substances that are in it destroy the hair pigment. This happens by raising the scales of hair. Henna in this case acts differently. Scales after application of a natural dye are pulled together and smooth. As a result, the hair gets a beautiful healthy shine.

    The composition of henna includes tannins. They perfectly act on the scalp, regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands.

    So, let's briefly list all the benefits of henna.

    1. It does not contain peroxide or ammonia.
    2. It is considered to be a natural dye.
    3. You can color henna hair for pregnant and lactating mothers.
    4. Henna has no age requirement, which means that it can be used at any age.
    5. Natural dye is able to heal the scalp from dandruff.
    6. Henna imparts a volume of hair. It is achieved due to the presence of tannins.
    7. Due to the smoothing of the scales during staining, the hair becomes shiny and smooth.

    Disadvantages of

    Despite such amazing advantages, henna has a number of drawbacks.

    Harm to the hair:

    1. To avoid unpleasant surprises with color, do not use henna on colored hair.
    2. Natural dye does not completely color the gray hair.
    3. After using henna hair dye can not take, and you get a green tint instead of a beautiful color. Therefore, before you dye your hair, wait until they grow back, or cut the henna.
    4. If you have a perm, do not use henna. She straightens her hair.
    5. Henna is able to dry hair, because it contains tannins.
    6. To prevent skin from staining, apply a mixture of olive oil or greasy cream to the hair line before using it. Henna can also paint hands and nails, so be sure to use cellophane gloves.


    Antonina, 37 years old : Several years ago I unsuccessfully lightened my hair. They became brittle and lifeless. I was advised to buy Iranian henna. She really cured my hair and gave them a beautiful copper shade. The curls no longer split, do not fall out and do not break. After regular use, the hair became heavy and shiny.

    Irina, 29 years old : I recently decided to give my hair a thick and generally improve the condition of my hair. After several procedures of coloring the colorless henna, the hair began to drop out and it was difficult to comb it.

    Anna, 22 years old : I already painted my hair with henna several times. The result I like, the curls become well-groomed and shiny. The only drawback is that it is difficult to wash off. It can not often be used, as hair can become brittle.