• Hair Biolamination at Home

    Beautiful and well-groomed locks are the pride of any woman. Often from the use of various means, such as paints, varnishes, etc., the tips of the hair begin to be cut. Many women in this case decide that it is necessary to radically cut hair.

    However, modern hairdressing art offers a more gentle method - to make hair biomination. What it is? Now we will explain everything. More on the video.

    What is biolamination?

    Each of our hair is covered with scales. And the denser these scales fit together, the smoother the hair looks. Biolamination resembles the procedure for applying a mask to hair or staining it.

    In fact, biolamination is the process of sealing each individual hair into a breathable film. This film consists of protein and cellulose of plant origin. How to do this procedure?

    Individual strands are treated with a special compound so that the hairs are covered with a strong film. The substance for hair treatment is always of natural origin. Thanks to him, the hair starts to shine and become strong. The procedure for biolamination is shown in the video.

    Bioamination in the cabin

    The procedure for biolamination in the cabin takes 25 minutes. After applying a special agent, it keeps the right time, and then it is washed off with water.

    How long does the effect last after biolamination? Such special products on the hair stay about 1 month, then start to wash off. However, you can repeat the procedure at any time. After all, natural ingredients bring curls only benefit. Fragments on the video.

    How much does biolamination in the cabin cost?

    Naturally, the price of biolamination in the cabin will be quite high. Here's the price for biolamination( actual for 2015).

    Naturally, the price of biolamination in the cabin will be quite high. Here's the price for biolamination( actual for 2015).

    According to the reviews on the forums, the procedure for biolamination can be carried out at home. However, this is a risk to the beauty and health of the hair. Therefore, it is better to contact the master.

    Benefit and harm of biolamination

    Like any procedure on the head of hair, biolamination has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Advantages of biolamination

    1. The cocoon in which the hair is packaged by special means, aligns all the irregularities. As a result, smooth hair is obtained, even if they have been strongly bruised, and the volume also increases.
    2. Curls become more elastic, permanently retaining the shape that is attached to it with a curling iron or a hairdryer. So, you can buy fewer funds that fix your hair.
    3. Thanks to bio-lamination, the color of dyed hair is preserved for a long time - this allows you to dye your hair less often.
    4. With the help of the existing color biolamination today, you can give the curls a lot of shades.
    5. If biolamination is done by a master, it is completely safe. All the means, of which special preparations are made for biolamination, natural, vegetable origin. They will additionally nourish the hair.

    Negative feedback from

    Negative results do not result in biomination. Therefore, reviews about it from visitors to beauty salons are mostly positive. The most often dissatisfied are those who, for the sake of economy, made the procedure themselves or chose not the best salon. For the first time, it is better, of course, to perform biolamination with a qualified specialist.

    Main disadvantages of

    The main disadvantage of biolamination is that the effect after the procedure is not retained for a long time. The second disadvantage is how much the procedure itself costs. Its price is high enough. In addition, hair coloring will become possible only when the result of biolamination is completely gone. That's why it's better to decide on the color of your hair first.

    Three-phase biolamination

    We have already found out that biolamination of curls affects their condition very effectively, improving it. However, it can be used in combination with hair coloring and treatment. All this is done by means that are completely safe and very nutritious.

    Since the film covers the hair, the beneficial substances remain in its structure, having a positive effect. The broken porous structure of hair is restored, they start to shine and remain bright color after coloring. The length of hair with biolamination can be absolutely any.

    They can be either straight, or wavy and curly. From this procedure, the hair will not straighten, but will only shine and will get a healthy and well-groomed appearance. Specialists recommend doing biomalination for women who have brittle and dry hair, damaged by numerous stains, chemical wave. More on the video.

    How to make three-phase biolamination?

    1. Hot regenerating phase - opens all scales of hair, restores their structure, filling with damages by special composition. At the same time, keratin biolamination is used, since keratin not only helps to restore and protect hair, but also gives them extraordinary elasticity.
    2. Cold regenerating phase - makes the hair dense and smooth, covering the scales and smoothing them. The hair is covered with a film, in which the fruit acids for shine, keratin for elasticity and recovery, myristates for hair softening. The result of this phase will be shiny and elastic hair with a strong structure.
    3. The third phase is mask application. This mask, restoring the head of hear, is especially useful for tired, dry, discolored and chemically curled hair. It nourishes, moisturizes the hair, softens it and makes it smooth and smooth. In addition, its function is to protect the hair from the aggressive action of the environment.

    How the hair looks before and after three-phase biolamination, look at the photo.

    Lamination and Biolamination: What's the Difference?

    You can compare lamination and biolamination - the difference, as a rule, is not always noticeable to the inexperienced eye. The peculiarity of biolamination is that this procedure uses natural components. And when laminated, the composition of the means includes artificially obtained substances.

    This affects the price, which is getting higher, as buying funds with natural ingredients goes much more expensively. But both procedures are curative and well affect the condition of the hair.

    Both colorless and color compositions of the laminating agent can be used in both procedures. During both processes, the hair is covered with a protective film, under which it is fed and restored. After these procedures, the hair becomes smooth, shiny and obedient, fit well.

    Both lamination and biolamination can be done on dyed hair and natural hair. In this case the colored hair will last longer. Both procedures can be performed in the salon and at home. We offer to see the photo of the hair after lamination and biolamination.

    Which is better: keratinizing or biolamination?

    Biolamination and keratinizing procedures are very useful for hair. However, if biolamination smooths the hair only from the outside, then keratinizing allows you to treat and restore hair from the inside, filling its structure with natural keratin. In addition, it straightens the hair, which does not happen with biolamination.

    The effect after biolamination is very short-lived, it must be maintained constantly. And the result of keratinizing will delight you from 3 to 5 months in a row. The difference can be seen in the photo.

    Biolamination at home

    If you still decide to do biomalination at home, you need to buy special tools for the procedure. Such a set includes: a special regenerating drug for opening hair scales( it will fill them), restoring shampoo, a special mask, a plant complex for treating hair, fixing an emulsion to create a film on the hair and closing flakes.

    Procedure for biolamination of locks at home

    1. Wash your head with a special shampoo and dry it.
    2. Then, receding from the roots of 3 cm, apply a regenerating drug, distribute to all the hair.
    3. The remedy lasts about 20 minutes.
    4. Now you can close your hair and warm it with a hairdryer.
    5. Wash your hair with warm water.
    6. Apply the fixing agent for 5 minutes.
    7. Make a mask for hair restoration, wash off. And so every time after washing your hair.

    See how to make hair at home at home, on video.

    Hair care after biolamination

    After you have made bio-lamination, try to wash your hair using shampoos with a low alkali content or those that are designed to care for colored hair. Also, you can safely use balms and conditioners to strengthen hair. Remember that biolamination is not a hair treatment!

    On the contrary, before this procedure they need to be put in order. Especially if you have hair diseases, they are damaged, heavily seeded and weak. It is best to use proven folk remedies.

    From our article you learned what biolamination is like, what it looks like usual lamination and keratin hair restoration and how it differs from them. In any case, biolamination is a useful and effective procedure. For yourself, you must decide whether to pay for it in a beauty salon( this, of course, is more expensive) or make it at home and save.

    According to reviews of women in the forums, biomolining is considered one of the best ways to give hair a truly delightful look. You can make a hairstyle or a haircut on such hair, and then you will have a unique charm. Health to you and beauty!