• Water procedures

    To hardening measures include water procedures. Practically all doctors of the world assert that communication with water of newborn babies, including premature and immature babies, allows them to develop more actively, surpassing their peers not only physically, but also nervously and psychologically.

    Many parents forget that 9 months before childbirth the baby was constantly in amniotic fluid, which created him special conditions of gravity. Being in a large bath filled with water, a little man "remembers" his former state, in which he spent much more time than he lives in the white world, that's why he feels much more comfortable in the water. And this manifests itself in his tireless movement with his hands and feet, with pleasure he starts to make various sounds, that is, everyone around him understands that he is happy. Staying in water enables the child's body to improve peripheral blood circulation, heart and lung function, since deep breaths and breaths improve their ventilation, and therefore they do not create an environment favorable for the development of microorganisms

    .Water is one of the best natural massagers, the action of which favorably affects the baby's nervous system. Yes, and ak-aerobics( gymnastics in the water), which the child performs in the bath, like a good exercise, strengthens the muscles, heart, respiratory and digestive systems of his body. In addition, a kid who has fallen in love with water procedures since the first days of life, which his parents are happy with, will never be afraid of water, which will help him learn how to swim faster.

    Swimming can begin as early as 2-3 weeks of age, and parents should set one goal - to grow a healthy and strong child. Nevertheless, one should strive to ensure that the baby, at one-year-old age, is able to hold his breath under water for 7-8 seconds, remove various objects from the bottom of the tub or pool, and stay on the water for several minutes. But all training should only take place in a game form and deliver the child the pleasure of communicating with the water and parents involved with it. Such training can be conducted in specialized pools for babies with a specialist trainer.

    In the home bath can be carried out and tempering procedures, especially as it is much more convenient to control the water temperature. Hardening is carried out gradually, beginning with the dipping of only the legs with water 1 ° C lower than the water in the bath, every day rising up the body-

    soup and ending with complete dousing. When the baby gets used to such procedures, the water temperature can be gradually reduced. Doctors recommend starting douche with a water temperature of 35 ° C, gradually reducing it to 28 ° C.Thus, douches will help prevent infecting your baby with cold virus infections and raise immunity to fight other diseases.

    Concluding the story about water procedures, I would like to remind you that it is useful to spend 1,5-2 hours before the last feeding and not earlier than 1.5 hours after eating before going to bed. After bathing, the baby gets a little nervous, so Mom should take care of organizing his rest after the procedures.