How to get rid of acne on the face at home: teenage, internal and white acne

  • How to get rid of acne on the face at home: teenage, internal and white acne

    The best solution is to go to a specialist who will determine the cause of acne activation and prescribe the necessary treatment. But, not everyone likes hospitals, and I do not really want to go there, so let's consider the issue from the other side. Let's talk about how to get rid of acne on the face at home.

    It's very important that

    Never, for anything, do not squeeze out pimples, especially for teenage rashes, as this will only exacerbate the problem, and even worse, scars or acne will grow into a whole colony because of infection in the wound.

    How to cure internal acne

    Very unpleasant phenomenon, internal pimples. They are always accompanied by painful sensations, sometimes itching and severe inflammation in the place of education. Treatment of such a problem occurs in three stages:

    • Soothes inflammation;
    • We normalize the work of the sebaceous gland;
    • We warn of possible complications.

    The cosmetologist can offer to relieve you of the disease with the help of ozone therapy - its plus is that the treatment takes little time.

    Having decided to get rid of such disgrace yourself, take care of the reliable hygiene of the place of injury and about its proper cleaning.

    Recipe for internal acne for home use

    In a glass of warm water, dissolve two tablespoons of salt and allow the water to boil. Cotton swab dipped in the resulting saline solution and make lotions on the affected areas before the tampon cools. And so several times. This procedure speeds up the process of ripening the internal pimple.

    The problem of all owners of oily or combination skin is black dots.

    A simple way to get rid of black points

    In a situation with black dots, treatment should begin with skin cleansing. This can easily be done by steaming a face over a steam bath. It can add healing herbs, essential oils. When the skin is well vaporized and the pores are opened, you can proceed to remove black dots by squeezing out. To do this, carefully wash my hands, wrap the fingertips with gauze and wet them in hydrogen peroxide or any other antiseptic. We remove only those acne that can easily be squeezed out, the rest do not touch. After removing all points, you should wipe your face with salicylic acid. After cleaning the face is not recommended immediately apply cosmetics, it is better to give your skin a breather and relax.

    Also, for cleaning the face from black dots, you can use homemade masks made of oatmeal, cosmetic clay, baking soda or honey.

    The problem that can overtake everyone is white acne. But you can easily get rid of it.

    Home tricks against white acne

    • Compresses and lotions based on herbs;
    • Washing with herbal infusion;
    • Home masks from white acne.

    Well proven in the fight against white pimples masks, which are based on potatoes, cucumber, cottage cheese, soy and aspirin, chamomile broth, aloe juice, bodjaga, parsley as a decoction. You can also make a compress on the decoction of marigold.

    All of the above methods of dealing with problem skin are effective, but you do not need to wait for immediate results. Like any other business, acne treatment can take a long time and a one-time application of a given prescription will not work. It is best to use an integrated approach to treatment, for example, except for masks and lotions once.a week you can do a gentle pilling. This procedure exfoliates the keratinized layer of the epidermis, thereby purifying it and preventing the spread of acne. Because it is important to be patient, and soon you will notice the fruits of your efforts.