• To be reborn in 24 hours

    Important condition: in the evening, on the eve of the beginning of the program, the last meal should be no later than 19 hours. The reason: in the coming "day of harmony" the stomach, intestines and metabolic process should not be overloaded with fat-forming elements of products.

    However, after 19 hours you can drink. Ideal: fruit juice, mineral water, plain water, herbal tea, milk. As little alcohol as possible, no salted vegetable juices.

    After rising in the morning, immediately visit the toilet, and then stand on the scales( preferably without clothes).Write down your weight, and pay attention not only to the brightest and most noticeable divisions denoting kilograms. Change weight as much as possible to the accuracy of one hundred grams.

    1 banana finely chopped, 1 kiwi or 1 medium apple or 1 pear finely chopped, 1 handful of grapes or berries for the season, 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds or 1 tablespoon

    ka sesame seeds, 1 teaspoon raisins, 2 tablespoons yogurt,kefir or yogurt. All components are mixed in a salad bowl and served to the table.


    The one who does not eat anything for breakfast, will not lose weight, but will simply be in a bad mood. A little fresh fruit or yogurt will make the beginning of the day energetic, besides, the metabolism will be launched at full capacity.

    The first breakfast will be processed by the stomach and small intestine for 20-30 minutes. It instantly provides cells of the body with nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, minerals. But first of all it will provide the body with almost 200 grams of moisture.

    The first rush of freshness stimulates tissues, the activity of cells is noticeably activated, and energy production is significantly increased. The energy is now processed exclusively glucose - the smallest unit of carbohydrates. Up to fat the turn has not reached yet.

    Glucose is the only "fuel" for nerve cells and brain cells. Therefore, fruit breakfast increases mental performance. After about 45 minutes, almost all the biologically active substances of the first light breakfast will be absorbed by the body. And you will be troubled by an easy famine. After the first "obligatory" breakfast you can please yourself with a second breakfast, familiar and beloved.

    When to eat and drink - the same

    There are products that can not be fully said, eat or drink.

    These include, for example, a juicy watermelon, which is 95 percent water, which is retained by the finest fibers and cells.

    Juicy kiwi, pears, grapes, berries, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, nectarines, tangerines and other fruits have the same properties.

    These natural products are a gift of nature, the best means of losing weight. They have little sodium and a lot of potassium. And they perfectly satisfy hunger, at least for a little while.

    Cells of the body are saturated with liquid and rejuvenated, the metabolism becomes intense. Cells burn glucose and fat molecules, turning them into energy.

    So simple is the process of losing weight with the help of a new formula of harmony - water. And with the help of nature, gave a rich range of moisture fruits.

    Now you can drink tea or coffee, even with cream and sugar. The advantage of the new "formula of harmony" is that you can afford a little excess in food, such as a chocolate candy or a piece of cake.

    And a sandwich with butter, low-fat cottage cheese, cold fried meat or even roast beef. On top of him it is desirable to lay circles of cucumber or tomato, horseradish, lettuce leaf. You can also eat eggs, seasoned with paprika, pepper or cumin. Only no salty cheese and ham!

    You can schedule intermediate meals for hours before and after lunch. The following options are available: 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese, can be apple or

    carrots 1 glass of milk with honey

    1/2 avocado seasoned with lemon juice 1 cup bio-yogurt with fruit pieces 1 glass of apple, pear or plum compote 1 orange, nectarine or mandarin 1fresh figs.

    1 cup of milk-rice dessert.

    The motto "More products with a high liquid content!" Is especially important for lunch. Salts should be avoided as before. Here are a few possible options: Carbohydrates: potatoes in uniform( cook without salt)

    Proteins: from 70 to 80 grams of lean fish, chicken( without skin) or tofu, instead of salt season with spices. Water, vitamins, minerals: choose any vegetables from the following: spinach, broccoli, fodder beet, leeks, fennel. Quickly cook them, do not pour the broth, you need to drink it.

    The ideal dinner is a beautiful and bright dish of finely chopped fresh seasonal vegetables, seasoned with vinegar, butter and lemon juice. You can add it with crabs, trout fillets, tuna pieces, low-fat chicken, slices of cold roast or roast beef, tofu cubes, etc.


    Horseradish, cooked in various ways, will give an original sharpness to the dishes. Horseradish can be very soft( horseradish with cream), and the sharpest( fresh grated root).Try and experiment according to your taste.

    During the day, it is recommended to quench your thirst with a small amount of water, mineral water, tea, milk or fruit juice. The total volume is 1.0-1.5 liters of

    , depending on the individual fluid demand.

    Coffee is better to drink in the afternoon, and also in the evening. Of course, only if you tolerate caffeine well and can then sleep peacefully. After dinner, you can drink some beer, wine or a wine cocktail.

    At this accelerated 24-hour course ends. Fruits, vegetables and raw food without heat treatment have injected into your cells and tissues at least half of the fluid they are able to absorb. As a result, the metabolism was active all day and will also be actively active during the night.

    Since salt intake on this day was practically zero, excess fluid was removed from the extracellular space. And all this is due to the high content of potassium in food.

    advice To anyone who wants to sleep well, do not eat dinner much later than 19 hours. After eating, the body takes time for digestion and regeneration.

    In the first hours of the night, a constant flow of fluid begins to flow through the intestinal mucosa and through

    blood directly to the cells of the body. Then the dream will be deep and strong.

    Eliminate movement towards obesity

    Answer questions and put crosses( "yes", "no") in the right circles

    Yes No

    First thing in the morning, as on the previous day, visit the toilet, then immediately stand on the scales, betterwithout clothes, to track changes in weight objectively. Read the scales as accurately as possible. If you lost 200 grams or more in the past 24 hours, you can celebrate the victory. The process of splitting of fat proceeds perfectly, it is started and accelerated to high revs. It does not matter that over the past day you have lost mainly water and glucose. To further reduce body fat with water, it is recommended that you follow the weight loss programs listed below.

    We will evaluate the answers to the questions from the questionnaire with.53-54.The test is meaningful only if the answers are given honestly.

    One to two answers "yes"

    With a positive answer of just one or two questions, it is believed that until there is a way of movement of fat through the intestine and liver directly into the fat cells. And yet you want to lose weight? Then you must completely abandon the meat, sausage, fat cheese, etc.

    Three to five answers "Yes" to

    With three to five positive answers, you can probably return to your ideal weight for a course of medium duration. Try to move more and take enough time to sleep. You can afford a piece of chocolate and pie with cream. And do not necessarily cut a layer of fat from a deliciously fried steak, seasoned with a sufficient amount of greens.

    Six to eight answers "Yes"

    With six to eight positive answers to the questionnaire questions, consider that the experiment was a success. After 6-8 weeks, the arrow of the floor scales will begin to bring you more and more joy every day. Now just do not give up!

    From nine to ten answers "Yes"

    When more than nine crosses in the column of positive answers, then in a few months the size of your clothes will change and you can choose your favorite fashion items in shops with smaller sizes. Continue to saturate 70 billion cells with water and try to completely abandon too salty foods.

    The true body weight is largely related to psychology. Some fat people feel just fine. And some, on the contrary, oppress even 2 extra pounds.