Lose weight with 25 frames: a description of technology and reviews about it

  • Lose weight with 25 frames: a description of technology and reviews about it

    Weight loss with the help of 25 frames is a very fashionable technique in recent times. She promises serious results without diet and exercise. This is something from the realm of fantasy.

    The basis of the method of weight loss 25 frame

    Technology of weight loss is based on the fact that the human eye can only perceive 24 frames per second, while 25 remains invisible, but perfectly "digested" by the subconscious. Information embedded in the 25th frame, affects a person faster and better than the entire video sequence.

    25 frame technology was successfully tested in advertising. Purchases of goods that were recommended to buy in 25 frames did increase, although there was no direct advertising.

    Why not lose weight with this technique? Technology 25 frames - is the coding for weight loss. The technology assumes that the subconscious of the person, adjusted by 25 frames for weight loss, will begin to correct your body towards weight loss, that is, the technology should work on the cause of excessive weight.

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    Pros and Cons of

    On the method argue until now. There are both supporters and advocates of the technique, and its ardent opponents. Defenders bring amazing stories of losing weight with photos that confirm the effective result. Opponents are also armed with reviews of those who tried this technique on themselves and with whom it did not help. Whether or not it is possible to lose weight in this way remains a question.

    Most likely, the truth is in the middle. Each method has its own positive and negative sides, and the process of losing weight is so individual that it is difficult to find a single method for everyone.

    Perhaps those who really needed a psychological push to start losing weight, and lose weight with the help of 25 frames. And people who have a problem of gaining excess weight may have medical or genetic reasons, so easily defy "coding".In any case, the methodology has the right to exist, and if it helps someone, then this is already good.

    Attention - scammers

    This theory and today has many adepts and opponents. The main thing is that it became the basis for a mass of Internet scammers offering to download 25 frames for learning languages, download free 25 frames for weight loss and stuff.

    The impact of 25 frames on the human brain seems quite plausible to many, so thousands of users of the World Wide Web, hoping for a miracle, are trying to free them to take advantage of them in mastering some sciences or rapidly achieving other goals.

    And here comes the adventure. The dangers of this download are incredible. For example, the proposal "Download free slimming program" looks very attractive and quite innocuous.

    Well, is not it tempting to download a free miracle slimming program, and without any effort, get a great figure in just a couple of months?

    However, in practice it turns out that downloading the program for free is not so simple - you must first send an SMS message, the cost of which is quite high. Of course, the full people do not stop at this seemingly insignificant obstacle - money, in this case, for them - is not the main thing. The messages go away. .. into oblivion. Response codes for downloading usually do not come.

    The result - download the program for free not only fails - it does not download even for a fee! Trivial SMS-scam, designed for gullible people, and today still works successfully, bringing considerable profits to its creators.

    I must say that with a strong desire on the Internet you can find and sites from which you can download slimming programs for free. However, in such generous gifts, as a rule, there is an even more serious danger than in useless messages.

    They contain very unpleasant surprises in the form of all sorts of viruses, capable in a short time not only to read all the information from the computer, but also completely destroy the hard disk. And hopefully in this situation, the reliability of anti-virus programs is not necessary - often the viruses are more cunning than these faithful guardians of our computers.

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