Remedy for acne on the back and face: a medicine that is available to everyone

  • Remedy for acne on the back and face: a medicine that is available to everyone

    Some people think that acne - or as it is called in the common people - acne - is an exclusively teenage problem. However, this misconception, because according to statistics, acne affects 80% of people( age 14 to 30 years).That is why, the issue of acne treatment is of interest if not all, then many. With this problem, some try to cope on their own, others turn to specialists or use medical cosmetics against acne. But for any person who has encountered this problem, acne treatment is the beginning of a better life, but not everyone knows that this can take years. Of course, it can not be said that the appearance of acne on the body is some kind of a global catastrophe, but they appear not on time and cause a lot of troubles( soreness, itching and defects).That's why everyone wants to find an effective remedy for acne on the back and face the most reliable.

    The reasons for the appearance of acne on the back and face

    Any person who discovered a rash immediately starts to fight with him, but do not hurry. First of all, it is worth considering what could lead to the appearance of acne.

    1. Disturbance of the gastrointestinal tract and malnutrition.
    2. Hormonal failures. Because of this, during adolescence, rashes often appear. The main role here is played by male sex hormones - androgens. On the condition of the skin, female sex hormones can also be reflected. For example, rashes on the skin of many appear before menstruation.
    3. The appearance of acne can lead to compaction of the stratum corneum. It usually occurs after intoxication, contact with petroleum products, or because of vitamin A hypovitaminosis.
    4. Cosmetic agents often provoke a provoking factor.
    5. External factors - heat or high humidity also provoke rashes.

    Also worth mentioning are products that can cause acne on the back and face:

    1. Nuts;
    2. Animal fats and dairy products, especially if consumed in large quantities;
    3. Flour and sweets;
    4. Carbonated beverages;
    5. Sweet coffee.

    Now that you know the main reasons for the appearance of acne on the back and face, you need to understand the methods of fighting against them.

    Traditional methods of treatment

    Traditional methods are common and local. Local therapy is prescribed for mild eruptions, as well as for pimples of medium severity, which do not have inflammation. All other cases require combined therapy.

    As a rule, local treatment is used for at least three months. For today, drugs with retinoids are popular, because it is proved that they have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce the secretion of fat, and accelerate the renewal of the epithelium. In this group, the most effective cure for acne on the face and back is considered adapalen. Apply it to the night after a thorough cleansing of the skin.

    Acne is best cut off at an early stage, but many here make a mistake. Instead of choosing a safe antiseptic, they smear acne with an aggressive antiseptic, after which the irritation becomes even greater. For example, antiseptics based on silver ions quickly remove the inflammatory process and kill bacteria.

    No less popular local drug is benzoyl peroxide, which is in the form of lotion and gel.

    With medium and severe forms of rash, general therapy is prescribed. It is also indicated if there is intolerance to the local treatment. The most effective drug today is roaccutane. It is worth noting that it can not be taken during pregnancy.

    Some experts prescribe general antibiotics - tetracycline or erythromycin. Together with antibiotics, it is worth using antifungal drugs for the prevention of candidiasis.

    Everyone should find their effective method of combating acne on the back and face, but for starters it's best to consult specialists to find out the reasons for their appearance.

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