Friendship between a man and a woman: the psychology of such relationships

  • Friendship between a man and a woman: the psychology of such relationships

    It so happened that on Earth there are only two sexes - male and female. For thousands of years people have been asking themselves: are there any other relationships between the Man and the Woman other than love? For example, can a man and a woman be friends?

    Psychology interprets friendship between a man and a woman as a negative and non-existent phenomenon, because between sexes, in their opinion, there can only exist sex. Let's try to figure out whether this is really so.

    Hunter and Game

    As writer Oscar Wilde once said, there are any relations between a man and a woman, "but this is not friendship."And indeed, it always seems to us that one can be friends with the representatives of one's sex, and to the opposite one to experience only a certain type of attraction. With a friend you can talk heart to heart, discuss purely female problems that will be incomprehensible to a man.

    The data of biological and psychological research show that the Man and the Woman are arranged in completely different ways: they perceive information from the outside world in different ways, communicate differently, solve problems in different ways. Friendship, however, means that you and the person have the same approach to solving problems, the same vision for a given situation, the same program of action with joy, concern, anxiety.

    In a word, your friend is always like-minded. A man with his own vision of the situation, conditioned by another, not a female type of psyche, is not at all suitable for the role of a friend.

    Historically, the man is a hunter, a persecutor, and a woman is prey, a victim. Can these two test each other for anything other than such a strong relationship as love or hate? A fair answer is "no", but. .. many are still at the question whether a friendship is possible between a woman and a man honestly answer that yes. And even lead a few typical situations.

    I will be friends with you if. ..

    The situation is the first: childhood friends. Suppose Masha and Petya were born and grew up in the same yard, played together, went to one kindergarten, and then to school, entered the same institution. Naturally, they will keep in touch after graduation, because they know so much about each other. They always have something to talk about, remember funny moments from children's life.

    The second situation: colleagues at work. It often happens that a man and a woman work side by side in one organization. Perhaps, they even sit in the same room, on the same floor, participate in one project and often get out of the next deadline together. How can you not make friends?

    In addition, when a number of people with the same professional level, always ready to put in a difficult minute shoulder, which you can always rely on - it's just wonderful circumstances for friendly relations!

    Finally, the third and most common situation: a man and a woman once had an intimate relationship, but now everything is in the past. It is with this problem that one often has to face psychological counseling. And, the question: what does it mean if a man offers friendship most often excites women.

    Men somehow think about the inside of such friendship a little. It is enough for them that once a beloved woman is near. Psychologists tend to believe that such behavior is a desperate attempt of a man to retain at least some kind of relationship with the object of passion, if the feelings have not completely faded. A woman in this case should think carefully about whether to give consent to such friendship.

    And in general - the friendship between a man and a woman is, of course, a too slippery version of friendly relations, and from one smooth development into a romantic one, not one side is insured.

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