How to remove scratches on the machine? The most effective ways and advice

  • How to remove scratches on the machine? The most effective ways and advice

    To hide the scratches from the body of the car you need to determine their character, to choose the method of hiding. The following methods are used as methods: polishing or waxing, polishing the body, as well as applying a wax or restoration pencil.


    Types of scratches

  • Scratches are no more

  • Removal of scratches from the body polishing

    Types of scratches

    From scratches can not be avoided. ..

    Sooner or later scratches appear on the body of any car, it is quite normal and natural phenomenon. You can get a scratch anywhere, everywhere: on a branch or a fence, another car, etc. It happens that scratches on the car body are deliberately done, alas, but there are such dirty people.

    So, you have on the body formed a lot of small scratches that are already time to hide, or there was one big, which is corn eyes - we remove them.

    Degree of scratches complexity

    Scratches can be conditionally divided into 2 groups: deep and shallow.

    If the damage does not reach the ground - a scratch is considered shallow, but if the damage has reached the ground - the scratch is deep.

    As you know, shallow scratches are easy to hide, for this the surface must be simply treated with a special wax or polish. Also effective is the way polishing the body with a polishing machine. With sufficiently deep scratches, it is necessary to perform the treatment of the substrate, and then apply a layer of paint with a special restoration pencil. More information about this Vse-Sekrety.ru will tell further, by stage-by-stage describing each of the ways.

    When carrying out all the work, carefully read the instructions of the tools used and strictly follow their recommendations so that they do not harm your work and do the job qualitatively.

    Scratch is no longer

    Preparing for work

    Before carrying out any work to remove scratches, it is necessary to wash it well.

    Before starting work, it is necessary to wash the machine, preferably on a sink, so that the water under pressure will thoroughly knock all the dirt off the body, as it will be necessary to carefully rub the polish or wax, and the presence of dust will provoke the appearance of new scratches. Then it is desirable to dry the machine( grate or pass through the blowing) so that there are no any divorces and impurities on it. On how to properly wash the car you can read on our website.

    Polishing and wax

    With one or more shallow scratches, they can be removed by hand using polishing or waxing. Today in the car dealer you can find the widest range of these products, both without color, and under the color of the car. When choosing a product with a color tint, you need to pay special attention to the selection of the hue, so that it fits the color of your body as much as possible. We think, it is not necessary to particularly focus on the fact that saving on this tool is undesirable, since the quality and duration of the effect depend on the price.

    You will also need an applicator pad - it is very convenient to apply the product and rub it, and a flannel cloth - it is good for the final stage. For convenience of work it is best to arm yourself with a very bright lamp, thanks to the light of which all fine scratches will be perfectly visible.

    When the machine is washed and dried, it is recommended to drive it into a garage, a box or other covered room, otherwise the quality of the further work can be ruined due to weather conditions: rain or wind. Prepare all the necessary tools.

    Process description:

    1. Turn on the lighting and point it to the area where the polishing starts.

    2. Apply a small amount of the product to the applicator pad, and then rub it into the area of ​​scratches in a circular motion. In places of large scratches, pump the product with strokes, first in the direction of the scratch, and then against its direction. Properly rub the product until it is completely rubbed. Handle the body in small areas and gradually.

    3. Then arm yourself with a flannel cloth and rub it into the treated areas of the body.

    4. Leave the machine for a while in a covered place, after which it can be used further.

    That's the whole process of self-removal of scratches. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in it. In this way, you can also process the entire machine, thereby hiding not only significant scratches, but also all small scratches, and also giving a shine to the shade of the machine.

    Professional polishing

    Another method of removing scratches is professional polishing. A distinctive feature of this type of polishing from the previous one is that the polishing occurs with the help of a polishing machine that polishes the surface more qualitatively.

    You can polish the machine in this way on a car wash or by yourself, by purchasing this machine. Given the fact that the machine is polished once a year, there is no reason to buy, it is more profitable to entrust it to qualified specialists who will perform their work qualitatively( the main thing is to find a good master).If you want to do this yourself, then a polishing machine costs from 2,000 rubles and more.

    The polishing process of the machine is completely identical to the one described above: the machine needs to be washed, dried, put in a garage or box and polished there. More details about the polishing process you will learn from the video below.

    You need to hide scratches on the car, but deep ones are just necessary. If you do not hide scratches, then this section of the body is very prone to corrosion, which will quickly expand.

    Wax pencil

    If you have a deep scratch, while polishing has not helped or is clearly polished with this scratch can not cope, then a recovery pencil that will scratch the scratch will help.

    If the scratch is small in width, and comes to the ground, then you need to do the following: this section of the body must be washed and dried, then the scratch area is treated with white spirit. After this, a wax pencil is applied around the scratches in a circular motion, which is then carefully rubbed with a microfiber cloth.

    Restoration pencil

    If the scratch is large( wide and deep), then the problem should be solved not by polishing, but by painting with the help of a restoration pencil. The restoration pencil includes acrylic paint. This tool will help restore the damaged area of ​​the paintwork from corrosion, and is necessary in aesthetic terms.

    First you need to pick up the color of the pencil from a large number of shades. When the machine is washed and dried, use a peel to clean the surface of rust or any material that has scratched. Next, degrease the surface with white spirit. If the scratch has reached the metal, then its surface must be primed with the help of a special tool, which is sold in the autoshop. Apply a primer to the damaged area with a brush, and when its layer dries - proceed to paint the scratches. Shake the contents of the pencil well and apply the paint carefully on the surface of the body with a brush. To protect this area of ​​paint, it is recommended to apply a colorless protective varnish. Allow the paint several hours to dry.

    After the work done, it is recommended not to wash the machine for about 5 days.