• How to get rid of age spots on the face at home?

    All women, without exception, want to remain beautiful. But sometimes the smallest defects of the skin ruin her beauty.

    Pigmented spots are no less attractive for wrinkles or pimples.

    They can annoy people of any age. There are spots for various reasons: during pregnancy, lactation, exposure to sunlight, in addition, they are an indicator of malfunctions in our body.

    It can be said that these cutaneous manifestations are caused by hormonal failures or alterations in the body. In addition, over time, the skin loses its capacity for self-healing, it ages, and as a result, after about forty years, this problem arises.

    Hyper-pigmentation of the skin, when melanin is distributed unevenly under the skin. This is an excessive accumulation of melanocytes - skin cells. Because of this the skin acquires in some places not very attractive appearance and darkens. Pigmented skin is not so dangerous, but it brings psychological discomfort.

    Types of pigment spots

    In medicine, pigmentation spots are divided into several types:

    1. 1) Freckles. Most often appear in people with fair skin, which reacts very quickly to the influence of ultraviolet. There are freckles with increased production of melanin. See how to get rid of freckles.
    2. 2) Lentigo or the so-called pigment spots - "senile ripples" arise because of age changes, after 40 years. There are pigmentations on those parts of the body - mostly on the hands and face, which often fall under the sun's rays.
    3. 3) Birthmarks. Benign proliferation of skin tissue, having the ability to degenerate into malignant. For all of us, they are present in different numbers.
    4. 4) Vitiligo. A disease characterized by the appearance of pinkish or whitish-milky spots on the skin. Most often appears in women.
    5. 5) Albinism. This pigmentation appears from the birth of a person, it is rare. In this case, the white spot affects all the skin and hair. Albinous should not be exposed to sunlight, it should be constantly observed by the doctor.
    6. 6) Melasma. The most common pigmentation spots appearing under the nose, on the cheeks, on the forehead in women. This is a disproportionate form of patches with pigmentation. May appear due to pregnancy, taking hormonal medications or using some cosmetics. For example, citrus, bergamot oil, as well as petroleum jelly, provoke such patterns on the skin.

    Causes of age spots on the face

    This ailment appears for various reasons. This is primarily can be hereditary factors. If your relatives had pigmented spots, it's no wonder that they will appear with you.

    Hormonal bursts at a young age, pregnancy, lactation and taking contraceptives also provoke pigmentation spots. At a more mature age, after the body loses the ability to remove toxins and toxins through the intestines, lungs and liver, they enter the skin, the skin problem is manifested by free radicals. Menopause in turn even more provokes pigmentation.

    One of the reasons is internal diseases of the kidneys, genital organs, biliary tract and gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes the problem is caused by a sharp decrease in immunity. Internal influence is also considered insufficient quantity of vitamin C, PP, A and folic acid. In addition, with the use of certain drugs that have photosensitizing abilities, pigmentation also occurs. These substances in medicines attract the sun's rays.

    External causes of pigmentation:

    • with excessive sun exposure, sunburn and skin lesions, more melanin is released.
    • pigmentation appears after using irritating creams, colognes and perfumes, especially with further sunbathing.
    • post-traumatic causes, manifested after illiterate use of peelings and scrubs.
    After the birth and lactation, the normal skin condition will be restored on its own. As well as after the elimination of diseases and the excessive influence of the sun.

    In the spring time, the activity of the sun increases, so the pigmentation spots are particularly disturbing during this period of the year.

    We get rid of the pigment spots on the face

    Before you run to the store for a skin-whitening cream, it's good to consult a doctor. The doctor will help to find the root cause, because of which there were pigmented spots. Otherwise, even the most effective bleaching methods will not work. Pigmentation can appear on the same spot after a short time.

    If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, consult your gynecologist before applying cosmetics. Components in cosmetics can affect the health of the child in a negative way.

    Do not forget that in any case, you should reduce exposure to the sun. When traveling to the sea, try to be in the shade and use sunscreen.

    How to remove pigmented spots: professional procedures

    Such cosmetic procedures as mesotherapy, peeling, photo treatment and others are very effective for getting rid of stains.

    1. 1) Whitening procedures. Should be used after consultation with a beautician. Conducted and with sensitive skin type, including. Are directed on reduction of development of a melanin, with application of skin protecting substances from an ultraviolet.
    2. 2) Phototherapy. Quite an effective way to get rid of a cosmetic defect. At the same time, cells that have melanin through light waves break down.
    3. 3) Mesotherapy. Also an effective method based on the introduction into the cells of drugs with nucleic acids and amino acids.
    4. 4) Chemical peeling. Helps to gradually lighten the pigmented areas of the skin. Excess pigmentation is removed due to organic acids.
    5. 5) Cryotherapy. Suitable in the case when the pigmentation spots are small, because otherwise the application of cryotherapy leaves scars. The skin is lightened by treating the pigmented parts of the skin with liquid nitrogen and other means.
    6. 6) Dermabrasion. A special procedure, perfectly polishing the skin, including unaesthetic stains. The updated layer has normal pigmentation.

    Treatment of age spots on the face at home

    Folk remedies can also help get rid of pigment spots. The most popular among them:

    1. 1) Take a teaspoonful of vinegar, one spoonful of horseradish, a teaspoon of lemon juice. Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to the mixture. The resulting mixture is applied to two times each day on the pigmented skin. With this method, the layer covered with pigment spots is easily removed, the problem becomes invisible. After the effectiveness of the tool is noticed, its use can be stopped.
    2. 2) Take a little grated carrot, mix it with yolk and cream. To sustain on the face about a quarter of an hour, after that to wash off with warm water.
    3. 3) Efficiently removes the pigmented spot juice from sweet pepper. Rub this vegetable on a grater, while preserving the juice. In this way, using a napkin, stains can be wiped at any time.
    4. 4) Take a potato, grate it on a small grater, adding a little olive oil, almond bran and a spoonful of milk. The mask is also applied to 15-20 minutes, washed off with warm water.
    5. 5) Juice onions are mixed with vinegar in the oily form of the skin and with liquid honey in a dry skin type. Leave also to a quarter of an hour, rinse with water.
    6. 6) Mix a little kefir with olive oil, lemon juice, then apply it to the skin in the form of a mask.
    7. 7) Egg egg whipped to a foamy condition, olive oil and lemon juice mixed thoroughly. Apply to the skin for twenty minutes, then rinse well. This mask will perfectly whiten the skin and help to refresh your complexion.
    8. 8) Sour cabbage, or rather its juice, applied to the pigmented skin with a napkin for ten minutes, will save you from stains.
    9. 9) The juice of grapefruit, lemon, lime, guelder-rose juice, red currant perfectly eliminates this problem.
    10. 10) Perfectly whitens the skin of tincture of parsley. The tincture can be used in the form of ice, in a warm form, as you like.
    11. 11) Mask, which can be done very quickly: take a teaspoon of honey and potato starch. Stir the mixture until the paste is in place. Add sea salt or common salt in the same proportion. If you have very dry or sensitive skin, add a little cream here. On a clean skin, apply this mask in a thick layer, in several steps. Hold the mask for 25 minutes, apply every other day, with a course of 10 masks in the winter. You can store this mask without milk on a cosmetic table. Otherwise, make it freshly prepared, apply immediately.

    Preventative methods

    In order not to appear pigmented spots, try to do everything to prevent their occurrence. Less appear in the sun, because the ultraviolet light provokes the appearance of dark spots. If you go on vacation, in advance, purchase a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type.

    Minimum amount of protection factor is from 15. On the beach it is not necessary to stay after 10 hours, it is better to sunbathe in the morning and in the evening. Clothes of light shades with long sleeves, a cap or a hat, an umbrella, glasses will help to protect from the sun.

    Eat more fruits and vegetables. Of particular importance are vitamins E, PP, C, as well as folic acid. If you have an illness, consult a doctor for advice.

    Pigmented spots are not so much a medical problem as an aesthetic one. However, remember: if you experience any unpleasant appearance on the skin, be sure to consult a dermatologist! He will be able to distinguish pigmentation spots from more serious diseases.

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