• Treatment of cystitis with folk remedies

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    Treatment of cystitis with folk remedies effectively stops the inflammatory process.

    With the first symptoms of cystitis, the main support in its treatment is provided by folk remedies capable of quickly stopping and effectively reducing the inflammatory processes occurring in the affected organ.

    Causes and symptoms of cystitis ^

    Cystitis is an infectious inflammatory urological disease of the walls of the bladder.

    Causes of cystitis are hypothermia, non-observance of genital hygiene, hormonal disorders, surgical intervention, stagnation of urine or infectious agents( fungi, trichomonads, staphylococcus, etc.).

    Inflammation of the urinary bladder is divided into four types:

    • Chronic;
    • Acute;
    • Hemorrhagic - discharge of blood during urination;
    • Radiation - "burn" of the bladder mucosa as a result of the use of radiotherapy.

    The main annoying symptoms of cystitis are:

    • Frequent and painful or false urge to urinate;
    • Strong rubbing, burning in the urethra;
    • Urine clouding or the presence of blood in it;
    • Intense aching pains and unpleasant pulling sensations in the lower abdomen;
    • In rare cases - incontinence.

    Home treatment of cystitis allows you to get high results only when taking timely and comprehensive measures for beginners symptoms. Traditional medicine offers many effective techniques that can be used exceptionally for the treatment of cystitis at home.

    The most effective methods of folk cystitis treatment are:

    • Phytotherapy - treatment of the disease with the use of urological and anti-inflammatory drinks, teas, infusions consisting of medicinal plants - chamomile, St. John's wort, bearberry, hop cones, cinquefoil, calendula and others;
    • Warming - compresses and trays.
    • In addition to herbs, treatment of cystitis with home remedies is accompanied by the use of propolis, honey, milk, oils, berries( cranberries, cranberries, sea-buckthorn).

    Fast and effective treatment of cystitis at home: folk recipes ^

    Folk cystitis treatment at home.

    Folk remedies for rapid cystitis treatment are characterized by safety, relevance, high efficiency, low cost, no side effects of treatment and mild effects on the body.

    Treatment of cystitis in women

    The female body, due to its anatomical structure, is much more likely to experience bladder inflammation, as the urethra in women is wider and shorter. One of the signs of beginning cystitis in women are painful and frequent urge to urinate, accompanied by pulling sensations in the lower abdomen.

    • The first step to treatment will be a plentiful drink( herbal preparations, tea).
    • An excellent anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antimicrobial effect will have the use of cranberry or cranberry mors.
    • Then you can apply a warming simple compress - mash the boiled hot potatoes, put on a napkin or gauze and place on the bottom of the stomach.

    Treatment of cystitis in men

    The causes of male cystitis are most often the course of the following diseases: prostate adenoma, prostatitis or urolithiasis. The symptomatology of the inflammatory processes occurring in men is the same as in women.

    Treatment of the bladder in men with the help of folk remedies not only reduces inflammation and pain, but also strengthens immunity. For this purpose recipes of drinks with grasses, honey and berries of a black currant, a guelder-rose, a cowberry, a raspberry or a raspberry are actively applied.

    In addition, during treatment it is necessary to exclude the use of acute, fatty and salty.

    Treatment of cystitis in children

    Inflammation of the bladder in children is accompanied by weak immunity, hypothermia and infection in the urethra. This disease is characterized by complaints of children on the frequency of urge and pain when urinating.

    • One of the first methods of home treatment of childhood cystitis is a plentiful drink( calendula, sage, turn, warm compotes, berry fruit) and bed rest.
    • In addition, the food regime of the child should consist of milk porridge, low-fat soups and meat, fresh vegetables and fruits.

    Treatment of cystitis in pregnant women

    Cystitis in pregnancy occurs as a result of hormonal changes, hypothermia, or anatomical structure of the genito-urinary organs.

    • Traditional medicine in the treatment of cystitis in pregnant women recommends eating currant and cranberry fruit drinks, apple compotes, natural fresh juices.
    • A good anti-inflammatory effect will provide home treatment with decoctions of medicinal herbs( buckthorn, cranberry leaves, saber, lapchatka and St. John's wort).

    Treatment of acute cystitis

    • Mix by ch.p.dried berries currants and cranberries with st.l.chamomile, pour 550 ml.boiling water and insist for 2 hours. Take 100 ml daily four times;
    • Seal salt, put in a dry cloth and place on the bottom of the stomach for 15-20 minutes.

    Treatment of chronic cystitis

    • 150 gr.rowan bark pour a liter of water and boil for 10 minutes. Use with honey as a tea;
    • Medicinal herbs( field horsetail, chamomile, calendula) are two st.l.pour 2 liters of boiling water for two hours. The resulting infusion is poured into a bath with warm water for sedentary heating.

    Treatment of hemorrhagic cystitis

    • Haemostatic decoction - yarrow and nettle on?st.l.pour 300 ml of boiling water for 40 minutes.
    • Use strictly for half an hour before meals.

    Treatment of radiation cystitis

    • Take a glass of water for a glass of water.flax seed and boil for 5 minutes.
    • The broth is taken 200 ml before meals;
    • For half an hour before a meal take 1 tbsp.l.warm olive oil.

    Treatment of cystitis with chamomile

    • Chamomile( st.l) brew with boiling water( 200 ml), let it brew for two hours, add ch.l.honey and take a day for 100 ml three to four times;
    • Decoction for a sedentary bath - 7 tbsp.l.flowers of chamomile for 15 liters of boiling water.

    Treatment of cystitis with medicinal herbs

    • Pulverized bearberry and cowberry leaves( according to st.) Pour 420 ml of boiling water and insist on a water bath for 40-50 minutes. Take 50 ml before meals;
    • Take 2 tablespoonsmixture of two parts yarrow and bearberry, one part birch buds and root aira, pour 450 ml boiling water, put on fire for 5 minutes. Then insist half an hour and drink 150 ml every day four times.
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to relieve and normalize the patient's condition with cystitis ^

    For the prevention and prevention of cystitis, it is recommended to strictly follow the following tips:

    • Regularly observe the hygiene of sexual intimate organs, in particular during menstruation;
    • Do not overcool;
    • Do not tolerate urge to urinate and not overfill the urinary to prevent stagnation of urine;
    • Drink more berry juice, fresh juices and clean water;
    • After sexual intercourse, you should immediately visit the toilet for urinating.