Contractions - when to go to the hospital: calculation of time for the journey

  • Contractions - when to go to the hospital: calculation of time for the journey

    Childbirth is a crucial period in the life of every family. It is not known how they will pass, all this happens in its own way. It is clear that things are collected for a long time, but when you go to the hospital it is not clear.

    How to recognize false bouts?

    Often a woman decides that it's time to go to the hospital, focusing on false bouts. How do you define them so that you can avoid such a mistake?

    False bouts are harbingers of approaching labor and represent, in fact, periodic contractions of the uterus. Their main task is to prepare the female organism for labor.

    Such fights differ from the real ones in that they are practically painless and irregular. They appear every half an hour and the time between them does not decrease. And if you diagnosed with such cuts, do not panic - it will take several hours( no more than four), and they will end by themselves.

    By the way, you can stop false bouts yourself - just take a warm shower and try to relax. You can also drink a glass of warm milk or plain water and easily massage the sacral spine.

    When should I call an ambulance and go to the hospital?

    It is worth paying attention to the interval between contractions. He gradually begins to decline, which indicates the approach of the climax. If the road to the maternity hospital is not close, there is the possibility of the formation of traffic jams and other problems, then it is worthwhile to set off when the time between contractions reaches 20 minutes. In the event that more than half an hour to get to the office, an interval of 10 minutes can serve as a signal.

    It should be borne in mind that when you arrive at the hospital you need to fill out some documents, answer all the questions and take a look at the chair. This requires time and complete adequacy. The fact is that painful bouts before the most attempts do not allow you to concentrate.

    In women who give birth for the first time, births usually last longer than those experienced. But there are situations that contribute to the emergence of the child in a short time. So do not delay. It is necessary to ask your mother, this problem is often hereditary.

    When you leave the amniotic fluid, go to the hospital immediately!

    Despite the fact that before the attempts are still a lot of time, but the bouts after that become quite intense and painful. And the child becomes vulnerable, because of the infection it was protected by liquid.

    Skirmishes - pain that does not pass in the abdomen, between them is bleeding, which is dangerous for the life of the fetus and the mother, the passage of the mucous plug. Although the cork can depart gradually, a few days before the onset of labor. Therefore, if you have contractions, when you go to the hospital you do not know, then we answer - it's better to go immediately.

    So, it's time to call an ambulance when:

    • regular bouts on average in 5 minutes;
    • rupture of the bladder with outflow of water;
    • appearance of any bloody discharge from the vagina;
    • persistent aching or cramping pain that prevents a woman from falling asleep

    And immediately call a team of doctors if: previous births of the

    • fall into the category of fast or fast;
    • gaps between contractions very quickly become equal to 2-3 minutes;
    • a woman's fear even in the period between contractions;
    • maternity hospital is far from the place of residence;
    • the corresponding heredity, when the mother of the woman in labor had fast or rapid birth in the anamnesis.

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