• Pomelo useful properties and harm

    Pomelo - the largest in size, after the citron among citrus. The length of the fruit is 15-18 cm, diameter 10-16, and sometimes reaches 25 cm. The shape of the fruit can be round, flattened or pear-shaped. The color of the peel from greenish-yellow to bright yellow. The flesh of the fetus can be greenish, yellow, pink, red. The taste is sweet and sour, with no bitterness.

    Pomelo is the main citrus crop in South, Southeast and East Asia.

    Pamelo is a valuable dietary and curative product.

    Caloric value of

    With left pomelo( 100 g): proteins 0.4% -0.8%, fats 0.1% -0.3%, ash 0.5% -0.8%, fiber 0.5% -0, 7%, in addition to the other citrus in the pomelo, there is a lot of vitamin C, and also vitamin A and group B( B2, B5, B1, B9);Mineral substances, such as potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium.

    100 g of product:
    Caloric value, 32 kcal
    Carbohydrates, 6.7 g
    Glycemic index 42

    Benefit of

    Pomelo is effective in fatigue, weakness, diabetes, fever, insomnia, pain in the throat, stomach pain and pancreas, will have a tonic effect on the body, for the prevention of avitaminosis.

    Pomelo contains pectin, which is very effective in reducing blood pressure. This citrus is also useful in lowering cholesterol in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of developing various diseases associated with the heart and the cardiovascular system.

    Pomelo peel, which contains a huge amount of bioflavonoids, also has useful properties. They can stop the development of cancer cells and the spread of breast cancer in women, helping to get rid of excess estrogen.

    Pomelo improves digestion, although pomelo juice is acidic in its nature, it helps in digestion, creating an alkaline reaction after digestion of food.

    Pomelo is quite effective for weight loss, as it reduces sugar and starch in the body. Thus, with regular consumption of food, pomel helps to lose weight, people suffering from obesity or insignificant excess weight.

    This exotic citrus fruit antidepressant, will present the joy of life, energy and good mood.

    Pomelo fruits are very well preserved, in a cool place they can be stored for several months. Eat them fresh, use for making fruit salads, juice.


    Harm pomelo is inevitable, if you eat a large amount of fruit. After all, in addition to all the advantages, he has one interesting quality, he has a laxative effect, especially useful white flesh, and "plenochki" improve peristalsis.

    Another not very pleasant feature of fruit - it greatly increases acidity, which is fraught with heartburn, if a person has stomach problems.
    With caution you need to include in the diet of pomelo to those who suffer from gastritis, hepatitis, acute jade and colitis. It is recommended to ask the doctor's opinion before eating this fruit for such diseases.

    The main harm is bungled in the fact that it, like all citrus fruits, is a very allergenic fruit.
    Very carefully use those who already suffer from any types of allergies, and also exclude during breast-feeding, in order not to harm the baby's body.

    Despite the fact that pomelo is quite sweet, it can be eaten and diabetics in reasonable quantities, of course. Even it will be useful, because pomelo stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood. But it will be better to go to the attending physician, so that he determines the rate of consumption per day.

    Season of ripening pomelo falls in February. Naturally, it is useful pomelo only if you have chosen the right fruit, fully ripe. Otherwise, you will not feel a tangible effect. You must choose a slightly soft to the touch, shiny and fragrant fruit. It is better to take not too large, but heavy fruits - they have more pulp. Bought fruit should be stored in the refrigerator.