Approximate sets of exercises for children from birth to the year

  • Approximate sets of exercises for children from birth to the year

    The first month of

    If mom and dad are ready to perform gymnastics with the baby, and there are no contraindications to the lessons, then you can start.

    At this age the duration of gymnastics is 5-8 minutes, to which it is necessary to add the time allocated for massage, i.e., an average of 6 more minutes. The duration of training is 5-8 minutes, each exercise is repeated 3-4 times. Studying the technique of performing the recommended exercises for newborns, you easily learn your own actions with the baby, so doing a set of exercises for the newborn will not be difficult for you.

    A newly born baby is useful to spread on the tummy for half a minute, while his head should turn on his side - this is the first exercise. It's familiar, is not it?

    Simultaneously with laying out the baby, you can massage the back and buttocks, as well as the legs.

    The next exercise will simulate the crawling of the baby. To do this, put the baby on his tummy and bend his legs in his lap. Mom should put his hands to the soles of the newborn, while he reflexively vigorously pushed away from them, trying to unbend the legs and move forward. In the same

    , you can also hold a foot massage with the flexion and extension of the fingers on them.

    At this age, the kid can surprise his parents and the ability to walk. Demonstration of such opportunities will be a kind of gymnastics for him. To do this, the baby should be taken under the arms and raised in the upright position with his back to him. Give him the opportunity to touch the legs to the surface of the table, and then he reflektorno will make a few small steps.

    As for the reflexes, then, testing the child's ability to grasp the thumb offered to him and hold on to it, reaching for him with the head and upper body for even a moment, is a very good charge.

    The legs of the baby also require warm-up, for this they can simply bend and unbend one by one, then both.

    1-2 months

    Exercising gymnastics and massage elements for children of this age should take about 15 minutes of time, so it is not necessary to perform all the proposed exercises, you can change them in each lesson.

    To carry out the exercises described below, the baby should be laid on his back. Before gymnastics it will be very handy to make a baby a massage of hands and feet. To do this, you need to execute the deployment in the sides and fold them on the chest, simulating embraces. Smoothly and without jerks bend and unbend the baby's hands, imitating movements with the hands of a boxer.

    Turn over the baby on his tummy, give him the opportunity to push off with a half-bent legs from the palm resting at their feet. With the second hand you need to support the baby under the breast.

    Performing with the baby the following exercise, my mother will help him learn how to turn over on a barrel. To do this, she must with her left hand grasp the lower leg of the child, and the right one with his left forearm. In this case, the baby will be able to turn over on the barrel. This exercise should be done alternately in the left, then in the right side.

    You can supplement the exercise with respiratory gymnastics. To do this, the upper handle, bent at the elbow, needs to be lifted - the baby must inhale, and then lower it and press it to his chest - the baby will breathe out.

    Lying on your side, your baby can show how he, even reflexively, can flex his spine. To help him, you should, by lightly pressing the fingers of one hand, hold them by the straight muscles of the spine from the sacrum to the neck. In this case, the baby will bend the spine. This exercise should be performed alternately on each side.

    At this age it is useful to continue to perform an exercise of gripping and pulling up on the thumbs of my mother's hands.

    Before the complex of exercises, which you need to perform lying on your back, stomach and on your side, it is useful to make a massage.

    To the person lying on the back or tummy, you can perform exercises not only for the hands and feet, but also for the eyes, and it is also possible to train the hearing if the toy you take for this will make sounds. To do this, you need to put a bright toy in front of the child's eyes at a distance of 50 cm and wait until he focuses his eyes on it. Then slowly take her to the left, then to the right, then up and down, giving him the opportunity to follow her.

    Then follows the massage of the hands of the baby in a circular motion, which can be ended with finger exercises. To do this, you just have to make them circular motions first clockwise, and then - against.

    3-4 months

    At this age, exercise should also be combined with a massage and take about 15 minutes. Previously studied complex is repeated, but to it it is necessary to add some more exercises for hands, legs and trunk. We will now describe them.

    At this age, the mother can help her baby to turn from the prone position on the

    back not only to the barrel, but also to the tummy, while it will show much more skill and strength. To do this, the child's right hand should be clasped over the middle part of the shin, and the finger of the other hand should be put into his left knob bent at the elbow joint. Having fixed this position, it is necessary to straighten its legs and begin to turn the pelvis to the left, while simultaneously pulling the left handle forward. The little man will respond with an effort to turn his torso and head on his stomach. This heavy exercise needs to be done with small breaks for massage 1-3 times in each direction.

    You can flex the back of the baby at this age in several ways.

    1. A mother should take the legs of a baby lying on her stomach, near the ankles with one hand, and put the other hand on his lower back. Now she can lift the legs of the child over the table, holding the trunk and avoiding excessive lumbar flexure.

    2. Put the baby's chest and belly in his arms and pull them forward, lifting over the table. At this time, the child will reflexively deflect the backrest, raise and move the head back, and straighten the legs. By pulling on the fingers of their hands

    , the mother can already transfer the baby from the reclining position to the sitting position, but gently lower it onto the back, holding the head.

    5-6 months

    To the previous set of exercises, you can add a straight leg lifting exercise. To do this, put the child on the back and take it by the calf muscles, straightening the legs. Raise them so that they with the table surface make a right angle, and then lower it.

    To diversify this exercise, you can slope to the sides of straightened and raised legs, while watching that they do not bend and the baby does not turn after them.

    You can add a "bicycle" to leg exercises.

    At this age, you can diversify the complex with gymnastics for the shoulder girdle. To do this, it is necessary to raise the upper part of the child's trunk above the table surface by the forearms and, bending his arms, pull the hangers back to the approach of the blades.

    Flexion and extension of hands is now also slightly corrected. To do this, the baby's bent knobs should be brought to the shoulders, and then unbend them.

    7-8 months

    Your heir grows and develops, his muscles get stronger, therefore, performing the same sets of exercises, he will less and less need the help of parents. In this case, mothers should not forget about the massage.

    Complete the same set of exercises can be games such as "Dostan" and "Dopolozi."To do this,

    will need a bright musical toy or a ball, to which the baby will try to reach or crawl.

    Exercises for straightened legs can be varied by their circular motions.

    9-10 months

    At this age, as an addition to the already familiar and well-studied exercises, you can add walking on all fours behind a moving toy;standing on legs with support behind the fingers of an adult;walking with support for hands.

    The sitting kid is useful with ball games. At the same time, he must not only try to get the ball rolling back, but also play with the mother in the game "Na - da!", And the mother should give the child the ball, standing on one side of it, then on the other. So he will train all the muscles of the trunk and hands.

    With the help of a ball rolling away from the kid, you can induce him and walk with the support of an adult.

    11-12 months

    Many children at this age can stand on their own and even walk. Therefore, as additional exercises, you can perform both squats and dancing, not forgetting about the massage.

    Concluding the story about the benefits of gymnastics and how to keep the baby in good physical shape, I would like to remind you once again that every time you study with a child you need to start

    with light exercises, ending with complex, intermittent massage. Never be forced to do gymnastics if the baby does not want it, because physical education should give him pleasure and joy, otherwise he will give up his studies and keep his dislike for them for life.