• Conspiracy to lose weight

    The conspiracy to lose weight is a magical, ancient magic. Conspiracies have been used in all walks of life, and even now many people use many magical conspiracies, including weight loss. Most people believe that turning to conspiracies is a huge sin, witchcraft. But in fact, it's just a rite helping to achieve the goal. Such conspiracies do not provide anything terrible, on the contrary conspiracy to lose weight is very even positive.

    But remember that the plot should not contain words like( disappear, fail) and the like. Conspiracies are different, and not only for the excess weight to go, but also from a constant sense of hunger. Conspiracy for weight loss must necessarily be carried out on the waning moon.

    Here, of course, we need only one thing - faith. If you believe that this method really helps, then you automatically start it in action. After all, as soon as you believe in the power of the conspiracy, you will begin to lose weight.

    If you breakfasted in the morning, but the feeling of hunger does not leave you and want more and more, you can read the plot and the feeling of hunger will leave you.

    What I iron will be relaxing, what I look at will be added.

    Varieties of conspiracies.

    1. from craving for sweet, floury;

    2. from eating at night;

    3. from the habit that you always want to chew.

    Description of a strong plot to get rid of excess weight.

    The first stage of the conspiracy must be carried out a few days before the full moon.

    To carry out the conspiracy, we need real beeswax( you can melt the candle, but completely new).Further we roll from a wax a twig, thickness with an index finger. And as soon as the rod was made, we take the knife and start cutting the pieces, loudly pronouncing( one kilogram, the second kilogram) and so on. After all, these pieces of wax symbolize your excess weight.

    Then put all the pieces in a small bowl( iron), melt the wax in it and then give it a ball shape, this ball will symbolize your excess weight. Then put this ball under the pillow on which you sleep.

    The second stage is held on the night of the full moon. This night, take out the ball, cover it with your hands. Close your eyes and imagine that in your hands you have the worst enemy( fat), then that you are slender, beautiful walk along the green avenue with an air gait. The people around are so overwhelmed by your beauty that they can not take their eyes off. Then after everything presented, select on the windowsill a well-lit place with moonlight and draw a white chalk circle and put your ball there.

    Rite with a bath.

    Collect the bathroom with warm water and lower your cross there. When the bathroom is typed, remove the cross and pour out two mugs of holy water( holy water should be collected in the church on Sunday morning), fresh cow's milk, and add three petals from different roses.

    Lying in the bathroom needs 15 minutes, while saying "mother-water. I gave you milk, decorated the petals. So you wash off my body fat and carry it away, that he no longer came back to me.»Repeat the text 3 times. After you do everything, you need to drain the bath and while the water is going to leave, you need to thank the water."Thank you mother-water!".This ritual must be performed within 7 days, since the seventh water is all washed away.

    But remember, in no case should no one know that you are conducting such rites. If someone starts to wonder, in what way they lost weight, tell them that they diligently went in for sports or properly followed the diet.