Botox injections: how much is the Botox prick, limitations and feedback on the procedure

  • Botox injections: how much is the Botox prick, limitations and feedback on the procedure

    Mimic wrinkles are formed in connection with the usual emotions, as well as an increased tone of facial muscles. When botulinum toxin is introduced into muscle tissue, it penetrates into nerve endings and blocks nerve impulses. Muscles become relaxed and do not wrinkle the skin, which is why wrinkles are smoothed out.

    This article will tell you about the limitations of Botox injections, which will help to avoid negative consequences.

    Indications for the use of Botox injections

    1. Hyperhidrosis.
    2. Wrinkles on the forehead: horizontal and vertical.
    3. Botox-lifting.
    4. Wrinkles on the neck: horizontal and vertical.
    5. Low or upturned eyebrows.
    6. Wrinkles at the outer corner of the eye.
    7. Strongly pronounced nasolabial folds.

    Contraindications for Botox Procedure

    Before proceeding to the procedure, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons, therefore, familiarization with the contraindications is mandatory.

    1. Age under 18 years.
    2. Pregnancy and lactation.
    3. Reception of antibiotics, anticoagulants and calcium.
    4. Inflammation, as well as skin trauma.
    5. Alcoholism.
    6. Hemophilia.
    7. Myasthenia gravis.
    8. Severe myopia.
    9. Period of menstruation and days before it.
    10. The omission of the upper eyelid.
    11. Herpes on the lips.
    12. Postoperative period.
    13. Chronic and acute diseases of the lungs and liver.
    14. Addiction to allergies.

    How do I prepare for the procedure?

    One day before the scheduled procedure it is forbidden:

    1. Reception of alcoholic beverages.
    2. Perform any work that involves slopes.
    3. Visiting the massage.

    In addition, the course of antibiotics must be completed before the procedure begins. It should be noted that botox and antibiotics are combined, but they affect the effectiveness of each other. Some antibiotics can reduce the effect of botox, while others, on the contrary, strengthen.

    Possible consequences after injections of botox

    1. Pain sensations in the places of administration of Botox.
    2. Headaches, which often occur when a large dose is administered. This complication usually takes place in a few days.
    3. Hemorrhages in jabs. It should be noted that this occurs with the wrong technique of introducing Botox, improper care after the procedure, and if the rules for preparing for injections have been violated.
    4. If the poison spreads to the adjacent muscles, there may be:
    • paralysis of the muscles of the zygomatic area, which causes the corners of the mouth to drop, as well as drooling;
    • muscle paralysis in the eye area, which causes swelling under the eyes;
    • if an incorrect injection has been made in the eyebrow area, then the upper eyelid ptosis may occur;
    • if a too large dose of the drug is injected into the upper part of the eye muscle, then this can cause a sharp rise in the eyebrow;
    • paralysis of the larynx muscles results in impaired swallowing.

    Restrictions after injections of Botox

    1. After the procedure it is forbidden to lie, take painkillers and antibiotics, and also play sports.
    2. Do not massage the injection site.
    3. You can not take a hot bath and visit the sauna for a week.
    4. You can not drink alcohol for 14 days.
    5. It is necessary after the procedure to often strain the muscles of the face to make the effect accelerate.
    6. For two weeks you need to adhere to a diet, that is, give up salt, spicy and fatty foods to avoid swelling.


    Many people are interested in how much a Botox prick is worth, so it will be useful to know that on average, cosmetic salons take 10 dollars for one Botox unit. That is, based on the required amount of the drug, you can understand what the cost will be for the entire procedure. In many clinics, prices may depend not only on the amount of the drug administered, but also on the day of the week the procedure is performed.


    Very useful for many who are going to this procedure, will be feedback from women who have already( and more than once) a course of injections Botox.


    "Botox made between the eyebrows. Somewhere about 4 months the effect lasted after the first time, and the second - six months. We started with 20 units, and the second time it took only 12 units. The result is satisfied, because the wrinkles between the eyebrows have been smoothed out. "


    "I injected Botox around the eyes. I had to adjust after two weeks, because the effect was weak. After that, the result was excellent, repeated the procedure in six months. "


    "It was a huge problem for me to find a good clinic and a competent specialist, because nothing is afraid only for the first time, and only then clearly you can imagine the desired result. Therefore, I found a good doctor by trial and error and I'm happy with the result. "


    "Botox does not work for me, since the body produces too many antibodies to the drug, we have to look for other methods to combat wrinkles."


    "For me personally, there is nothing better than folk methods of fighting wrinkles. You can not be afraid for the consequences, unlike the injections of Botox. After all, the effect of Botox can be such that you do not want to go out into the street. "

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