Contraindications to laser hair removal: reviews and the consequences of the procedure

  • Contraindications to laser hair removal: reviews and the consequences of the procedure

    Who can not like the smooth, well-groomed skin on the body, which looks pleasing and feels good to the touch? Especially to this topic are not indifferent women who tirelessly work on their impeccable appearance. And laser hair removal, it would seem, like no other method of getting rid of excess vegetation on the body, can reduce this problem to a minimum.

    But is this method really so effective and safe at the same time, or are all the tricks of advertising? Let's figure it out.

    Indications for the procedure

    - if most of your body is covered with hair, which is considered excessive, then removing them with a laser can be a solution;

    - if attempts to remove hair by yourself, for example, using a machine, wax, etc., always result in irritation and inflammation of the skin, then the laser will help in this matter;

    - ingrown hair is easily removed by laser;

    - the antennae on the woman's face - is also one of the indications for laser application.

    Contraindications to laser hair removal

    They are divided into two groups: the first includes those contraindications to laser hair removal, which should not be done categorically. The second includes more loyal, which should be discussed with the doctor.

    The first group. It is forbidden to patients suffering:

    - skin disease against the background of infections;

    - for patients with oncological diseases;

    - diabetics;

    - swarthy by nature people( and also lovers of sunbathing);

    - gray-haired people and having light hair from nature.

    The second group - restrictions must be discussed with a specialist:

    - diseases associated with varicose veins;

    - skin diseases that are chronically peculiar to you;

    - allergic skin reactions;

    - accumulation of moles in the place, which is supposed to be exposed to the laser;

    - the presence of traces on the skin associated with injuries( scratches, burns).

    A separate point should be added about contraindications to pregnant women. Some specialists are very negative about this, others are not so categorical.

    And what about women? Women superstitious prefer to do without risky experiments, and optimists who do not want to part with the habit of having smooth skin assure that there is nothing terrible in laser hair removal, even during the period of the baby's carrying out.

    Customer Reviews


    "Laser epilation has been fond of me for three years already. At the moment I am pregnant, and I apply the procedure only on my face. "


    "After consultation with a doctor, I decided not to give up laser hair removal during pregnancy, but only on my legs. I do not feel any discomfort during the procedure, that's just not in every salon for a woman in a position they want to take. "


    "For many years I have been removing the hairs in the chest area with a laser, but now, when I'm pregnant, I do not think it's worth taking risks. I will postpone the procedure for later, until a more appropriate time, even despite the discomfort of untidiness in the chest area. "

    And yet, considering this topic from all sides, it is worth mentioning about the possible consequences of the passed procedure. Faced with them, the risk is high if you still decided on laser hair removal despite contraindications. And then such troubles are not ruled out:

    - rashes on the skin of herpes character;

    - burns in the area of ​​skin treatment;

    - allergic reactions;

    - eye diseases( conjunctivitis, light intolerance, or even loss of vision, provided that the laser beam hit the eye).

    In conclusion, we need only add: go to the choice of the clinic with all responsibility, listen to the recommendations of specialists, and then with laser hair removal you will have only the brightest emotions.

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